Phone number for unifund, collection agency

Submitted by Padawan73 on Fri, 02/01/2008 - 20:30

I am trying to find a number for Unifund, 10625 Techwood Circle, Cincinnati OH 452422846. Its a collection agency. Please advise.

As of this past November, it was 888-489-8877. Their Fax is 513-489-7511...

Just a word about them.... THEY ARE SCUM.... They jacked one of my old cards from 750 to 3,500... They told me they were willing to settle for 3,100... I told them that was very noble.... How generous..

Whatever you do, keep everything in writing with these yo yo's...

ALSO... they have a sister company by the name of National Check Bureau... They are on the same street (if not same addy) if I remember correctly...They had one of my old cards and bounced it back and forth to their shell companies... increasing the "value"


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