Disputing accurate information worth it?

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I've had a credit card with no annual fee since 2003 with a $0 balance for a year or two. I moved and forgot to inform the creditor. Then in 2009, the creditor instated an annual fee and claimed to have sent me four letters about it. Because of my mistake I didn't see letters and I didn't know to pay. My responsibility I know.

Now it appears as a 60 day (30 days on others) late payment of $100 on my credit reports.

A firm called "Lexinton Law" said they could possibly get this removed just by asking for verification, because the verification has to be timely.
Or I know I could do this by certified letter, but I'm disabled and it's hard for me to do these things.

Any truth to this? Is it worth trying with Lexington Law
or should I just live with my mistake and do the best I can with the rest of my credit?

Jumping Jack,
If I was you I would try to resolve this yourself first. call the company and ask for a "pay for delete". This is where the creditor agrees to remove the mark from your credit if you pay the bill. If they do agree you will want to get it in writing. There are sample pay for delete letter here if you need one. look to the side of your screen and under Helpful resources you will find "letters of credit". It can be located there.
One last thing is Lexington charging you for the removal?

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Hi Jumping_jack,

I agree with fireyone. You should first try to pay off the late fee, and remove the negative. You can do this by requesting the creditor to remove the negative through "Pay for delete" agreement (PFD) in lieu of the payment. Once they agree to your payment and PFD request get the agreements in writing.

This is quite a simple task, and you need not give more money to any other company. However, I should say that not all creditors agree to PFD. In that case you can send the creditor a Goodwill letter after the payment. Goodwill letter is a request through which you ask the creditor to remove the negative from your credit report on the basis of your goodwill.

If this too does not work, you can try disputing the information as last resort though this is not the proper way to remove accurate negative information.

Fireyone, I believe the repair company will ask for a charge to remove the negative with the creditor.



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what kind of bank issued this card? I think you should file a complaint with a bank regulating agency. Since you were not using the card, I believe you can argue that the fee was issued by mistake. This has happened to me and I have gotten the fee waived and nothing on my credit.

you paid the fee, and probably some late charge, the least they can do is delete this. please check out "how to complain" and tell me what kind of bank this is. you are not going to ask for any verification. you are going to say it was a mistake and the bank needs to stop punishing you. try to get your money back and if they only delete then be happy.

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lexington law is a scam. they can't do anything you can't do. verification won't work

sorry, I thought you paid this. for the time being, file the complaints. you might be able to get this deleted without paying anything.

also, you need to send a letter to the credit card company CMRRR informing them that they charged you in error.

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Acacia (not verified)

Try getting a seucred card- Don't pay it off every month. You can pay all but $10.00 off each month but you want to keep a balance so that you have constant activity on your bureau. Unfortunately since your credit is bad, no one is just going to give you a great deal on a card. You should also make arrangements to pay off the old bad debt.Good luck!

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