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My wife and I are looking into credit repair agencies. Can you say which one would be better out of Lexington Law Firm and Sky Blue? What is the main difference in the two and is Lexington worth the extra money? Thanks for any help or input you could give use.

Both Lexington Law Firm and Sky Blue Credit provide consumers with credit repair services. Credit repair services primarily try to help improve consumers' credit scores by disputing derogatory items on their credit reports, frequently disputing even accurate credit listings, in an attempt to have derogatory information removed. Frequently, having an inaccurate item removed from a credit report is a relatively straightforward process, as a single dispute can result in the item being erased. However, if a creditor fights your dispute, having an account removed from your credit report can be a much more difficult and time-consuming process, as it can involve repeated disputes.

In some cases, even the best efforts of an experienced credit repair firm may not result in the removal of a derogatory credit listing from your report, especially if the creditor can show that the information it is reporting is accurate. What this means is that there is no sure-fire answer on if the disputed items will be removed, and there certainly is no clear answer on if they do get successfully removed what the timing of that is. I would recommend that you do not hold your breath, however, since it could be several reporting cycles.

Credit bureaus are only obligated to correct or remove inaccurate listings, not properly reported accounts or activity. This means that if you have bad credit, you probably will not get a loan while you try to improve your credit score.

You could dispute the inaccurate items on your credit report without the assistance of a credit repair firm such as Lexington Law Firm and Sky Blue Credit. However, like most professional services, you pay these firms to do the work for you and to provide professional advice based on their experience in working with other consumers in similar situations. I like to compare this service to people going to a tax preparer to have their tax returns completed; they could do it themselves, but prefer to hire a professional to save them time and to point out ways that they can save more money on their taxes. You certainly can dispute items on your credit report without professional assistance, but many consumers prefer to hire a professional to help them through the debt dispute process.

Generally speaking, the fees charged by these law firms for credit repair assistance are reasonable. Lexington Law charges $99 as an initial fee plus $39 per month. Sky Blue Credit charges $49 per month. Depending the value you place on your time, this is not much money considering the amount of time their services could save you, especially if you have many accounts on your credit report that need dispute.

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a) Lexington Law Firm at a glance-
Lexington Law is generally considered to be a reputable firm, but of course each consumer needs to do their own homework. I visited the company headquarters in Salt Lake City to see its operations in action and found it impressive. Lexington Law Firm has been in business since 1991 and they appear to have good systems in place. The company claims to employ 22 attorneys in 16 states, and is responsible for the employment of more than 400 paralegals and agents. Bills.com's readers are active in commenting about their experiences with Lexington Law.

Lexington Law's guarantee is as follows, "If we fail to provide the agreed-upon services to you (as outlined by your selected service level) for any given month, you will not be billed for that month, or will be refunded your fees for that month if your payment has already been processed."

b) Sky Blue Credit at a glance-
I know less about Sky Blue Credit because I have not visited its offices. The company has been in business since 1989, and is based in Florida. One innovative and customer-friendly promise the company offers is a money-back guarantee, whereby it states, "If you are not satisfied we will refund your money in full." It is a a Better Business Bureau accredited business, and currently has no customer complaints on file.

c) Do-it-yourself-
If you decide that you would like to dispute the inaccurate information on your credit report without the assistance of a professional credit repair firm, there are several steps you will need to follow. First, you should obtain a copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus–Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. You can request free copies of your reports by visiting AnnualCreditReport.com or apply at Bills.com for your credit report. Once you have received copies of your reports, you should carefully review them to make sure that all listings, especially the listings appearing in the "derogatory" category, belong to you and are being reported accurately. Credit reports are notoriously inaccurate, with consumers frequently finding listings of derogatory accounts that never belonged to them or that were paid off years ago. As many as 70% of consumer's credit reports contain errors. If you find any inaccurate listings, you should dispute them with the appropriate credit bureau.

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I cannot state if Lexington Law Firm or Sky Blue Credit offer superior services to the other. I know more about Lexington Law Firm from personal knowledge and by reading the comments offered by Bills.com readers. That is not to say that I recommend one over the other. I invite Sky Blue Credit customers to offer their observations in the comments below.

Generally speaking, I do not think the credit repair services firms are a "rip off." I think they can be quite helpful, depending on your needs and how much you are willing to pay for the time savings and experience these services provide.

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I think that the best way to repair your credit is to do it yourself. You are the only one that really cares about your credit report. This process takes a lot of patience and perseverance. Different techniques work for different people and cases. When you do it yourself the process is de-mystified and I believe you will less likely to get yourself back into credit problems. There is no easy way out of credit problems and if you could afford to pay someone to do all the work involved then how did you get into money trouble in the first place?

Not that you won't be spending money to repair your credit. Done correctly, you will spend $100 or so on postage. It will also take time. It should take a minimum of 3 months to make a significant point change in your credit score. You will need to be creative and persistent as well.

