Unique National Collection is listed in my CR. What to do?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 10/24/2007 - 20:24

I have a debt on my credit report from Unique National Collection, it is for a library fine. From my understanding, Unique Nat'l Collection does not accept payment, and I must deal with the library directly.

My question is, once I have the debt paid in full with the library, can I have Unique remove the item from my report entirely or does it simply goes into a "Paid/Closed" status? Should I talk to Unique first? Do I need the library to sign an agreement that says they are releasing me from this obligation?

Well first talk to Unique National Collections as they have reported to your account. If they want you to deal directly with the library then do so. Make the payments to the library and keep all the communications in record (in writing). After the debt is satisfied they will close their account and delete the reported item from your CR. If not, you have to ask them to do so.

Always remember that if a report is good then its better to keep it on your file but a negative report can be dropped by paying off the debt.

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Just to clarify, a negative report can be dropped by paying it off, but it is always a good idea to get the agreement in writing prior to making your payment. Follow up after payment is received for a paid in full letter.

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Dida mornignstar has mentioned a very important point. Please keep it in mind. Always keep record of any transaction.

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Dida (not verified)

Do I need to send certified mail or is keeping a copy of the letter I sent to Unique National Collection sufficient?

Can other negative items, such as past due credit card, be drop similarly by paying it off? I paid off the overdue amount, but negative item remains on my CR.

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Do I need to send certified mail or is keeping a copy of the letter I sent to Unique National Collection sufficient?

Please send a certified mail with request of return receipt.

Can other negative items, such as past due credit card, be drop similarly by paying it off? I paid off the overdue amount, but negative item remains on my CR.

If the account has been paid off and has a derogatory entry then it will take seven years to drop off. However you can send disputes to the bureau, call the credit card issuer and request to change the negative remark.

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smorrow86 (not verified)

how did you find Unique National Collections address? I looked at my credit report and saw them on there but there was no contact information

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You need to get in touch with the AG General's office. They will have the information if the company is a legitimate one

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Melanie Foehrkolb (not verified)

There is a collection on my credit from a library It is not mine I need to know how to fight this.

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Do you have any contact details mentioned there? If so then get in touch and find out. If not go ahead and dispute it with the credit bureau.

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Thanks a lot Stephanie. You did a great job. Would like to see you around more often.

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Nice find Stephanie. I am horrible with looking things up.

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Tiffster4 (not verified)

I "Googled" Unique National Collection and this site popped up. I found it to be very helpful especially since my situation is similar to Dida's. Also, I have to agree with Fred333; Stephanie really came through with providing such great information. I just called UNC and they were helpful in providing me with the info I requested to pay the library. Thank you again!

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Hi Tiffster,

Great to hear that our community has been of some help to you. Hope to see you here more often. It will be great to interact with you Tiffster. Do keep us posted regarding your problem and whether it is getting solved or no.

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Mari (not verified)

I dont understand why the library referred me to this collection agency, Im 100% positive that I returned those books. Is there any way to prove that and get them to get it off my credit?

Thank you!!

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Amber (not verified)

is UNC just for collecting library debts?

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Chad (not verified)

I needed that number as well for "so called library book" and that helped. I also learned that they like to send you to voicemail.

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Sharon (not verified)

Just wanted to say that I too put in UNC in the google search and found this site, which was very, very useful. Networking is the best. If I find any useful info when I call them I will pass it on.

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Thanks a lot Sharon for your efforts. We would really love to have you on the forums as a regular.

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stbcc (not verified)

This is what I found on the website of the collection company.

Under what conditions can we expunge an account from a patron's credit record?

According to our agreements with the credit bureaus, we can only expunge patron accounts in cases of bonafide error. For instance, we can expunge an account if the patron's materials were returned and not credited properly or if a patron's account has been incorrectly listed on another person's report. We can not expunge a patron's account as a condition of payment, nor can we expunge a patron's account because he or she moved without leaving a forwarding address.

Additional Note: It may take as long as 6-8 weeks for a patron's credit bureau report to be updated following an expunge or any other change to the patron's account. In the meantime, if a patron needs help securing a loan, UMS will do everything we can to help the patron. We can mail a letter to the patron or, with the patron's approval signature, we can provide updated information to the patron's creditors via telephone or fax.

It look like they don't clean up your cardit report even after you pay. has anyone able to make them clean up your cradit report? :shock:

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marie (not verified)

I have been searching for the number to this agency for over 2 years, thank you stephanie

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Michele (not verified)

I had checked out a library book but shortly therafter I had a serious medical injury that required medical care in a hopsital. After that I was hopsitalized over a half dozen times and when at home was forced into bedrest. Even though this went on for a few years, and I RETURNED THE ACTUAL BOOK TO THE LIBRARY, they continue to refuse to eliminate the fine.

To date, I am still disabled and living on a very small social security income. For most people the $37 dollars doesn't seem like much. But for me it is. I live on less than $200 per month, after housing costs, for all of my food, gas, medical costs, etc. Is there someone else besides the San Leandro Librarian, that I can plead my case to, to get this off my record?

Please help!

Michele Cardona

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what is up with the libraries now, I never heard of libraries going to this end to collect late fees.

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I know! Who would give their SSN to a libary?

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Taina (not verified)

I wanted to say thank you as well. I just called them with the information Stephanie gave and they were really great about providing information to pay them.

Apparently, the record will state that the collection is paid off and will be removed a year after that.

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I know my library has never asked for my SS number but I quit going a few years ago. Is this something new they started?

