Debt validation: How to validate your debt with the creditor

Submitted by Davy Dany on Fri, 02/02/2007 - 06:35

If I send a debt validation letter will it restart the time the debt can be reported on my credit report?

Lussac (not verified)

No Davy, sending a debt validation letter does not restart the time debt can be reported on your credit report.

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Debt validation does not renew the SOL timeframe. It also doesn't extend the reporting time period for a debt. The negative info stays for seven years from the date of first default.

If any collection agency tries to change the date of last activity, they are re-aging your account for hurting your credit for longer period. This is a violation of the FCRA.

If this is the case, send dispute letters to the CA as well as the CRA and get the item corrected. Show them proof of your last payment done. They will have to fix the errors. Or else, you have the rights to sue them on charges of FCRA violations.


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What if you don't have proof of your last payment, I have one that says I made a payment that I know that I did not make. Since I did not make the payment, I have no proof. I asked them to send me proof of the payment and they have failed to do so. This matter is coming up for arbitration soon. I have stacks of requests that I sent certified via return reciept requested and they simply have ignored or refused to provide me proof of said payment. I am hoping that the arbitrators will look at this and see that the only thing the said payment does is attempt to reage this debt.

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goodnature....its not your job to prove anything... they have to prove it... bring all of your bank statements to the hearing....

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Thanks Sun, I am hoping that the arbitrators see it that way, I need to call today and see what is up with this thing.

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I think you will find that this is the case goodnatured, you will get to give your side.

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Yes good you will get the chance to give your side as well but you have to be really well armed to take whatever they fire on you. Be patient and calm...things work fine that way. Keep us posted. Did you give them a call? Got your date for the arbitration? What about the lawyer..could you get in touch with him?

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Hi Flowers,

This is a sample letter for account re aging in this forum itself. To visit click the link reaging accounts

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Goodluck goodnatured, I hope this all works out for you. Hopefully it will all end in your favor.

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That is a tough situation. Good luck with evertyhing. Make sure to let us know what happens.

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Hopefully you will be able to get this all straightened out eventually, as you have been told here it is not your job to prove anything, they have the burden of proof and if they did not provide it, they probably don't have it. I think you will come out shining on this one.

When you show the many times that you have requested the information this should clue the arbitration team in also, I am sure that they have been through this before and know what to look for. These collectors are snakes, they probably did not think that you would take it this far, they probably thought that you would buckle and pay up. Good for you for standing up for yourself, if more people would do this, it would stop the greedy collector in their shoes.

Please keep the forum updated on this so we can all learn from your experience.

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No and if it did you would have them on a violation which is a sure deletion or $1,000! Just don't make any payments on it. Include a C&D (cease and desist) clause in your Debt Validation letter.

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RockinIt (not verified)

I went to FL on Vacation and had a misscarriage. I had to go the hospital. I'm coved under health insurance in MA because it's a state law but I'm not covered out of State. I sat in the Largo Medical Center for 3 hours before I was given a room. They did blood work when I first arrived. They detected HCG which is a hormone that is released when you are pregnant. The blood work showed that I was approx. 5 weeks pregnant.
They gave me a pap. Which I expected! Then they gave me an Ultra sound that showed no results. They gave me again another one, again no results. They insisted on giving me an internal Ultra sound, and once again no results. They weren't able to see the baby. Then they said the the reason was because I was only 5 weeks pregnant and the baby wasn't big enough. They sent me home with absolutely no results. They told me they predicting I was having a miscarriage. Which I already knew I went in there and told them "I think I'm having a miscarriage". They didn't have to give me a DNC or anything. Before I could leave the hospital they made me pay something or they wouldn't release me. I paid 60 bucks on my debit card.

Then I started recieving bills. I refuse to pay for radiology on 3 ultra sounds when they already knew they weren't going to get results. And I refuse to pay for readings of untrasounds and tests that I was never given the outcome of. How do I know that some doctor months later didn't grab my file, look at my tests and put his name on it? Give me a break.

They wrote me saying that is was going to be put on my credit report. So I figured that was that. Now West Asset Management is trying to collect on it. I figure they bought the debt. But I've written them a cease contact letter andd I'm disputing the debt. If it goes to court I can prove that my blood work said I was only 5 weeks pregnant and I can prove I paid 60 bucks. What do you think my chances would be of getting the radiology portion of the bill knocked off? If they even can legally sue me.

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Not real sure what they can do at this point, I have never heard of medical bills being sued on, but who knows these days, seems they are all selling their bills to collection agencies and then those bloodhounds come after you and charge you out the ying yang in intrest.

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That is about the truth. I haven't been sued for a couple med bills on my report but they aren't that much either. I kind of doubt they can do much because I don't think on medical bills you can add interest and that probaly makes them less desirable to debt collecting blood hounds.

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