These seven steps presume that your credit problems are in the past and that you are current on your obligations at this time. Resolving and disputing current debt is a separate stage. No company is going to delete an entry if they reasonably believe they are owed money and may be able to collect it.

Get copies of your credit report from all four agencies.

Never heard of that last one? It is the "secret" credit reporting agency most people don't know about. Innovis is not included in your basic 3-way online credit report service, so you will have to contact them separately.

It is nice to have access to your credit report online. Online reports can show contact information for each company that has a line entry in your credit report. Technically it is not necessary to pay for monthly credit alert service, but it will give you the ability to check your credit scores every day.

Read your reports. Read them again. First check your identifying information. This will include your name, address, phone, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of your social security number. Make sure this information is correct. If it is wrong then write a letter to the CRA (Credit Reporting Agency) asking them to correct this information. You will need to send supporting documentation of your demographic information. Usually this will be a copy of your driver license and a utility bill.

I have a scanner and I scanned these records into my computer and erased my license number and account numbers from the records before I sent them to the CRA. They have plenty of information about you, no need to give them freebies.

Identify the negative entries in your report. Every line is not negative. The negative entries are listed first. There are many kinds of possible problems. Charge offs, collection accounts and late payments.

Usually people advise you to contact the CRA and dispute the negative entry. 99% percent of the time, this changes nothing even if the entry is in error. When CRA's receive a dispute, they check to see if the company in question sent them this information on you. This is all automated. The company that offered you credit reports the status of your account on a monthly basis. It is stored online. Basically, all the CRA does is run your credit report online (just like you did). NOBODY REALLY READS OR VERIFIES ANYTHING.

There is a theory of credit repair that involves catching the CRA's violating federal law and threatening/suing them into correcting your report. Let me tell you now, one or all of the CRA's will violate federal law while you try to repair your credit report. You will take it personally but just focus on fixing your credit.

I believe that the best thing to do is contact the company directly and dispute the negative information. There are number of good templates for credit disputes available online. Read the templates carefully and personalize them for your problem. Send the company a letter by Certified Mail with Return Receipt. It is important to include the identification number for the certified mail in your letter. This is the legal proof necessary to establish that letter was sent. The USPS tracks the letter online and you can download and printout this information. Technically, you only need to use certified mail, but I find that the having the green return receipt is a good visual. Generally, it is necessary to send several letters and you can include copies of your return receipts in subsequent letters.

Sometimes (almost never) a Credit Granting Agency (company responsible for the negative entry) will immediately send you an apologetic letter stating that this entry has been deleted/corrected and all three/four CRAs have been notified. If so, congratulations, move on to step 7.

If the CGA ignores/denies your dispute, then discover the regulating agency for this company. For instance, most credit is granted by banks. Banks are regulated by several federal agencies.

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Office of Thrift Supervision
Federal Reserve

Dentists, Doctors and other service providers are licensed by state, city or federal agencies of various types. Look it up on the internet and contact them with your complaint. This is the area where some creativity is needed. This will generally get things moving.

The desired result is a letter from the CGA stating that although the company admits no wrong doing, the negative entry has been deleted/corrected and that all three/four CRA's have been notified.

Write a letter to the CRA disputing the entry in your credit report and send a copy of the aforementioned letter in this dispute. You will ask that credit report be corrected immediately and a copy of your corrected credit report be sent to you immediately.

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Hi abu,

It is better to try and repair your credit on your own. You need to first get hold of a copy of your credit report. Check all the details and then try paying off all those accounts on which you have been delinquent. Negotiate "Pay for delete" agreement (PFD) with all your creditors and collection agencies. However, not all creditors and colelction agencies agree to PFD.

Dispute wrong listings (if any) with the credit bureaus. You can then try to get a secured credit card and use it to make small purchases. Then make on-time payments on the card. This will help you in improving your credit.

Hope this helps.



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Hands down, Blue Sky. I have been working with them for nearly 2 months and have seen 1 charge-off and 5 collections removed. Ask for Sabrina. She's very knowledgeable in credit repair, credit reporting laws and aggressively responding to CRAs negative investigation responses which you can generally expect in the first round of disputes. My credit score increased 51 points - from 657 to 708.

I chose them over Lexington simply because of the number of complaints filed with the BBB against Lexington. Google search "Lexington Law Complaints' you can read and decide for yourself. Blue Sky has a sterling BBB file - no complaints.

You can certainly try a do it yourself method but I don't advise it. I would leave credit repair up to the proven professionals. Just be sure to check their references before giving any of them your hard earned $$$.

Either way, I wish you much success.

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if blue sky was really that good, they would only take money per point of improvement.

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Auguste (not verified)

I spent 8 months with Lexington Law firm, but I wasn't satisfy with their service. They sent letters to all creditors for about 4 month and then to the credit bureaus for another 4 months. They gave me a fax number to fax all letters that I received, but when I faxed the letters I received from the creditors and the collection agencies, Lexington Law kept sending the same messages over and over again even though the letters that I faxed did say that I settled the debts. Sometimes you don't receive any reply for a complains, sometimes I receive too many different replies from many different reps, especially if I asked to cancel my service.

