Credit card Junk Mail

Submitted by erb1953 on Sun, 01/06/2008 - 14:01

Does anyone know if there is a way to stop all the credit card junk mail, it is as bad as the telemarketers ringing my phone off the hook, I went on the do not call website, but it takes thirty days, does anyone know how to get rid of the junk mail? The mail lady says that she has to deliver it, she can't just throw it away, it is against the law. Anyone know how to get your name off those mailing lists?


I think we all get the junk mail, I am not real sure how they get our information. Your mail lady is right, they have to deliver all mail, they can't sort it out and say, I don't think they want this or this makes no sense, it is the law, they have to deliver everything they get.

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One way is to opt out... And what that does is is remove your name from any promotional material from the various accounts. When you receive the next advertisement, somewhere on that document there is information where you can go to (via phone or internet) and add your name and addy to the list. This is very similiar to the do not call list..

You can also google OPT OUT and see what you get....

In the meantime, however, when you get these promotional deals, and if you dont want them, make sure you shread all the paperwork that comes along with them. Crooks are notorious for left names and off of these papers... Just a heads up..


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This is something I found while googling the phrase "OPT OUT"...

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thanks sun, good to know, wish there was an opt out web page that we could just go to, like the do not call list web page. Maybe someday some one will develop one, they kill so many trees printing up all that junk that people just toss away anyway, seems useless to me.

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I believe this is the website where you can OPT OUT of everything... Kinda like a one shot deal....

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hi erb,

Somewhere i have noticed that these mails give an option like a mail back to delete you from their mailing list. Do these mails go directly to the junk section or do they jam your inbox?

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you know im so sick of all the credit card junk i get sometimes i feel like i should just get them all and file bankrupt so they stop, but that doesnt help because i know people who filed bankrupt and got more credit card offers afterwards because you cant refile for seven years. they have seven years to come after you plus it ruins your credit. i get two or three aplications a day in the mail.

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Unfortunately, you get them daily, just pitch them in the trash. Once you respond to them you will get a ton more, you can do the return to sender on them if you want to and let their mail room get all backed up with thier paper junk mail and see how they feel. Hopefully they will develop a system that takes care of this, like the do not call list, we need a do not mail list!

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I get alot of them, too, in the mail. I have called that OPT OUT number several times and, still...I get calls. What a pain. I even recieve Pre-Screened stuff in my maiden name. How the companies figure stuff like that out is beyond me.

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Anytime you sign up for anything, it is always there somewhere in fine print to send or sell your information to other companies, they sneak it in there some how, some way.

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i dont know but if you find out a way to get rid of them let me know. i get two or three mailings a day

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wanna know what i do??? and it works :) tee hee, send them back tehir BLANK application in their SELF ADDRESSED SELF POSTED envelope :) they'll get the hint, i mean they paid for the postage anyway why not 'return the favor' and give them back their blank application :) :)

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The only problem I see with that, debstinker, is if the blank app. has your name and addy on it and it falls into the wrong could be a receipe for trouble.... I used to do that years ago.... :-)

I guess you could always blacken out your name and addy...


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I get no telemarketers becasue I am on the do not call list. The credit card offers?I get them by the loads.I have put them to good use. My 12 year old collects the fake

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What a plan hummingbird, this is a good way to get rid of them I guess, at least some one is getting some enjoyment out of them right.

I have since opted out too, I guess it takes awhile to get the word out that you don't want the junk mail right? Do you know how long it takes to get rid of the paper junk?

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I do think I saw on a piece of junk mail down on the bottom an opt out thing. Also i had read that you can return all the spam back to them in their prepaid envelopes but never tried it.If it works I may have to try it.Maybe if we all did that would stop them.

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I dont know whether it would stop them but I really need to find a way to end it. Mostly these mails are thrashed to the junk mail section so my inbox remains clean.

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