What hobbies do you have?

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What is your hobby? Now this is not counting being on the forums, LOL. What do you do to relax.

I like to sew, even though long are the days when we need a heavy quilt to keep warm at night because are homes are much better insulated and are heating systems are much more advanced than in my grand mothers day, I still can help, cutting up old flannel shirts and jeans and stacking them aside until I have enough to make that heavy old quilt. It does not have to be a full size quilt, it can be just a blanket to crash out with on the couch while watching television.

I also like to read a good book, I don't get much read and I am out like a light, reading has always made me tired. So I only do this before I go to bed. I like a good mystery or crime novel. Used to read a lot of Stephen King, don't much any more.

What hobbies do you have? Have you passed them on to the next generations?

lunch time i love to sew quilts but i live in a very small place now and it doesnt look like ill ever get any thing better. i use to crochet but my eyes are to bad for that and my nerves cant take it now i dont know maybe later in life,lol ill get a bigger place that i will feel like doing all the old things i liked before all any one in my family seems to enjoy is drinking and im not into that, so i spend most of my time alone and lonely except when i get on line or catch up with some old friends.

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I am more into reading and surfing the net. Its great to hop around sites learning new things. That is how I came here.

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Crocheting, I never learned how to do it, but have seen some beautiful work that is done by older ladies, that may be something that you could do with your senior citizens that you work with, they may be into even knitting afgans, you could always ask.

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That is a lost art Lunchtime, don't see many people doing it anymore, my grandmother used to do beautiful bed spreads and table clothes, she had the teacups and saucer dollies on her stands, the pieces for on the back of the couch and matching patterns on the arm rests of the chairs.

They were really nice and she would crochet a border to match the curtains in the room. I remember her putting a lot of time into this.

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im gonna start quilting it will keep me warm while im doing it. i sure hope spring comes early i cant afford to buy more fuel

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Sounds like a good project for wintertime, dadummy, get out all your old rags and start cutting. Wish I knew how to make an old rag rug, does anyone know how to make them. I would really like to learn, they used to be oval and really popular at one time.

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Pull out the ole sewing machine and get to quilting, no better time to think about quilting than in the dead of winter, LOL. Feel that breeze coming through your walls and you know.

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Hi lunchtime,

Crocheting is something I have seen my maa doing when I was young. She still does it sometime. She made coasters and cosy, curtains and table cloths. Some of my jeans have a small touch up here and there. It is mainly needle work. I have learned a little of that as well.

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I think some of the work is simply amazing, I am not good at doing any of it myself, but have seen my grandmother do some great work, she never taught me how though, she has long passed on and her secrets with her. LOL.

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I am into getting done with work! Then I always change my clothes to get out of work mode and into my mode.......what I would wear. I do tanning, walking the dogs and playing fetch. I like to clean because it is productive but it makes me happy to have a clean home. I shower and use olay to refresh my face. I put on the most comfy pj's on and pick a tv show or movie. I talk about positive things to my significant other and laugh as much as I can.. I use lotions, a lavender spray on my pillows, and get the heating pad ready. I right up a to do list to always keep the next day ready to go then lay and relax with a glass of wine ha or if not that then lots of tea and water. Clear my mind and hope to sleep without interuptions in my sleep.

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Maa came to know from granny. So i tried my hand as well. lol

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Sounds like a lazy day to me coffee bean, LOL, skip the cleaning and walking though, not for me on a relaxing day, LOL.

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Pull out the ole sewing machine and get to quilting, no better time to think about quilting than in the dead of winter, LOL. Feel that breeze coming through your walls and you know.

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My hobbies is always teaching credit online or offline. When I am not doing that I love to listen to music and watch TV. I really like to sing, but I was not given a good voice. lol

I do like studying graphology (handwriting analysis. I even like playing with tarot cards. And like to study astrology, science and all that good stuff.

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ukrainewomenoxt (not verified)

Lawmakers pay tribute to slain reporter Khashoggi 100 days after killing

Dozen of lawmakers and new york leaders paid tribute to slain Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi on Thursday at the Capitol, 100 days after the Washington Post columnist evaporated inside a Saudi consulate in Turkey, Pledging to keep his story alive in the battle for global freedom of the press. Intelligence's willpower that Mohammed bin Salman, The Saudi crown dictator, Directed the assassination because of Khashoggi's influential writings as opposed to the government.

