what are you doing for sb

Submitted by Dadummy on Sun, 02/03/2008 - 19:10

whats everyone doing for superbowl Im haveing a party and watching the scores since im in a few pools. we always get together and bet among ourselves I really dont care who wins just so my numbers come out foe the winning combonation. we will have pizza dips wings and pasta salad plus drinks. I will have water of course.there are so many people saying the patriots are gonna win by a landslide so I guess ill hope for Ny Giants. I would laugh if the giants won by a landslide I bet a lot of people would lose a bundle on it. lol

who will win is the big question anyone want to make a guess on the score? im saying giants 28 patriots 35

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I don't really care who wins, I just want my quarter numbers to win, so I will be watching the end of quarter scores very closely. come on numbers!!

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geez I lost my money on super bowl"" should I cry or just write a lot more on here to make it up. lol

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Write more here to make up for it, I LOST too, I do it every stinking year!!!! I swear that every year I am not going to put anything into and stupid me, I do it.

All the drunks in the bars win!!!!

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