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Submitted by coffeebean on Thu, 01/17/2008 - 03:10

Hello, I wanted to recieve some feedback on the candidates running for presidency. What talk is there about economics, equal rights, home ownership, assistence programs, and the war. I hear the folks talk lots about this and that but just want the basic facts not the cut throat talk they use towards each other to get votes. I have done research but its all intertwined and I am not sure what to believe!

In an election year it is hard to believe any of them, they sure do make a lot of promises, but then when they get into the position they do not for some reason follow through. I think once they take the seat they can fight for all they want to, but it takes votes from congress to get things passed, so they are more or less out of luck if they don't have congress on their side.

I don't even pay attention to them during the election campaign, they are just puppets at this point and puppets when they get into office too. They may push for things to happen and pray that it does so they don't look bad to the american people. The american people are used to this though, it has been going on forever, so if you are going to vote, look for the ones that talk about what you care about, at least you know that they have that interest in mind, does not always mean it will happen, but at least you know, they are thinking it. It is all political.

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given past experiance no one is perfect but if you pay close attention the best one to vote for will be the one who avoids degradeing the other candidates. all of those people running are in some type of government business check out what they have done in thier prior jobs. talk to a lot of differant people but dont let them sway you on your choice you have to live with it. as for me im still undecided but cut out one just for the nasty remarks, if you check out thier past they all have ghost in thier closets or they wouldnt be human.

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I too am undecided, I have not really paid much attention to any of them to any of them. I get tired of hearing them bad mouth each other and make promises that they are not going to keep.

Good luck, with your decision coffeebean, I can not advise you either way, they are good till they get into office, LOL.

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Frankly speaking being a 24years old I am still confused when it comes to the elections. I really dont know who to believe. The promises made are the same, just languages are a little varied to avoid confusion. people who are foul mouthing to gain vote does not seem right to me. I am utterly disgusted with this whole procedure. Need to do a bit more of research.

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It starts with ideology. The cut and dry is:

If you prefer government interference in economic matters, but not personal (often moral) matters, you're a liberal. If you prefer government interference in personal matters, but not economic, you're a conservative. A populist favors government intervention in both areas, and a libertarian opposes government intervention in both.

On a personal note, I "like" Obama and McCain.

What each candidate represents to me:

McCain: Honesty ("Those manufacturing jobs aren't coming back")

Romney: Dishonesty ("I'll fight to bring those jobs back..." Though the statement may be truthful, it is misleading at best. Outsourcing has become a way of life, and the automakers are doing all they can to avoid the unions when opening new plants)

Huckabee: Fool (Caught in a Bill Clinton backlash, as Gov. of Arkansas, he granted clemency to a convicted felon--at the behest of republicans...the felon later sexually assaulted and killed a woman)

Clinton: The one candidate I am having a hard time reading, but I cannot believe that she actually represents change...experience, yes; judgment, perhaps. Change, no.

Obama: Change (I'll elaborate on this...perhaps tomorrow)

Edwards: I haven't really studied him yet...I may not, as his candidacy looks to be in jeopardy; not enough support

Giuliani: W # 2 (He should change his name to 9/11...sadly, a number of survivors and cleanup volunteers of that horrific day continue to be plagued with terrible maladies. Government assistance is not as forthcoming as it should be. Also, far too hawkish in prosecuting the "war on terror")

Thompson: Unqualified (he's been out of Congress for a number of years, and his experience as a federal prosecutor was limited)

These are just my opinions...do what you want with them.

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In practice, there are often many similarities between candidates from opposing parties.

I seem to recall that the republican "contract with America" was largely a repackaging of democratic ambitions, and Clinton's welfare reform was a longstanding republican goal.

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I like the way you produced your views. There is no shame in being blatant when you know are speaking the truth. Anybody can bring in changes be it McCain, Romney, Huckabee, Clinton, Obama but what is needed is the willingness to do so, the power and integrity. I doubt how far they will be able to progress given the fact that they are just puppets at the hands of the government.

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You got it Laura, anyone who ends up in office is exactly that a puppet of the government, they don't get to make decisions, they can run their chops all they want to but it goes to vote at congress and if the old men on the hill don't agree they vote it down and it does not happen.