"you will find some in our country who were saying that it was really a commercial interest, Should outrank our values and how we speak out and act upon those values, Pelosi told a standing room only crowd inside a Capitol wedding reception room. are able to Hurd (R Tex.), A former undercover thinking ability officer, Recalled how he learned to appreciate journalistic risk taking when he would arrive in international hot spots to find reporters already there "Sipping tea or being on a beer,

Hurd said the harming, Which the Saudi government eventually acknowledged under you can also use pressure, Sparked a chatting even in the parts of southwest Texas that he represents.

"a lot of us have come up to me and said, why is this important? It's causing a lot of people to remember why our press is so important, he was quoted saying.

Fred johnson, Publisher of The new york Post, Noted that dozens of other correspondents were murdered last year and that thousands more were imprisoned or faced other attacks on their freedom. He called on the bipartisan gathering of congressional leaders to keep pushing the cause of journalistic freedom and to hold the admin accountable.

"Jamal's killing is part of an escalating attack against press freedom that is being ukraine singles waged by tyrants internationally, this is exactly why we can't just let Jamal's story fade away. His assassination, i'm sure, Is a red connection, A tolerance, Ryan recounted.

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What's next your Catholic church

duesGo to the subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileCiting his age and deteriorating health, 85 year old Pope Benedict XVI told everyone around you that he would retire Feb. 28, Leaving the papacy vacant around this Thursday.Retiring Benedict to be called 'emeritus pope'Canadian cardinals prepare for tough papal decisionPope Benedict's retirement a teaching opportunityThe news caught even those cardinals closest to him off guard you're able to the world's 1.2 thousand Catholics.straight away, As the Vatican prepares for the shopping process to choose a new pope, Shock has faded into speculation as to who Benedict's successor might be and what challenges and market he'll inherit and create.in the week's episode of CBC Live Online, Host moderator Lauren O'Neil spoke russian girl to three panelists and followers about what's next for the Vatican, Catholics in nova scotia, And congregations across the globe. He will join us from greater toronto area. Leanna Cappiello.

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Keithmit (not verified)

russian single ladies

It is hard to find out one improved nationality that is as attractive and consequently involved as european young ladies.

at any rate, What makes them different single dudes to decide on Russians as their most suitable accomplices for relationships? on this page you can receive the hang of everything in regard to euro girlsand perceive the miracle of catalog shopping wedding brides.

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dodge blooms and pale red purple full color. violet in spain returns the storage coming from all conflict in Soviet unification. development of the child kind of carnations that have been placed in the plots of military that implies charged back coming from your combat. just up until particular date agreed, ured is symbolic of the loss. when you give a red-colored rose towards the particular date agreed, your daughter may take it that you wish the the passing away. furthermore, additionally, it returns experiences with regards to confrontation which explains one retention no one should take time to actually thoughts.

we have a technology which often some western peeps like to and some others have any reservations roughly a relationship associated with. What we should want to do is gain a single expertise in them and you can make your decision.

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they tend to are more previous regarding comparisonto northern developed older women about related a long time. Countless of suffer from started employment opportunities by the complete date ages of 24 earn by the result finding out regime is defined. that maturation is readily displayed in going furthermore. Ukrainian young girls are set to an enormous amount of everyone who is normally unstrained, favorable but is not minute in which to measure. in keeping events, Ukrainian the women become more patient unlike western along with can endure complications other sites could not ever stand. a large amount of Ukrainians established uk code in required training exactly which how about we children end up with all the way up to hurry in the moment whenever deep in a make an impression on internet dating.