Now I've been using Sky Blue for 2 months, but about 9 items have been removed already. Sky Blue only contact the credit bureaus (not the creditors), which make the process move faster.

If you believe investing $49 a mont is too much, then do it yourself. I am not sure about the process, because I have many different things I can use my time on.

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Wendy (not verified)

I actually had a bad experience with Sky Blue on more than one attempt. You see I'm a loan officer and I turn my turned down clients over to credit repair agencies. Sky Blue never got the job done quick enough and I don't have anything good to say about Lexington either. I would however recommend calling Joey with Trinity Credit Services. They guarantee results and their program is only 6 months long....good luck finding a shorter program. They do not charge monthly, but simply charge a set cost that they can put on a payment plan for their clients. I speak with Joey regularly and he updates me when clients scores are acceptable to get their mortgages. Because I have a good relationship with Joey I'll leave his contact information on here and you should mention I (Wendy) sent you. His email address is Joey@TrinityCreditServices.com and his direct number is 2 1 4 - 5 0 4 - 7 0 7 0

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Rob (not verified)

I have been with Sky Blue for 45 days and I havent seen to much action yet. I got a notice from Equifax yesterday and it stated that Discover updated something from my bankruptcy and my credit score right now has actually dropped right now by 11 points. I am hoping for more of a positive effect I have sent Sky Blue a note but I feel a phone call will be in order. I am will to stick this out for 2-4 months, Part of my also problem is my revolving debt and other areas which will be worked out also in the next 2-4 months but I don't need Sky Blue adding to the problem.

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Caddymom (not verified)

I highly recommend this company. I have been using their service for about 18 months and my credit went from very poor to good. I have had countless items removed and I found them to be very responsive and professional. I like that they did all of the work for me and I feel it is worth every penny I have paid because now I can get credit anywhere with no issues.

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EL (not verified)

Been with SkyBlue for a month now and they had 6 collections/chargeoffs removed from my credit report.!! Not Bad!! The one thing I recommend is PATIENCE!!! After 1 month, my scores went from mid to high 500's to low 600's! At first it seemed like nothing was happening but when u get those letters from the credit bureaus stating that something has been deleted, it feels good. Also, sometimes u wont get a letter from one of the credit bureaus but it doesnt mean that nothing was deleted. I got letters from Experian and Equifax notifying me of deletions and nothing from Transunion, but when I check my report, Transunion also had it deleted. Overall, I'm having a good experience, but I wish I had more patience..

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EKELLY (not verified)

I picked Sky Blue over Lexington mainly just for the price. I think they are similar unless you pay Lexington for the extra service thy offer...which may not be nessary.
I've been with Sky Blue for 6 almost 7 months and they have helped me so much! I have to be patient and let them do there thing. Here is an example I had 21 bad accounts they disputed and now I only have 8 bad accounts left!! I think that's pretty awesome! I will never misuse my credit again. I would assume I'm almost finished with there services. Worth every penny so far!

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Guest (not verified)

I used Lexington law a few years ago and they were successful in removing tons of stuff including a bankruptcy. We had a small business afterwards and in 2009 it failed. 3 years later I find that I need help again.

I went with sky blue for 5 months. There were some deletions, however they won't dispute some items and I received a frivolous letter from trans union. I signed back up with Lexington law today. You get what you pay for.

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Alex82 (not verified)

I tried Lexington Law and they got about 3 things off in 6 months. I was satisfied at the time but when I went to get financed I was told that sadly my score still was not high enough. Instead of going back to Lexington Law I tried family 1st financial and they got 7 accounts off including a repo that my wife had. I was pretty impressed plus its a lot more personal and they gave me a plan to boost my score (paying down balances, adding tradelines) it was simple stuff but it worked. I got approved for the loan but now I need to get my taxes fixed since the jerk I went to seems to have screwed them up. Sorry for the rant. I would try family 1st if you don't want to do it yourself.

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Anti-Lexi (not verified)

Lexington used to be good, but it's not anymore (updating August 2013). They became a large company, and there's no accountability.
Let's see the math: I signed up 8 months ago and I had 2 items on my report: a phone bill and a bankruptsy.
In 8 months they had sent two measley letters to item verify, which simply got verified (I got a letter in the mail from the phone company, verifying the debt: 0 owed, since I paid it off as soon as I found out I owed anything, after a move to another city).
Bottom line: Lexington is too big. Every time you call, somebody else picks up the phone. Right hand doesn't know what the left one is doing. They are NOT what they used to be 2 years ago, when I believe they were really persistent. That is NOT the case anymore. In 8 months, not a whistle on my part: they only want their money!!!
Oh and by the way even after they "cancelled" me, they still continued to charge me for two months after!!
THIEVES, and I will be complaining to BBB.

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matzcrorkz (not verified)

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