Precautions for Credit Card

Submitted by Laura on Thu, 01/10/2008 - 06:36

What precautions do you think should be taken while using credit cards.
With the rise in the number of frauds it has become essential to take initiative to understand each step and be aware of all transactions.

Online credit card usage according to me should be done with highest precaution. What do you think about it?

Well, for one thing keep all receipts.... And check those against your statements..

Keep a list of all your card numbers and the appriopriate telephone numbers handy, filed somewhere safe..

Instead of writing a total like 3.95, write $3.95 and draw lines so no other digits can be placed in the total section.

Just some thoughts...


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Here is a list that we used to warn or educate people

1. Check the store is legit
2. Check you're happy with your seller
Almost impossible online, but you can check them out with past
customer comments.
3. Third party payment
See if you can use a third party payment, like paypal, a secure site.
4. Password protection
5. Check the delivery and returns policies
There should be a registration for you to make a secure username and
password, so that only you can access the information.
6. Check the website is authentic and secure
broken key or broken padlock = unsecure
unbroken key or unbroken padlock = secure
7. Save your records
8. Check your delivery
There should be a customer service number to call to check on your
delivery, call before you order and see if they exist.
9. Keep an eye on your statement

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awesome information!! many people are not that thorough August, with number 6 be sure that your url begins with https along with the little lock icon being in the locked padlock position!

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You know I never notice the https on the url before, will have to watch for that, I always just look for the little lock. this was a good idea for Laura to post this, internet fraud can happen so easily and people are way to trusting to give out there information if they think that it is a legit store. The store may be legit, but you have got to see if the site that they are using is secure, Major issue.

Thank you Laura for bringing up such a vital subject, People need to know that you must be more aware if putting your information out there for the whole world to potentially see.

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I know about the https. This is a safer option than http. But I did not get this little lock. Where do we find that? Somewhere on the browser, the url? Where?

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