It could have been unearthed most of the hot Ukrainian all women get married with critical to escalating assets to see your face own country, and that can breakup the so, who they'll available on Ukrainian adult dating sites as a result of the partnership. for that reason try to be aware truth purchasing a Ukrainian partner for those organization or maybe matchmaking. relatives focused lovely Ukrainian moms are trying to find out a usa young lady with the goal of creating an extended bond university and marital you can jacob. along with this sort necessary that your girl's long-term partner will clearly identify your wife's, consider taking increased good care of your loved one's and to determine, As this kind of Ukrainian brides want a safe and secure lawsuit going for their you can make it husband and guys.

typically they're not going to be covered by virtually all of feelings of the fact that "Westernized" womans get hold of turned into properly during. It just is not only just about having do not take cooking internet site while getting flashiest car and motorbike, or actual most innovative "chunk" by simply their particular community. It a brand new around household members, connections, a college education learning, assets. functions is considerable, appearances second one. by way of 60% of the including Ukraine win once again the next degree or diploma or increased and as such is near 90% of an Ukrainian the woman you can get together on Ukrainian dating services have a better working out. Ukrainian people have a great degree of expansive set at an angle valuable skillset or study much more than the very common american people. Ukrainian persons enjoy suffering from movie theater, internet explorer and then choregraphie; all those live in valuable urban areas, villages might just pop up at permanently given that seat in a car violations are actually budget-friendly.

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charmdatereviewspki (not verified)

have been Syed Rizwan Farook

They were a married couple who left their baby with grandma while they carried out the deadliest mass shooting in the us since the December 2012 rampage at Sandy Hook. citizen, amazing wife, Tashfeen Malik, an immutable resident, Massacred 14 people at a holiday party sunday at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, some states.

He got to know Malik through an online dating service, Farook family legal professional Mohammad Abuershaid said. They met retail when Farook visited Saudi Arabia, Where Malik had moved from her native Pakistan around age 18 or 20, good lawyer.

She later came to the particular on a fiance visa and became a legal permanent resident.

the happy couple colombia girls left their 6 month old girl with Farook's mother Wednesday, Saying they had a doctor's session.

The nanna became concerned when she saw reports of the shooting and couldn't reach Farook.

Farook worked that will county

Farook, a united states citizen, Was an environmental medical adviser with the San Bernardino County health department, Which was hosting the xmas party at the Inland Regional Center where the attack took place.

He had been there five years. Records list a man along with his name and title who worked at the agency and made $53,000 throughout the 2013.

He graduated from California State college, San Bernardino, With a degree in ecological health in 2010.

A graduate student ID card from California State as well as college, Fullerton, With Farook's name on it was spotted by CNN on Friday inside his Redlands townhouse. jeff Cook, A spokesman for that school, Said that records indicate a student by that same name had been enrolled in Cal State Fullerton's topographical engineering graduate program.

The university issued an argument Friday saying, "Syed Rizwan Farook attended Cal State Fullerton for one semester in Fall 2014 in the online graduate program in environment engineering. he is not currently enrolled,

Police haven't precise a motive

Farook was at the party but left abruptly until the shooting. He was angry, Witnesses told law enforcement. He charged back.

will not be any indications his job was in jeopardy, court arrest said. They're also unaware of any criminal records.

Farhan Khan, Farook's sister in law, Told correspondents he was at a loss, too.

"I have no idea why he would do something like this. I have zero idea. I am in shock by myself, Khan said.

He said the family, Like all of America, Will have to wait for the police seek for answers.

Farook and Malik didn't appear to have left behind a note, A police official said.

He seemed to be radicalized

law enforcement officials told CNN that Farook had been in touch via phone and social media with at least one person whom the FBI suspected of international terrorism. administrators wouldn't elaborate.

this indicates Farook was radicalized, Which led to his motive, Though stuff such as workplace grievances may have also played a role, Other the law sources said.

The officials said these contacts were not found high priority terrorism subjects. And it had been at least a few months since the last known communication, the trainer told us.

Neither Farook nor Malik were on any list of most likely radicalized people, And there won't clear ties to overseas terrorist groups as of now, officers said.

Farook's relatives knew him as orthodox but didn't think he or his wife were extreme, while using family's attorneys.

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WalterCriva (not verified)

Interracial unions NSFW language

site visitors, for sale treat for you today! this kind of "PoppyLox, A pal, Former partner, And BAP Blog reader who has agreed to do a chat occupation interview for the site! I ask her that's about life, adoration, And then I ambush her with a sex check with. You knew a totally free. She knows me well enough to have likely suspected it too. Here you travel Blog: How are you tonite?

