wheres the best place?

Submitted by Dadummy on Mon, 01/21/2008 - 18:21

wheres the best place to go for glasses and contacts? ive gotten glasses from a lot of places and not real satisfied with most of them i think the best pair ive had was wallmarts but they were cheap frames. can i take my prescription to another place to get frames? they are so expensive and i dont like hardly any of them.

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Well I don't see why you couldn't take your prescription to another place ti fill.It is your prescription. I got some at Walmart also.They were fine.The last ones I got from an eye dr at his office not walmart I did not like the way they made me see.For instance I have progressive lens and to see close up I had to hold them up to see through the bottom.They just did not line upo to where I looked through to right. if you can understand what I mean.I hate glasses anyway. Every pair my hubby gets the lens gets full of scratches.

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I would think you could take your prescription just about any where you wanted to fill it, do you have to pay for your glasses? This may be the only catch, you may pay more if you go out of network. The big thing will be if you have insurance that pays for them and what they allow. You don't want to have to pay out of pocket for something that should be covered. If you are insured or not, if you are not satisfied with the product, take it back, if the prescription is not right it could really mess up your eyes and you will have more invested trying to fix the damage or may not be able to fix it at all.

I am interested in the laser eye surgery myself, the cost is so high and it is not guarenteed to work, I will wait until they perfect the procedure a little more before I invest my money, my insurance will cover part of it, but there is still a big chunk of money to pay for when it is all said and done.

Dadummy, check with your insurance company if you have it and see what they have to say, they may let you go out of network and reimburse you the cost of the glasses. Goodluck, hope you find a good optometrist.

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You can also order them online if you have the right prescription, there are a lot of places online where you can get good prices, if you trust that they will be what you think you want.

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Ive been thinking about pennys I havent gone there yet. Im not real happy about this since my glasses arent even a year old and i need my sugar checked also for this. maybe ill end up at wallmart unless my pcp will refer me to a special eye doctor from my sugar, maybe my insurance will pay most of it.

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This is sooo funny.I am pictureing us looking at these frames on line .Trying to figure out how we get them fitted on line...lololol

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I think they do the selection and booking online. Then may be for the adjustments you have to visit the store. Just trying to find out. LOL

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Seriously, there are some good places on line to order your glasses once you have the prescription. I would think that you could take them to any glasses place and get them adjusted, they could adjust them for you, they will probably charge you a little fee. You would save a lot on line. You should really check it out. It is an option.

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Our insurance offers discounts for online purchase and some in store like sears optical and stores like that. Our eye insurance really is bad, it don't cover much at all.

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I did find out that it is a good option. Time saving. I will go for it when i buy the new one for mom.

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