Goals for the Elderly

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what kind of goals can you set for the elderly?
where i work i was ask what kind of goals you can make when thier all in thier 80s and 90s i suggested story time but these people are all pretty spry for thier age they like to go on trips but you can only take so many trips in a year.

You could have them all work on their lives stories, you could then have it published for them. Maybe you could find a grant or something. If there is a university in your area, see if they have a journalism department, they could do the documenting for a senior project or even a high school kid that is interested in journalism or media. I think it would be a great project for someone to do for a senior project. These older people have so much wisdom and their stories are awesome.

You could start it really simple, like by asking them one thing or special story that they have from their childhood? or you could ask them about one particular subject, like what economy, love, family or any other subject that you wanted to write about or have the student write about.

Would it be nice to have a sweetheart book for valentines day that tells how they met their spouses, what they did on their first date and etc. It would be really cool if you could get them to give up a youthful picture and then take one of them today.

I may have gotten a little carried away, but something like this may work for them. Just my thoughts.

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You must have the greatest job in the world, dealing with spry older ladies, I bet they are a blast. Where do you work? What type of place is it?
As you know from my posts I work in personal care home and enjoy my residents. They are so much fun, they are work, but they are fun.

My hours have been cut to 16 hours a week, I can’t live on this amount of hours, my daughter says to go talk to the owner and let them know that I need more hours. They hired another girl and gave her some of my hours, we only have 9 residents right now. I am hoping that the new owner will listen to my concerns, I may be seeking other employment if she can’t give me more hours. I was only working 22 hours a week for the last two months anyway, was hoping to see an increase in hours, not a decrease. There are people that have not been there as long as I have it should have been the once that have less time loss hours. I am going to talk to her and see what she has to say, maybe she will compromise and give me some of my hours back.

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This reminds me of my Great Grandmother who passed on at the age of 97... a couple of years ago

She went to Israel and Egypt twice in her 80's and never thought much about it...

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What great stories she must have had to pass on, it would have been nice to record them and have them to pass on. She lived a long time, I bet she had more than that to share, a whole life time.

This is a great idea goodnatured, dadummy do you think this is something that you would or could do? Do you think they would agree to it. I think if you can get one to buy into it, others will follow. If one of them is up to it, you could actually have one of them do the recording, then they would be giving the information to some one they know and trust.

Good, you did not mention what to do with this book once you get it published or copied. I think it would be a great gift for family members, friends or loved ones. Something like this would take some work but would be great when it was finished.

dadummy, what are you thoughts about taking this type of project on? Have you thought about a senior talent show, do you have a place that has a piano and a stage? I bet you have some hidden talent there. You don't have to make it a contest, just a show so that everyone could show off their unique talent. Invite community members to come in and see the show, you could charge a small entrance fee and it could be used to do a luncheon or something for your seniors.

I think with a little more thought and the responses here you can have a grand project. Please update the forum on what and if you plan to do anything.

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thanks guys these are all great ideas i work in a senior citizen center and as i said they are up in age but they love to talk a book of some kind would be great or for starters a love story book for valentines day. i dont know if i could get permission since there aare so many others over me but ill pass these ideas along im sure i wont get credit for them but if it helps the older folks who cares, its a project.

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Do they live there or is it just a place for them to come and socialize? I work in a personal care home, we are small enough so we do pretty much what we want to do.

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