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I received a call from DRS and it was the typical credit scam call. I spoke with a few people, Rachel, Louis, and then Chelsea. I requested that they give me their company address or fax number so I can send a letter verifying my debt.
I got into a heated conversation and was hung up on.

What can I do?
How can I report them?
How can I make sure they leave me alone and that this is settled?

You should first identify whether you actually owe this amount to anybody. You can get free copies of your CR from all the 3 major CRAs. If you don't owe it, you may get it disputed. You may send a debt validation request through a certified mail (with a return receipt request). If they don't show up, then you can send a Cease and desist letter asking them to stop calling you any more.

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christina (not verified)

they have just contacted me about my boyfriends account he supposidly owes from 2005 (its not 2012) from march when i called wells fargo who owen the debit they told me if it is not on his CR then not to worry about it, which it is not on his CR he has never had a credit card or a loan from anyone til a few years ago which we have payed off and all that its in my belief that these people are scam artist also looked up on ripoff.com (i think that it the site) and there is 10 articles of how they are trying to scam others!

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LB (not verified)

Just received a call and they asked for a name that does not live here. I tried to hit 2 to notify them that this is not the number for that person but it would not accept the prompt. Just worried that someone has used my number or has info. Glad to see that this is likely a scam but hoping that they haven't gotten personal info, etc. Will continue to follow this post.

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crorkz (not verified)

iIQUcx A round of applause for your blog article.Thanks Again. Great.

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vo (not verified)

just got a collection letter from drs stating I owe some $. check the three cra's and its not there. What should I do? Thank You.

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