Veterans Benefits

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Do you know what the cost of living allowance raise will be this year or where I can find that information please?

You can watch on the webpage but it is normally late in posting this information, this information only applies to compensatable veterans though. Normally, they will follow the social security administrations cola guidelines, you can bet it is pretty close every year. hope this helps.

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That's a great resource good> i know when i was in school, i got VA benefits educational that is because I'm a dependent of my father who served and has been deemed permanently disabled. I had a financial aid counselor and a veterans representative on campus that told me that. i didn't know about the page, that's a great resource.

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It is awesome, it covers everything from va health care, compensation, education benefits for veterans and dependants. In fact it covers so much more that I can not even list it all here. For veterans and dependants it is an invaluable resource. Guest are you a disabled veteran?

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