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I have been paying $150 a month to Thomas K. Bamford law office for one of my old credit cards for the past like six months, maybe more. Last month was a little tougher financially and my payment got returned to them. I have tried to talk to them to get something set up. I owe the money my intent is to pay it, but being a single mom working two jobs $180 is too much for me to just come up with. They are saying that they may have to garnish my wages, is this possible. I owe $512 more on the card. Any advice to help me? I need it.

they may have to garnish my wages

Is there currently a judgment against you for this debt?

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urcreditsolution (not verified)

I haven't heard of garnishing wages for delinquent payments on a CREDIT CARD. I doubt that they can do that. Creditors and collection agencies may go to some extremes when it comes to getting their money back, so they may make up something intimidating to get you to pay what you owe. It all depends on that unique individual you are talking to. I can only suggest that you try to bring them to an understanding of your situation so they can hopefully cut you some slack. Most creditors are willing to work with you as long as you show intent in making an effort to pay off your debt. Good Luck!

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