How do you tell someone......

Submitted by SunDevilsFan on Wed, 01/02/2008 - 03:33

Partner and I go over to some friends last night for New Years celebrations etc... There were about 20-30 of us all together...

Now, keep in mind that we are NOT talking about a fine diner party where fine China is used etc...

Instead of using those (just for example) red plastic cups that you see for sale at any nice grocery store, they whip out various plasic cups they aquired from the convient marts they frequented the last year. I have never seen so many 7-11 and QT cups in one's house, ever!!!

Has anyone experienced this? Is this tacky? Or, am I just out of my mind? :lol:

hey if they cant afford the party they shouldnt have it next year take your own cup and make a comment about thier tacky options last year hey they may ask you to leave or maybe they will apoloize

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Dadummy, I am not inviting you to my party, LOL, :oops:

Who cares what kind of cups they used as long as they are clean. It was nice of them to open their home and their hearts to a bunch of friends like that. I know that if I had that many of those cups, so I would use them in hopes that my guests would take them home, LOL.

bottom line is "did everyone have a good time? Did everyone get home safe?" No body did anything out of line, I am sure that Martha Stewart would not agree with their etiquette but I see nothing wrong with it.

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True, True I would not care what kind of cup it was as long as it was clean, LOL. I don't know if I want to invite dadummy either, lol, she really tells you how it is, especially if she brings her own cup, LOL.

If fun was had and everyone got home in one piece, happy new year is accomplished.

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Yup, everyone arrived back home safe and sound.... Thank God..

I guess the cups reminded me of the times when I was a bachelor..... LOL.... Paper plates and 7/11 cups all the way... Every now and then I may splerg and get a Circle K cup :-)

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Well, Yes, I would say it was tacky .But who cares? It wasn't formal.I would have used the red solo cups though, so it all matched. What plates were used? Were they mismatched also?If so then the glasses did indeed match the plate,s all mismatched...thats a match!

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I would be ok with it as long as it was an informal party, no harm done and your friend did not loose any of her good china.

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Whether something is tacky or not will be completely overlooked by me as long as I am enjoying the party. The gesture of inviting me would be of utmost value rather than the food, drink or utensils or cutlery used. Some one inviting me itself is an honor enough. I am okay with it sun.

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Ur right Laura.... It shouldnt matter how or what... its the invite that counts...

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I am glad that you agree. Many do many dont but that is only a matter of perspective. We are what we are.

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just break down and tell them how tacky you thought this was you might be surprised to find out others complained also.

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I would never complain to them about this.That in itself is tacky of sorts. I would just be glad I had a nice time and thank them for the invite and let go of the small stuff.Right? Not important ,right?

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