any suggestions?

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i am trying to locate a collection agency to ask for pay for delete {mutual hospital services} and I can not locate them , I have 4 negative entries on my credit report

If you are looking for the contact information of Mutual Hospital Service, you can contact them at
2525 N. Shadeland Avenue, #101, Indianapolis, IN 46219
Alternatively, you can call them at any of the following numbers
(317) 613-5942 or (800) 968-4042

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Before you send a pay for deletion agreement letter, you should send a debt validation letter by certified mail to be sure that the collection agency actually owns your debt or not. If you get a proper debt validation, you can send them a pay for deletion agreement letter. If they agree to PFD, get the agreement in writing to keep it as a proof that they have agreed to pay for deletion.

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Hi Dave,

Mutual Hospital Service in Indianapolis is a collection agency. Their address: Address: 2525 N Shadeland Ave, Suite 101

City: Indianapolis

State: IN

Zip: 46219-1787



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