How to get a PFD.

Submitted by shllby1 on Fri, 02/23/2007 - 23:23

I have sent out DV letters which were validated, Now I am trying to get a PFD but they are saying they "cant" and "Wont" do that. It is illegal because they would be lying?? Arghhhh, I really want to buy a house within a year and I need to bring our score up. How can I get these collection agencies to do this? Am I asking to much? Thanks

My submission is: request for the 'paid in full' letter in writing, if they ignore it, then you can seek legal action against them. You can also ask credit bureaus to remove those accounts out of your report. What are the collection agencies you are dealing with btw?

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You said they validated. Are you positive what they provided would constitute as validation?
Did they provide copies of debits and credits of the account? Did they itemize all charges. The 7th Circuit ruled that they must itemize.
How are they reporting on your report? Who is the CA?

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