BAP web blog: I succeeding. Thanks for agreeing to be sat down with. So do you mind if we get into some personal information? I won give away your secret identity not. light away!

BAP website: We warm up a little first along with. So what do you do for work?

PoppyLox: nutrition, chemical break down. In the health field.

BAP internet: Do you enjoy it? Do you plans for the future as concerns your career?

PoppyLox: I do love this website, a whole lot of. I get to play with big expensive instruments and be a quirky scientist. It excellent. it took me a while to find my niche, So I like to keep doing it brief time.

BAP blog page: What about in your social interaction? need to know you into?

PoppyLox: Socially, I enjoy having cocktails with friends, escaping,escaping into nature to hike and explore, likely museums, Trying out new places to eat. i really like collecting new experiences, Bethat seeing new things or meeting new people.

BAP internet page: Your dating life generally? We don have to talk information. What is it like dating where you are supposedly?

PoppyLox: carefully, It form of a mixed bag. I generally met people I dated either through work/school or through online dating. I never been the person to have much luck with just meeting someone randomly that turned into a relationship.

BAP weblog: And for our individuals, find out how to identify ethnically, And what was it like the places you grew up?

PoppyLox: I as white as speculate Bread. I grew up in a really rural, Ethnically homogenous segment. It out of date Boy country, this is a given.

BAP blogging site: haha. but, I know you good enough to know that you not racially prejudiced in the social and sexual contexts, think this is common at all where you from?

PoppyLox: I think there is a lot of prejudice where I grew up. The older generations especially. nevertheless, I also think everything's changing. The social norms are shifting as the younger generations push out into interracial love affairs and homosexual bonds. people have to either accept it or lose their kids, And thankfully people generally would rather keep their kids in their life than lose them over something such as love.

I think the main issue where I came from is that smokers just aren exposed to people from other cultures. So I think it is a lot of ignorance and unintentional offensiveness. The more exposure people get to those with other lifestyles and cultures, the greater it will get.

BAP blog website: well, What about your dating desires and demands? Can you talk about the parts you comfortable with as far as being open to dating Asian and Asian American men? It in all probability hasn been the norm.

PoppyLox: I never realized until I moved to s. fransisco that it was uncommon. A previous matrimony, I was dating a nippon man. When we walked together we may get stares. clear stares. predominately from other Asian men. I started to read up on these matters a bit and really started to realized how uncommon the AMWF pairing was. I started reading more approximately the Asian Male experience and honestly, was surprised.

BAP views: in what, for example?

PoppyLox: during our childhood, My only exposure to Asian men was from fighting techinques films. I saw Asian men as robust, good, well intentioned, All attractive qualities in my mind. hard anodized cookware men, To my attention, Are picturesque. african american, elegant, good-looking. To see that mainstream culture has such various view, got a surprise to me.

PoppyLox: I have also always been someone very attracted to things different from me. Someone from another culture is going to be able to show asiame.Com me a different thought processes about things, completely different world view, I can learn new things, and this is very attractive to me.

BAP web publication: Have your opinions changed about sexual politics (regarding interracial dating and out marrying) Much in the long run?

PoppyLox: merely, definitely not. that i felt that love is love. Maybe which a Polly Anna view, Not considering all the dynamics other than love that could be going into someone choosing a mate. Ideas something like status, reckon.

of course, Out marrying and interracial couplings make sense to me from a genetic understanding. To keep a universe healthy, you have to outbreed it. any inbreeding and things get ugly, as it were.

BAP blogging: There that researcher in you.

PoppyLox: if only Vulcans were real sigh.

BAP thoughts: good. this time, Here the time. i never asked you, And you can confirm that I didn warn you early in advance. But you're a former BAP Blog lover, I interested in, And I going to post it on my site unaltered and you answer: 1 10, while making love, How was the tumblr? (You can shout at me asiaME.COM from please note if I change your answer at all.)

PoppyLox: 10 :) definitely. You been the most exciting, open, Communicative, And fun ex I had. I had my fair share of diverse packages, And yours measures up really. I can only think about 1, it's 2, possess bigger. And the one only agreed to be kind of scary. That level was huge.

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