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Howdy forum,

When my wife and I got married, she had some Visa card debt. We worked actually hard the first four years of our marriage to repay that debt and we did.

Recenlty, We had to move due to work ( truly, the shortage there of ) and we had to depend on some visa cards to get by while we looked for employment. This is the 1st time in my life that I saw how straightforward it is to build up card debt - and that I truly don't know to much about avoiding debt, or getting out of debt. When we were paying off my other half's debt we were in a great financial situation - I was in classes and I had grants and a stipend that enabled us to take care of our basic wants so any 'extra' revenue ( ie paychecks ) went to help pay off her debt.

So here in my cluelessness I ask - what are some basic paths to avoid debt or get out of debt?
Like what is debt relief?

Hello Samcar,
Unfortunatley many of us had to depend on credit cards to survive job losses and cuts. We too had done so for a few months this summer. The best advice I personally can give you is to not charge anything that is not a absolute must. If you get extra money at all be sure to put it to the card debts and try to avoid spending it on anything not a must.
Have you tried yard sales and ebay? How about survey sites for extra money. Those have helped me in the past.

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Yes fireone is correct about doing survey's I do some now and they are pretty interesting and fun. But you are not going to get rich on taking them because it does take time to take enough in order to cash out. But if you need some extra money then it is a great thing to start. I have actually done pretty good and I've been doing them less than a month now. But with no job I needed something to keep me busy.

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We can probably find a few ways to reduce your monthly spending with a free financial analysis, covering your debt to income ratio and assets versus liabilities.

Also, have you checked this out?

If you have lost your job, it is important that you apply immediately for unemployment compensation. Please visit for more information about unemployment resources. Under Homeowner Resources, click on Resources for the Unemployed.

The U.S. Department of Labor has developed a Worker Reemployment Portal at to help you find information about how to apply for unemployment compensation and to search for jobs. The site also provides information about the employment and training services available to unemployed workers at the 3,000 One-Stop Career Centers nationwide as well as the location of the centers by zip code.

This information is also available through a toll-free help line at (877) US2-JOBS or (877) 872-5627.

Hope this info helps and again, please give us a call for some more helpful tips and tricks. Our consultation service is free and theres no obligation for free financial information.

Education is empowerment. Freedom Debt is here to provide free financial education and debt elimination.

Michael J Brazier.

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We had the same situation, however, we targeted the card that can be used first and have the highest debt we have. Just a little sacrifice and it all paid off.

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