I am surprised to see that they are all agreeing on this economic stimulus plan that I see everybody talking about on the other forums. It will benefit the government or they would not be doing it. However, I am very happy about it because it will put a few dollars back in the working man's hands for a change.

I am also glad to see that they are stepping up to the plate and helping out with this mortgage crisis, there are so many people that are at risk of losing their homes because of the inflated rise in the variable rate.

So I guess now they are just cleaning up the mess they made, they really need to do something about these ridiculous fuel and gas prices, that would be a major relief to a lot of people, they are going through the roof and continue to keep going up. It is nice.

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Hey morningstar, great post, I just reread it again, you put it right out there, LOL. Can't wait to see your follow up on this one.

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I am confused there is no good canidate according to all the debates.I think everyone better pay close attention and get out and vote we definately dont need hillary, theres too much deciet there.I thought huckebee sounded like he might be ok, but he is in the rear. are any of you following the debates?

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I am confused there is no good canidate according to all the debates.I think everyone better pay close attention and get out and vote we definately dont need hillary, theres too much deciet there.I thought huckebee sounded like he might be ok, but he is in the rear. are any of you following the debates?

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yes i followed the Obama debate. I think things are pretty warmed up now

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I'd like to thank everyone for the time to reply to this it really helps to hear from those who follow candidates closely. Unfortunately, I lack the time and knowledge to really understand what is said sometimes but am trying to learn as much as I can. I took a poitical sociology class and it was the best thing I could have done, I do not a professor who can teach that controversal class and please the students from both sides. Morningstar your blog really helped please keep in touch with updates. Everyone get out there and vote.

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Oh coffeebean, those college professors, they are each and every one of them, one of a kind. I remember in college there was one who called himself, "walks with trees" get real.

Some of them try to live back in the 60's, they have young impressionable brains in there hands, that is scary to me. Drives me insane.

Please just be your own person, take into consideration what you value most, not what some one tries to push on you. You are young but you are an intelligent being that can make decision when the right information is put in front of you. Just gather what you can and listen to what they have to say, they will eventually eliminate themselves when they open their mouths, LOL. Really, just learn what you can and make a decision from there.

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well I just seen the heat between hillary and obama. I yhink hillary is a big mouth and political corrupt she would never get my vote. obama was trying not to sling mud but she wouldnt let up and then accused him of changeing policy. im not sure he would do the white house justice at this time but id put my money on him before hillary the more i watch her the more i dislike her.

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I guess I have seen a lot of hatred for Hillary already so im counting her out. I watched how Mr. Clinton represented his wife and how he slammed on Obama. I dont appreciate that. Its all dirty slimy politics.

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The public mudslinging is much more tame than in the prior two centuries. The dirty tricks, carried out by surrogates not publicly sanctioned by the candidates (such as the push "polls" in SC) hark back to the days of old. The point I'm trying to make, is that the public bickering is quite civil. As far as the most recent democratic debate is concerned, it is a great example of experience--Clinton baited Obama, and he bit (he could learn a great deal about deflecting and countering, from Clinton). I am believing less and less in the debate forum as a quality method of thinning out the pack...it has become a means to produce a juicy soundbite; it is free (or low cost) advertising.

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Im ready to get off here so ill put my two cents in this section. election the time we spend to vote in the next four years worth of garbage. no one comes through with thier promises. the next one will be the first.

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OK. SC primary just wrapped up, and Obama won, so I figured now would be a good time to elaborate on my earlier post.

I believe he would be the "agent of change" for America, in two ways that no current candidate can match.

First, is my belief that Obama is the candidate most likely to appoint a mixed cabinet (consisting of liberals and conservatives). I imagine that few people doubt the wisdom of George Washington, and this was how he ran his administration. I do not want a president with chief advisers who feed the "decider" what he/she wants to hear, such a person is even less desirable when the "decider" chooses to ignore members once an unfavorable opinion has been given.

Second, is the ability of Obama to court the youth vote. The media has begun analyzing the vote, and it is apparent that Obama enjoys a substantial amount of support in the 18-29 year old demographic. This same demographic tends to be the most cynical and apathetic when government and elections are concerned. I believe that the American principal of democracy works better when more people vote, regardless of the ideology of the voters.

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On a cynical note, and applicable to any and all candidates: "change" is probably the oldest theme of campaigns, and it is most certainly the cheapest.

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