Request for HELP - LOST Account Numbers of CREDIT CARDS

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Dear Friends,

I am in a unique situation and I am looking for help for 1 year. I was cheated by one Debt Consolidation lasy year.

Here is my situation -

1. I had few credit cards during my graduate studies in maryland. I maintained good credit history for almost 2 years and paid payments on time. I had one Auto Loan (Major Debt and paid 80% of Debt) and other credit cards which I paid and closed the accounts.

2. After Graduation, My Financial Situation Changed and I was NOT able to pay on time and slowly my credit history is going down. For past 4 years, I am NOT using any credit cards and trying to bring my credit score to some level. My Credit Score is 610 now.

Recently I ordered my credit report from Equifax and other 2 credit bureuas. Only Equifax reported some accounts that I am not aware. I closed 3 credits cards. I was not knowledgeable enough at that time to get a letter from them that I paid as agreed. Now, All those Closed accounts never showed up in my Credit Reports.

Now, I need some help from all of you -

How can I get the Account Number of my some of Other Credit Cards that were Lost in Past 4 years? I greatly appreciate if someone can help me or give me some pointers in getting this information?

How can I find out Original Creditors and account Balances?

Why other credit Reporting Burueas Does not have any record of mine?

I clearly 40% of my Debt so far and I am trying all my best to repay the remaining Debt, but Don't know where to start?

Where Can I get the information - related to any judgement on my file?

I have a debt total of US$ 6000.00 maximum and I have ability to pay these in 6 months now. Do I still need to go with Credit Repair Clinics or Debt Consolidation Companies.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Waiting for a Position Response.


The first thing we need to figure out here is the issue with the account you say you are not aware of . How are they reporting. For instance are they showing up as account paid as agreed and closed, charge offs . These may be the accounts you are refering to . If you are unsure ,dispute the acounts if they come back as verified . Then fire back with a debt validation letter.Samples of these letters can be found on this site. Once you gather this information you can go from there . Best of LUCK .

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Hi Arka,

Can you give the details of the report so that we can see it here?

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Anonymous (not verified)

Thanks Fasfeed and Laura,

I am new to this forum. Please advise me how to award point to people who respond. I travel in and out of USA to my home country due to my parents medical condition.

I went to and order 3-in-1 credit report, Only equifax has the report.

I can write here -

NCO FIN/22 "No Account Number on File" Balance =>2475.00
Status => 120 + past due

wach/stbk "No Account Number on File" Balance =>0.0
Status => bad debt/collection

Bank of America "No Account Number on File" Balance =>0.0
Status => bad debt/collection

Discover Card "No Account Number on File" Balance =>0.0
Status => Ok . I paid the entire amount

Uni Tel FCu "No Account Number on File" Balance =>2633
Status => bad debt/collection

I never had Bank of america or Wachovia credit cards. If I remember it correctly, I used to have MBNA, American Express and Discover Card and I also paid Capital one credit card.

I appreciate if you can help me.

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When you say only Equifax has the report, do you mean these accounts are only on Equifax or that ALL your accounts are only with Equifax?

I would begin by disputing them with the credit agency first. That's easy, can be done online, and if the information is as vague as this, shouldn't be a problem weeding out what's right or not. Once they weed out the bad stuff, then you can contact the companies directly (via mail) with a debt validation letter and they'll give you all the info they have. Once you are certain it's yours, it should be easy to simply pay off and be done.

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