did you see the news about the 5 year old?

Submitted by Dadummy on Thu, 01/24/2008 - 21:19

did anyone see on the news about that five year old hitchhikeing? where is these parents while this is happening they should be arrested for child endangerment. I cant believe this kind of crap happens and its like its no big deal. whats up with this am I the only one this bothers?

When did this happen? I did not hear about it? Was it on the news? Sorry I am clueless about it.

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Da could you tell us what happened? We are not aware.

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That is a crazy story. Could you send us a link to the story?

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I never heard anything either, dadummy are you going to tell us more about this?

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I did not hear anything either, wish dadummy would come by and update us.

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I did not hear anything either, wish dadummy would come by and update us.

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I read about it I can not believe that a 5 year old now days even thinks about running away from home or knows how to hitch hike to school. There is something seriously wrong going on in that child's upbringing that he even has these thoughts. 5 year olds should be thinking so many other things.

I understand Mom was searching and calling the police but what worries me is that you have a spat with a 5 year old and this child is running away at that age
The background into this family needs looked into and this Mom needs to be in therapy with this kid before she does end up actually running away.

The news story by the way can be found here

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Police learned during the interview that the girl had been given a ride and was dropped off before another motorist picked her up and dropped her off at the nearest school.

Seems the mother was concerned and looking for her, but why would she not call the police instead of the newspaper, that is strange, I would have called the police.

Was the mother charged in this case, has anyone seen any followup reports. wonder why kids go missing?????????????

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Thanks phonex I did not know how to find the article for them I seen it on the news. I agree on the conseling but id like to know is there other siblings and how about a father? this mom took long enough from what i heard they said a concerned passing motorist called the police when they seen the child hitchhikeing. Im not sure on any of it only what was on the news but in any case that child should not of been hitching a ride for any reason, I think some situations a good butt kicking is in order and this might be one of those times.

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