babysitting, is it safe for teens?

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do you trust teenagers to babysit for you and what qualifications do you require? ive heard so many horror stories, i dont know if id trust anyone other than close family, but thats not a guarentee either since so many moms are claiming post partum, and i think drugs play a large part in all the child abuse. if your out of your mind how can you expect to be able to give a child the best care. too many people act like they dont know whats going on merely because they dont want involved but where do the kids rights come in> they dont ask to be born especially in these conditions> please lobby your representitives on this matter protect the children.

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There has been tons of information on post partum depression, I wonder how the women in the old day did it when they had 8 or 9 kids, a woman has one these days and it totally disables here from caring for the child, nurturing and bonding with the child. I am not real sure how I feel about this diagnosis.

There are actually baby sitting courses that you can send a teen to, usually at your local hospital, they teach everything from first aid to cpr for small children. I don't think a teenager should be watching an infant, they are too unpredictable, babies can not tell you what is wrong and I am not sure that a teen would handle the situation right.

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It is better to keep people you know. Strangers are never invited to my place.

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Laura, I agree with you, it is really hard to trust anyone these days, especially with smaller children that can not tell you what is going on. I don't think unless a teenager went through some training or if I knew them personally I would not let them watch my small children.

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teens, I think you have to becareful of other people watching your children period. I have been very fortunate to have my mother in law watch our child, she says that the kids keep her young. I did look into day care centers but you never know who you have working at these places either anymore, so many freaks out there that do wicked things to kids, and you can NEVER take it back once a child is violated, it affects them their whole lives.

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Yes, when it comes to taking care I would always want someone trained or may be any young dependable cousin of mine. Trust is a big factor when it comes to kids.

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Alot of young ladies are mature for thier age and if they come from a good family setting they are usually trustworthy, girls seemed to have that motherly instinct built in, as far as providing love and nuture to young ones. Getting them trained in cpr and first aid is a good idea anyway and letting them know how they can contact you or another family member in case of an emergency is another good idea. You should always keep those numbers near the phone anyway, never know when you may need them.

In todays world, with alot of single parents and/or both parents working we have developed the term, "latch key kids", these kids spend some time at home alone until one or both parents get home from work. You need to make sure that if your child is in this situation that they know who to phone also or have a nieghbor keep a watchful eye.

No matter what child care or self care (latch key) you have you as the adult must put the boundaries and knowledge in place, you must make sure that your children are in good hands at all times. If you decide to let a teen watch your child, know the teen, get to know their habits, don't take a chance on putting your child in danger. You can ask the normal employment questions, do they have references? and if they do, call them. Your child's life is priceless and you want to make sure that you have taken the proper steps in making sure they are in a safe environment while you are not along, call periodically and check up on the kids, don't be routine, do it at different times. Just do your homework and use common sense, it will get you a long ways.

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I think that girls do mature faster than boys, but that does not make every teen girl a good candidate to babysit, some of them are just wild and careless, you did point out that you should know the person, I am glad that you gave that consideration, I also like the fact that you put so much emphasis on it is the parents responsiblity to know who is watching their kids and set those expectations. You hit the nail on the head here, some girls are much more mature than others and it does all depend on how they were raised.

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I agree to the fact that family background matters a lot. I dont remember the girl though but my mother had told me that sometimes I used to be babysitted by her next door neighbor. The neighbor had two kids and I simply added to them. So today I know I have two great friends only because mother decided to keep me there. That is a great family...though they have moved to a different state now but I make sure that we meet atleast twice a year.

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That is cool Carol that you still keep in touch with them, good to have the adult around too, probably put your mother's mind at ease.

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It is good that you had a neighbor that was willing to take care of you. like good said it probably eased your mothers mind that you were in that setting. I think it is cool too that you all still stay in touch, that is nice.

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Yes Carol,

I think its really nice. Nothing like holding on to relations when the world is bent on to destroy all.

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i think young people are nieve now days what the friends want is more important than whats right i dont think people instill enough good morals in kids these days and my kids are grown but i have grandkids i worry about ive heard so many horror stories on things that happened even in my family makes you wonder.

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I have money to hire someone professional to look after my kid (if ever I have one) and not just pay small time for those baby sitting teens. I'm not saying all of them are wasted but yes most of them are and I would never trust them with my child's life.

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