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Great to hear Tania, glad to see that you got help here, and thank you for coming here and giving us an update. It is always good to hear great news like this.

I hope you will consider registering and staying with us, your positive out come will help others.

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Hi Taina
"Paid off" listing does not improve your credit score. Although "Paid off" listing remains as a negative listing on your credit report, it prevents you from being sued to the court, because you have paid off the debt. To get a positive impact on your credit score after you pay off the debt, you should either go for pay for deletion agreement with the creditor in writing or you should ask the creditor to change the status of the listing from "paid off" to "paid as agreed".

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Justin, I was wondering how paid for delete would even help a person if the original creditor still lists the debt. Just say the original debt was bought by a junk collector and you paid it. Why even ask for the PFD? It may clear a line from your credit report but sicne the OC would still list the debt it really doesn't do any good does it?

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If you make a pay for deletion agreement with the collection agency, then the name of the collection agency will be removed from your report once you pay off the debt in full. However, it does not necessarily mean that the name of the original creditor will be removed from the credit report. The OC listing will stay in your report only if you can make a pay for deletion agreement with the OC.

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Yes, Justin is correct. The original creditor listing will stay in your credit report even if you make a PFD agreement with the CA. However, only if you can make the original creditor agree to recall the account to themselves from the CA and make them agree to pay for deletion, then only the OC listing will be removed from your report. However, it can be done only if the OC have given the CA the right to collect the debt and has not sold off the debt to the CA.

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Brazil (not verified)

Past due accounts with Unique Natl Collection agency can be paid off by sending payment to the above listed address or by going directly to the original creditor.

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Do you work with the company? And if the debt was sold I do not believe there is a chance in working with the original creditor. Usually once a company sells a bad debt they no longer want anything to do with it...especially if it is the original creditor because they have probaly already used it ( the bad debt) as a tax write-off.

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ChrisK (not verified)

Definitely have to agree - I found this site via Google, and called UNC using the phone number here. They were very helpful and considerate when I called - as far as collections agencies go, they are the good guys. I wish other agencies could aspire to their level of professionalism and courtesy.

I have nothing to do with this company, btw. I owe them $67. Them marking this on my credit report is a pain, but working with the company has not been thus far.

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BG (not verified)

After the fine is paid in full, it is suppose to stay on your credit for one year only. That is the agreement between the Credit Bureau and Unique Nation Collections.

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Any negative listing stays in your credit report for seven years from the date of the first missed payment. Even if you pay off the debt in full, it would stay in the credit report for seven years. The negative listing will go out of your report only if you come to a pay for deletion agreement with the original creditor before you make the payment.

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pineappleheart (not verified)

Everyone had such helpful comments and advice, so I wanted to share my experience, in hopes that it might help someone in the future. I received a Debt Collection Notice from Unique National Collections dated January 14th, 2008 for some overdue library books I COMPLETELY forgot that I still had. The bill was for $244. Needless to say, I was horrified. I received the notice on January 20th, and brought the books back to New York Public Library on the 21st (cash in hand -- didn't want to have to wait for a check to clear). Because I returned every item, my fine was reduced to $94 (still highway robbery, if you ask me, but much better than the original fine).

Today is the 22nd, and I just got off the phone with Becky at UNS (812-285-0886 -- thank you to the person who posted that number!), and she explained that the debt is not reported to credit agencies until 120 days from the date the collection request is issued, so my fine would not be reported, and would not affect my credit score. She said the payment should transfer to UNS within 3 working days, and that she could send me a letter from UNS comfirming that the fine had been paid in full. I will feel better once I have that actual letter in my hands (and I will be keeping it for a long time, should this ever come back to haunt me).

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I remember reading your original post. I am so glad this worked out well for you. We all over look things in todays busy world. It may have seemed like a high price to pay but it was better than waiting 7.5 years for it to fall off your credit report. Worked out fine.

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Amanda (not verified)

I had Unique National Collection on my credit report from a library fine...I paid off the fine through the library. Unique National Collection has acknowledged that it's paid off, but refuses to delete my information or remove it from my credit report.

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If you have delayed the fine for a period of six months, it is considered as delinquent and is reported to the credit bureaus. As per the Fair Credit reporting Act, any delinquent account will stay in your report for seven years from the date of your last missed payment, even if you pay it off in full.

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garnes, joshua (not verified)

I wouild like to take care of this bill please give me more infomation to
who I owe.

Sat, 03/14/2009 - 21:54 Permalink

To know the names of the creditors to whom you owe the debt, you should pull out your credit report and check it there. The names of the creditors will appear in your credit report against the outstanding debt. You can contact the creditor and pay it off.

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Diane (not verified)

I had a library turn my information over to Unique National Collections and I recall reporting the items the library is trying to charge me for as stolen to the Police. I remember that I contacted the library when the items had been stolen and was told by a tall gentleman working behind the desk to contact the local police dept. and when I did that the local Police Dept told me to get a list of items that were stolen and then report to them which I did yet I'm still being charged for those items I think that's a kettle of garbage.

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Hi Diane,

Do you have any proof that you had reported this to the police? If you have, then you can show this to the library. But in the meantime ask for a debt validation from the CA. Other than this you should contact an attorney too.

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Nika (not verified)

UNC told me that it will take a year exactly to get that off your report after you pay the library dues.

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Hi! Unique National Collection appears on my credit report as well. Long story short, it was a $200 library fine from 2008. The account is scheduled to continue on record until December, 2014. What exactly will happen to my credit report if I pay this off?

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