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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 10/30/2007 - 19:20

i got a call from the dinery group for a loan app, i did , who knows when? does anyone know anything about this company? are they legit?

mrscoolh2 (not verified)

no, its not dinero, but now i cannot find the website, i will look and get back with you, maybe i am totallywrong.

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Have not heard of either group, do you know what state they are based in, I could help you look for it. Have you tried looking them up on the better business bureau website, that is a good source to find out information on a company that you are not familiar with. It will also show you pending complaints or complements on the company as well.

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mrscoolh2 (not verified)

i found the website on this company
they are called dinary group

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Did you google it or did you find it on the Better Business Bureau?

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mrscoolh (not verified)

i just put that in, to see if it would come up as a business on a website, and it did, i am sure it would come up on google as well

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Well mrscoolh it is a scam. I guess this belongs to Canada. They are a scam as far as I read. They will ask for a $1000 collateral or deposit before they can send the money. Trust me you wont get anything but your money will be gone.

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Anonymous (not verified)

scam. stay far away from these people.

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mrscoolh2 (not verified)

thank yall, i knew it was too good to be true. they would not get 1000.00 from me, i have none. haha

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another scam, like there is not enough of these rotten companies around. I would never have enough money to invest in a scam. Although I have hit some pretty good lotteries from foriegn countries, if I just had the money to send them to get my winnings, LOL.

I am not making light of it, I get thoroughly disgusted when I see these scam artist pulling the wool over the eyes of folks that can't afford it or bleed a life savings out of an elderly person who has trust and confidence that these scams are for real, I guess they can be that convincing.

If you know of any scams you should report them to your attorney generals office immediately, here in Pennsylvania they are pretty active in protecting consumers against this type of activity, but they can't protect against what they don't know is out there, so if you have any doubt, report it. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't.

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mrscoolh2 (not verified)

i totally agree, and sometimes when you are so desperate, it is hard to keep from looking into them. i wish just once there was a real legal place to get a loan, that was not a payday loan.

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The prudent way to do things is to do the background check before investing time and money or borrowing money. It is very much necessary to do the homework before you actually do any dealings with money.

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You are right george and there are alot of ways to seek this information via the internet these days, so the information is essentially right at your fingertips.

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Sounds like some other people here have the information you need, some of these companies are known to take your money and run. This is especially true of companies that are operating overseas and just using a US address, many seniors get taken for a ride with these companies.

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ruth paquette (not verified)

any one out there that has been contact from the dinary group do not send them any money they keep your money and you dont get your loan. they do not give you a refund of the money you sent them.

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Thanks a lot for the warning Ruth. There are so many scams in the market. Have you been a victim of this company?

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Dinary Group is a scam. Ruth do tell us how they approached you or did you go to them unknowingly?

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Hello Ruth,

Just another scam. Be on alert folks.

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Hi Ruth, welcome to the forum, thank you for the warning on this company, I have not had any dealings with them but it is good to have people come on and post their experience with these rip off companies, you may have saved a few people the headache of what you have been through with them.

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Thats true Good.

We really appreciate any information on the scams happening around. Dinary group is another feather added to the scamming hat. We would love to have more information on this group.

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honest citizen (not verified)

Hello I was almost taken by the dinary group by looking at there web page I thought that they were a ligitit company. So I e-mailed them and then they called me and said that you have been pre approved for the loan amount of 15000 at 6.5 percent interest but first you need to give us 10% $1500 that was the first red flag 6.5 percent interest on a unsecured loan is better than most people with good credit get on a morgage loan. So I asked many questions and liked the answers that I was getting so I asked how do I make the payment arrangement?

He then asked for my bank information and I gave it to him I then said I will need two days to get the money he said call me back when you got it and we will get this done. So two days later I called him and said I had the money go ahead and take it out and he said that they don't take the money out of there they just put the loan in there within 24 hours of reciving your money western union. That through up the second red flag.
He gave me the name of a women and a canadian address and said now make sure that you do not tell the people from trans union that this is for a loan or they will charge you a loan tax. So after hanging up with them I called local trans union and asked how much the loan tax was and they said that there was no such thing.

So I called them back and said I was uneasy I just called trans union and they said that there was no such thing as a loan tax and they got tense and said that that is because they get charged it not me after talking to them for a while they said enough of the right thing to get me at ease again.

So I got into the car and went down to trans union and started getting ready to send the money as the lady was setting it up she saw that it was going to canada and asked if I new this person and I told her the story and she said DO NOT under any circumstaces send this money and gave me a web page to the advanced scam loan fees.

So I went home and got online and started looking it up there was lots of pissed off people out there at this company so I did my research and called Canada and US athorities and they gave me numbers after many phone calls I discovered that they did not have a license to do loans in eather the U.S or canada. So I called them and told them all this and he cunvinced me that they were lagit and sed that if I sent the money he would wire the money into my account within one hour So I called my bank and set something up with them and called them back and said this is what I want to do I have set it up with my bank that they will wire $1500 through the same account that they wired it to me through instantly and he had a mkillion reasons why this won't work.and said just do it are way and I promise that the money will be in your account within 1 hour. HE just kept insisting on me giving them the money I called one last time and said this is bull shit you guys are trying to still my money and went off on them they called me severalmore times and tryed to get me to do this until I finally threatened to call law inforcement for harrassment.

many wonder how do they get away with this it is simple they bank on you Lying on where you work and how much money you make so after they get your money and you don't get yours they tell you that you lied on your app. and if you want your money back fly up to Canada and file papers. (That where the western union number to Canada comes in in doing that any crimes that may have been commited will be in canadian jurisdiction) and in all realisticness all of us that are trying to get a loan from them hyave little or no money to do this.


after this it was a huge eye opener for me so I took the $1500 I was going to use for Dinary group and hired someone to FIX my credit and it worked after a few months I was able to get loans on my own without paying up front. EVERYONE THAT READS THIS e-mail me at personal info deleted for safety reasons and I wil tell you all for free several very inportant thigns to fix your credit that I payed $1599 for all of it you can do yourself for free and I would love to help.

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Oh my God Honest Citizen,

You have been extremely lucky. Sometimes it is necessary to follow your guts.

Thanks a lot for extending that supporting hand. I am sure many need your help here and they will always come back to you for help. Thank you again for sharing the story.

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