merrick bank & Nextcard

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have two trade lines that I need some input on.

the 1st is a nextcard: opened 10/00, date rpt 9/02, high limit $349, dla n/a, date of last pmt "blank", charge off, showing 120 days late 4/02 then 4 months "pays agreed"
the 2nd is Merrick bank: opened10/00, date rpt 12/05, high limit $0, dla n/a, date of last pmt 9/01, major dlq date 3/05, charge off, bal $349, past due $349
Both have different acct #'s

I'm not sure how to handle these two accounts. I know that Nextcard was closed by the FDIC and Merrick bought a portion of those accounts. So I will be unable to verify/validate nextcard account and believe it will have to be removed by the CRA. Merrick is tricky though, it is the same account. I have "googled" Merrick and have read the accounts of people having little or no luck in regard dealing w/them. My first step is to send a letter to the CRAs requesting nextcard be removed. With Merrick though I'm unsure how to proceed.

I know that these are the same account and I probably did owe nextcard $$ when they went under.

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You handle acounts differently when you're dealing with the original creditor. OC's verify, CA's validate.

I would start with disputing with the CRAs. If BOTH accounts come back verified you may want to send a letter to the CRA asking how the accounts were verified then contact the creditor accordingly.

I can see improper reporting of tradeline with the merrick TL. There is no way the last pymt was made 9/01 yet it didn't become delinquent until 3/5??

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That's what I said too w/ the merrick. Also upon going thru my old credit reports, I see that they didn't start pulling inquiries until 3/04, then it was an inquiry every other month until 12/05. From "googling" most people experienced the inquiries after the account had been sold. Nextcard was closed by the FDIC in 2/02

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speedbump (not verified)

please contact me if you find a way to conteract these con artists---same problem over many years now---reporting 15 mos past due on charged off account back in 2001--disputing doesn't do any good, comes back as my account

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have two trade lines that I need
some input on. the 1st is a nextcard:
opened 10/00, date rpt 9/02, high limit
$349, dla n/a, date of last pmt "blank",
charge off, showing 120 days late 4/02
then 4 months "pays agreed"

Based upon the information, NEXTCARD,
DOLP is 12/2001. Should drop off 12/2008.

the 2nd is Merrick bank: opened10/00,
date rpt 12/05, high limit $0, dla n/a, date of
last pmt 9/01, major dlq date 3/05, charge off,
bal $349, past due $349. Both have different
acct #'s

Based upon the information, MERRICK,
DOLP is 9/2001. Should drop off 9/2008.

I agree. It appears that this is ONE Account
with TWO different Account Numbers. I say this
because of the same Date Opened 10/00
and the same balance $349.

From what you say, Merrick Bank
purchased the Account 3/2005
and Reported to the CRAs 12/2005 and
then assigned a new account number.
This explains the two different account numbers.

Collection Agencies ALWAYS assign new
account numbers. Merrick is a Collection
Agency in this case.

I would Dispute both with the CRAs as,
among other things, Duplicates.

Where Nextcard is listed as a TL, it sure
can be Disputed. See if Nextcard TL can
be verified by Merrick. DV Merrick as
well. And send everything via CMRRRs.

Merrick is NOT the OC on this alleged
account. Merrick IS the Collection
Agency and should be treated as

Questions: What State are you in?
What is the SOL for your State?

FYI: In the state of Florida, the CA is
required to send a Validation Notice
within 30 days of Assignment. Also,
in Florida, we may DV the OC, CA,
JDB or any person collecting a debt.

FYI: Federal law requires the CA to send
a Validation Notice within 5 days of
dinging your credit report.

FYI: If your State SOL is 4 years, that
would explain why Merrick INQs stopped
after 12/2005, where the DOLP is 12/2001,
as Reported by Nextcard TL.

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Kay Jones (not verified)

I'm having the same issue with Experian. NextCard was closed by the FDIC in July 2002. I live in California and the SOL is 4 years. There were two accounts with different numbers. When NextCard was closed, my account in June was current. I never received an statements or letters from anyone. Now this company has been adding late charges and damaging my credit. What is the code that says any debt must be validated by the original creditor?? Experian said they validated the account with Infistar; however, even when NextCard was in operations there were additional charges that I was challenging. What is the Federal Law requiring a credit agency to validate information w/in 5 days?

Personal info deleted for safety

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crorkz (not verified)

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