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Know what a pet Peeve is?Its something that really gets under your skin. What is your very worst Pet peeve you can think of. Something that really erks you to no end. Like for instance,you are in a hurry and standing in a grocery store check out lane.The person in front of you waits till she is all checked out to open her purse and start fumbling around looking for her check book! That is one of my Pet Peeves.

Distortions of fact, or outright lies. For example, I hate when I hear people say that our laws are based in the Ten Commandments, or attribute "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism," to Thomas Jefferson.

I feel your pain hb, that is why I go late at night 99% of the time.

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Mine would have to be phone surveys, hate them and they really think that you are rude when you refuse to take them. I recently did one on health care that lasted for 13 minutes, waaaaaaaaaay toooooooo long. You don't really get to give your opinion because they have the questions formatted in such a way that you have to give one of thier answers.

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You could have fun with them.
Somehow, I ended up being called by a telemarketer for a get rich quick scheme (the type that are featured on late night TV). The call lasted for over 45 minutes because I kept asking questions about 1099s, health insurance, 401(k)'s...I had a bit of free time on my hands that day, it was very hard to keep from laughing. The salesperson really thought he had me hooked...

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wew, you must have had time on your hands and a whole lot of patience.
They would have been in heaven I guess, so they probably work off of a commission and getting paid for every sucker that they could lure in.

I have seen some really goofy late night ads on, they are going to the stranger side of life and on the local network to boot, these are things that I would expect to see on the paid channels.

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I did that once to a telemarketer. I was on the no call list.I ask him if he was a telemarketer.He was really upset by the time I got through with him.I did turn him in too.

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Patience? No, I was having too much fun. I'd been in the hospital for almost three weeks when it happened.

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Me too! thats why i signed up for the no call list.Don't you have one of those where you are.Since I signed up I have only had one caller and that was years ago.I love it.

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Mine has to be when people call you for information and then when you go to get it to them, they say, wait they have to get something to write on and a pen. Now if you are calling for information shouldn't you have this information ready before you call, please do if you are calling me, thank you! LOL

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Thats a good one Lunchtime,that goes right up there with the woman in line at the grocery.

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I figure if I call you for something I am going to have something to write down the information that you give me right? Thing is our phone rings off the hook at work and while they are looking for a pen, I have messages building up. :twisted:

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Oh my biggest pet peeve has to be people taking kids to appointments, just today it happened again. A two year old is running around out of control and ends up falling down and cracking his head pretty hard on the floor, needless to say he is screaming his head off. I wanted to say, this is a public place, we work here, we are on the phone with clients, employers and other business contacts.
I don’t mind children at all, I have the crayons and blocks at my desk for them to play with and often offer them to them if I know the wait will be long at all, however the parents that just let their kids run all through the building, scream and yell and carry on, it just irritates the crap out of me.

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Grocery stores don't count do they goodnatured????? Now there is a place where people let kids get out of control. I have always been lucky with mine, they do not act up in public, but I have heard a child scream the whole time I have been shopping. I have to wonder at what point do you say, enough is enough, maybe the other people here don't want to hear all this noise and just leave if your child is that upset. Many, Many of the people don't care, they will tolerate the screaming, like they are deaf to it the whole way through the store.

Usually it is because the kid wants something and they are not purchasing it. Throw the darn thing in the cart already and then put it back if you have too. LOL. Anything, just shut them up already. I would leave if my child would be screaming the way I hear some of them going off, a few times having to stay home would cure it if they are old enough to understand consequences.

I too love kids, but you should always remember that the whole world has to deal with who you are raising, so try to think about the rest of us, PLEASE?

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Well I was a telemarketer for 2 years of my life! I say I must be manipulative because people will talk to me on the phone whether they want to or not. I think its my upbeat personality and hyper go lucky personality. Then I would get to the sales pitch and of course would not lie and the people would have spent so much time listening to me that they either new it was a deal or not. However, if it was not a deal I would have let them know but I am one in a few. Sometimes, talking to a telemarketer is fun and worth while listening to because they actually may have a deal.

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Pet Peeve, the little thing that gets under your skin, LOL. I have more than one, so here is another.
Because this just happened to me today, several times. People who purposely listen to your conversation and then have million questions afterwards. If you are going to be nosey and listen, listen to the whole darn thing so I don’t have to repeat myself. There is a lady who has been coming in for a few days now, she will pause what she is doing, listen to just about everything that I am telling someone else and then she starts with her ten to twenty questions. When I offer her more information, she is not interested at all. It is getting under my skin, baaaaaaad. I have offered her workshops and etc, she has turned absolutely everything down. I deal with people with issues everyday, it is very time consuming when someone who does not really want to do anything consumes your time, could be better spent on someone else who truly wants to move on and get their life together. When you work with the public though, your doors are open to all kinds.

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I got you on this one, what type of work do you do? I work in an employment center, my main population is supposed to be veterans, but I work with any one who needs help. It is very frustrating when you feel like you are wasting your time and that there are others you could be helping if this person would find something and stick to it, or do their soul searching else where. We have a young lady who says she has been looking for work, well she comes to me today and says, I have to get a job with in two days or I am out of the program. Well, hello, what the heck you been doing for the last seven weeks? I have seen here around our building, not really looking for work, now all of a sudden it is a big emergency. Yeah, ok! Let me get right on it M’am.

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I have a lot of pet peeves and its not that im a snob or think im better in any way but here are a few things that really erk me to no end.
someone burping in my face at least turn your head.
people who know it all especially when you talk about something and theve been there done that how can one person have been in every situation that the whole world has been in.
people who delibertly watch for you to make a mistake so they can correct you are they that bored.
people who dont feed thier kids or thier animals. if they dont want them dont have them.
people who thinks the world owes them a liveing. I was at the post office one day and the welfare checks were late the people were wineing and complaining they would have to make an extra trip. I suppose thats why they went to the cards so those people wouldnt have to wait like the working people.
these are just a few ill feedback some more later I get on a role with these kind of things.

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That is just plain rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Burping in the face.

Yeah, those welfare checks better not be late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

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Pet peeve/ My kids yelling for me to come here and then they don't really want anything but to tell me something.Why could they not come to me?
Pet peeve/ People in the grocery store standing in the aisles talking and talking and you can't get by.

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I thought i wrote on this subject but apparently i missed it somewhere. I hate when people act like they didnt know they were short on money and have to put stuff back, then look back at you like unless you want to help. there are a lot of people who really could use some help but then theres those who use it to thier advantage.

also I cant stand people who have been everywhere and done everything. or try to tell you what to do all the time. heres an example, I have a good income and can take care of myself fine I dont need help on the other hand the rest of my family are not so sufficient they are always needing something but they all talk to me like i cant be on my own and I need them to tell me how to live. I think they should take care of thier lives and they would have plenty to worry about and let me live my life how I want to.

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Well we can post as many pet peeves as we want to here.I am sure we have many. But I do remember reading this pet peeve before just maybe worded different.My pet peeve is people who can't remember if they have posted in a thread and go back and post the same thing I am only kidding Dadummy,I just had to say that though ,it was so funny I could not pass it by. Please laugh with

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I hate seeing people working with food that have hair hanging all over them or cough without covering thier mouth.
I dont like people coughing with out covering thier mouth thats how all these viruses keep going if you cant stay home protect yourself and others by covering your mouth.

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