Why do credit reports show Accounts that have closed for mor

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First I have Excellent credit but recently I got a credit report and noticed they have listed accounts both personal and joint that have been closed for years.I understand that if I close these accounts that it may negatively effect my credit score.I find that by being responsibly with ones accounts has an adverse effect case in point I just paid off my mortgage and found on my CR that because of a zero balance that this would in effect be a negative. I have no debt I guess this is a bad thing.

It does not matter or affect you in a negative way if it is showing closed accounts as long as you have no outstanding debt with them. This is normal.

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Fisica (not verified)

You could call the creditor and ask them to sumbit an update to the reporting agencies, there are three of them; transunion, equifax and experian. The update would then be done that week. But typical creditors update send their updates to the agencies quarterly (every three months).

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