credit repair companies?

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Has anyone heard anything about credit repair companies? R they effective? I see a bunch online. How will I know which to use?

There is pretty much nothing they can do for you, that you cannot do for yourself.

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What they do for you for $2000 can be done by you yourself without wasting that money.

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If you need to repair credit do it yourself.

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I called one just the other day, and they told me that they can run a report that shows more detail than the equifax 3 in 1 report shows.

This doesn't seem right to me, can someone clarify which is true, that the equifax report is complete, or that the repair person can get more info?

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Plain and simple the repair companies try to bundle and you fall prey to it. Well frankly speaking there is no other proper report that can be given to you but by Experian. They are the agencies who keep your track record and thus will always have the up to date report. You are also getting the free offers right?

Apart from that you do get one free credit report every year from the credit bureaus. So why spend money on empty promises?

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Free offers? For credit repair? Nope Haven't gotten any of them yet.
And thanks for the reply, I didn't think they could get any more detailed reports than I could.

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No I meant free credit reports not offers from them. :)

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Yeah I have been getting them and using them. Thanks

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This is how I am trying to deal with repairing MY credit. Of course, you have to obtain your Credit Reports. Look to see which ones are deliquent and 'out of date'. 'Out of date' ..I mean which ones are pretty old ones. THOSE ones you should 'dispute' ( to get them taken off). The' older' the deliquent account, the higher chance you can gt them to get taken off. I did that, and a few ( negative ) accounts were taken off. have some ( negative ones ) that will 'drop off' by a cretain date. That will raise your score, a bit, too. My point is.............instead of paying a Credit Repair Company ( that " promises you the moon" and asks for "payments" you don't have anyway), you can use that money to payoff different things. If you 'do-it-yourself', you can repair your credit at YOUR 'pace', NOT the "credit Repair Company. Hope this helps.

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Yeah actually it does, thanks :)

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Just want to add ( and I add stuff all the time..LOL ) I just read a few 'Credit Repair Comapny' ads. It says, " you can raise your score by 200 points, within 30 days". As I was reading the ad, it says you can buy an " amazing book that shows you how to do this"...this 'amazing book' was a 'measly' $90.00!! Instead of buying this book, you can pay some debt with it!! "Rome wasn't built in a day"...start small with paying off debt.

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Seriously Wendy, I feel gladdened to see your effort to solve problems.

As I was reading the ad, it says you can buy an " amazing book that shows you how to do this"...this 'amazing book' was a 'measly' $90.00!! Instead of buying this book, you can pay some debt with it!! "Rome wasn't built in a day"...start small with paying off debt.

Great suggestion.

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Even let me add something here :)

How can someone promise of increasing the score by 200? Do they know how the bureaus work and calculate? I doubt these false ads.

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OVGuillermo (not verified)

Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information.
Good site ! ;)

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Laura......positive comments from you!! Is SOO wonderful!! Sometimes, when I look at my CR, 'as a whole', can get overwhelming!! But...if I look at a 'piece at a time, and solve those pieces, as I go', it doesn't seem so bad. Does that make sense? OH.........gotta say this!! I posted something about Cash Call ( I think some of you remember). I wanted to try and call them to ( Maybe??) work something out with them ( on MY terms). I was looking on the Web, for a address, phone, etc. When I recieved this loan ( November, of last year) they were listed, on the Web, as 'Cash Call'. NOW, and I looked this up yesterday, they are listed as 'Cash Call Payday Loan'. They have SEVERAL 'ads'..but, NOT ONE says JUST 'Cash Call' anymore. ALL of them read, 'Cash Call Payday Loan.' I don't know if some of you remember Gary Coleman......he played Arnold, on 'Different Strokes'. Gary Coleman 'promotes' a commercial for Cash Call. One of the ads, I saw, on the Web was about Gary Coleman promoting 'Cash Call Payday Loan'.....NOT 'CashCall'. question is, if Cash Call is NOW listed this way, wouldn't they be considered a PDL now????? ( WHEW!! That was alot to say..LOL)

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What a pathetic condition....payday loans are being advertised for. This can be termed as robbery in broad daylight.

Can we support this cause?

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Credit Company (not verified)

There are some good credit repair companies out there. You have to do your home work and check them out. A good credit repair company will in fact do what you can do yourself. The only difference is that they have a staff that stays on the credit bureaus daily on your behalf. Fixing credit is not as easy as people make it sound. If it was everybody would be doing it. Unfortunately some bad apples have made the industry look bad. I am not putting my company info in this ad because this information is to help and not advertise us. Credit Bureaus are member organizations and their members are big business. They are not designed to help you. You have to help yourself. Rome was not built in a day so run from companies offering new socials, and quick solutions. I hope this helps out a little.

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They can promise 200 points because of how they work. If you are serious enough about your credit suddenly to start paying attention to it, then you ARE going to see a score increase. By the end of the 90 days or 6 months or 1 year of your contract with them, your score is probably going to be higher simply because you haven't had any new lates, you have resolved some old debt and are conscious of the results of your actions.

It reminds me of those ads for diet pills - take this magic pill and lose weight, BUT you are CONSCIOUS of wanting to lose weight, so you eat less and exercise more and BAM you lose weight - WOW those pills REALLY WORK!

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great observation ISM, and I totally agree if we take personal responsibility and pay our bills on time, the credit scoring will take care of itself, it is a billion dollar industry trying to help people do what they could very easily do themselves, just by paying attention like you said. If it takes writing it down every month and using a calender then do it, what ever it takes, you can do what these companies do and save a ton a money which could go toward paying off your bills.

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WOW!! 'ISM'.....what a concept. Does make sense!! Well.....being a single mom, with bills ( like everyone else) CAN be overwhelming. just have to deal with things 'one at a time'. Things DO work out, if 'you' give an effort. NOTHING falls in people's lap.

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I really appreciate the way you have defined it ISM. I like it. We are the best help. Even if we use a credit repair company it will be our seriousness that will ultimately bring any change if at all.

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Yes they are a bad idea. A few template letters and envelopes are all you need aside from certified mail with RETURN RECEIPT!

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Hi Diem,

If you have it would be really good to see sample letters here. I have tried to write a few, i think you might have seen already. It would be great to see more. That would be really helpful.

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I got a few calls, in the past 2 days, on so-called 'Credit Repair Comapnies'. Don't REALLY recall the name of them, but, one just INSISTS that I "apllied for a quote and 'they' were calling me back with one." I kept telling 'them' I never called for any quote. One company kept asking me to "verify information with them, so, they could make sure they had the right person." Oh good grief!! Seems with ANY call I may get ( CA's, credit cards,etc.) they want me to "verify" stuff. I don't think so!!

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