Some good info from the FTC

Submitted by cbass1017 on Mon, 02/04/2008 - 04:25

I just wanted to share an article that was published on the FTC's website about credit repair. It wouldn't hurt to check it out.

I don't really care for companies that try to get people to pay a fee to monitor your credit when people can do it on their own. I hope this helps some people! :D Enjoy...

I think if someone really wants to help you there is no up front charge. if they ask for money you know your not in thier best interest.

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Awesome post, keep it up!!!!!!! need more like this.

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I think this is one good link here. Thanks Scott, i learned a lot.

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Thank you for a very useful link, alot of good information there on how to do it yourself, I hope you will post some more like this.

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I think this was one of the most useful links that I have seen on here, it really goes into detail in plain english, easy to understand. I too want to thank you for a great link.

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I appreciate all of the posative feedback. I only wish I could give advice that useful on a daily basis but I do what I can. Actually after reading that article I decided to place a link to it directly in plain view on my homepage so I guess I am giving it on a daily basis! There is a lot of excellent advice on this forum and I enjoy giving back when I can.

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Its great to have you here Scott. The information provided by you are extremely helpful for all of us here.

Self help in credit repair is good but we should be aware of the scams as well.

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