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I searched and did not find anything about this here. A 1-2 punch can be a VERY useful tool in getting deletions. It adds an extra punch to the disputing process.

Basically, you need to send a validation letter to the collection agency certified mail return receipt. When you get the green card back, immediately go dispute the listing on your credit report as "Not mine" or whatever may apply to you. They are not allowed to verify anything with the CRAs before sending you PROPER VALIDATION. If they do, you have them on a violation which then could be followed up with an ITS letter (Intent to Sue). That is generally enough to get a deletion, and if it doesn't, you send one more ITS and tell them your prepared to sue for $1,000 (max allowed).

If you anyone wants further information let me know. If you need sample letters let me know. 8)

This is my first time hearing of this. I am interested in recieving more information. Is this something as to which you have tried in the past ,and what has been the affectiveness of doing it this way. How long does it take for a collection agency to validate a debt and return a response back to you and cant they just speed up the process. Always open to new suggestions.

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When I was repairing my credit, this was the most beneficial thing to me. I had a couple verify with the CRAs that the information was correct (one being Afni) without ever responding to my request for validation. I sent Afni a firm intent to sue letter demanding deletion by a date or further action would be taken. It was removed. I also emailed their legal staff from addresses I found online.

The CA has 30 days to properly validate. Disputes with CRAs generally last 30 days as long as you dont call in with new information. They can then add another 15 days stating you have added new information, even if you haven't. Better not to contact them during disputes.

Thing is, for relatively old CAs or collections that have been passed on to Junk Debt buyers, they can't provide proper validation. One of their tricky techniques is to say they sent you a letter that you didnt respond to. That doesn't matter. They may send you a letter asking for more information such as ssn# etc, but as long as you provide the account # they are just stalling. Ignore it. 30 days have passed, you can assume the debt is not valid.

If they verify with the CRAs and don't validate, it's time for the ITS. A firm ITS. It's gonna be deleted or they are paying you $1,000.

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