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House buying can be stressful . . here are some points which help you

1.Price/offers : The advertised price of a home is not necessarily what you will have to pay.

2.Mortgages : preferably you will have arranged a mortgage before you find a house you want to buy.

3.Solicitors : If you haven't set up a solicitor before you make the offer, you must hire one straight after. You require a solicitor to deal with the official aspects of buying/selling property

4.The survey : The home you have just made an offer on may look safe as houses, but you don't know what troubles may be lurking behind the walls. You need a surveyor's report to point out any problems

Denise, This is good information. Although the housing market remains down it is sure to rebound sooner or later. Now is a good time for buying being that prices are really low.

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Great time to refi tooooo fireyone, as far as investing, I don't have the extra mula to do that right now, so that is not an option for me, I really don't want the extra responsiblity of another home either.

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Before you even start looking for a house, sort out your mortgage. You can get a mortgage offer in principle from most lenders without having to make any firm commitment. It's boring, but it has several distinct advantages:

You get it out of the way.

You will not be bothered by estate agents who insist that you see their in-house mortgage advisor.

You know exactly how much you can afford, so you don't miss out on that dream house because you think it's out of your price range.

When you do find the house of your dreams you can put an offer in immediately.

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Yes, it can be stressful if you're first time home buyer. So, you can take assistance of a real estate agent if you're skeptical to buy your own home.

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Those tips are correct and let me add that you need to inspect everything in your property before buying it.

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