Sample letter for collectors after 7 years

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Junk Debt Collector
City, State Zip

Informed recipient
City, State Zip


Certified Return Receipt Mail No.: _____________

Re: Your Inquiry dated ____: your file # _____

Mr. Scumbag :

I received a letter from your office on (DATE) over an alleged debt from (Year)with (Alleged Creditor/Utility Company). I have no knowlege about a past due amount owed to (Alleged Creditor/Utility Company).

Under (ENTER YOUR STATE) State Code the subject account has a (#)year limit for filing any legal action or collection.

The starting date of this statute of limitations being either, the date of the last mutual activity, or the date of first default with the ORIGINAL CREDITOR of the subject account. The ORIGINAL CREDITOR being VERIZON, which you stated in your dunning letter to me dated mm/dd/yyyy.

This notification is formal notice to you that any filing of such action by you, or your representatives or assigns, is therefore time-barred.

What you are attempting to do is clear, and continued collection activities, including reporting, verification or insertion of accounts, beyond their legal collection date, to any consumer credit reporting agency, may be considered extortion and/or fraud and subject to criminal as well as civil prosecution.

Please note that proof of your receipt of this notice may be used by me or my legal representative in further action.

Since this alleged debt is clearly past the legal time frame for continued collection activity, you will cease any further contact with me.

You are not to sell, transfer, assign, or share any information about me or this alleged debt with anyone else.

My name here

******** I have tons of letters. This is a FOAD letter. I raised my score from around 440 to 690 in a couple months. I totally cleaned my report by playing hardball.

This is soo helpful. I hope people get across this. This will benefit many because there are people who need the samples to write letters.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Thanks Laura, you have very helpful posts as well. I have a briefcase full of letters I hope to post in one single thread eventually, pending approval from the mods.

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Thanks Laura, you have very helpful posts as well. I have a briefcase full of letters I hope to post in one single thread eventually, pending approval from the mods.

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george mawhinney (not verified)

i am trying to get a sample letter to send to collectors and toask who they represent ie collecting for (as my collectors havechanged 3 or4 times recently)
and also if a company goes bust who should i pay after

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Hi George Mawhinney
The best way to check whether your debt has been sold off to the collection agency or not is to send a debt validation letter to them. The CA must validate your debt within 30 days of receiving your letter else you need not pay them. However, if they can validate the debt, you should come to a repayment agreement to pay back the debt. Validating the debt means that the CA must prove that the debt has been sold to him. You can find sample debt validation letters in this forum itself. You can visit this link to get a DV letter.

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mary, how about the ones who do not validate with in the 30 days or not at all and then still take you to court? Can you show the judge that you asked them to validate and they did not? What would happen from there/

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Hi Fireyone
If the collection agency do not validate the debt within 30 days from the date of receipt of your letter, then it means that the CA does not have the proper authorization to collect your debt and so he could not validate it. Hence you are not liable for the debt to that collection agency. Even if they sue you to the court to bring judgment against you, the judgment will be in your favor only if you have written document in support of your claim that you have asked for debt validation. So you should always send debt validation letter by certified mail.

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I agree, I send my validation letters certified mail, return receipt requested.

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That is good to know. With the ways debt collecotrs trample over peoples rights I wondered if there was a way they could get a way with not validating. I see now why it is important to ask for debt validation by certified ,mail. Thanks.

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You got that right, they tramp and tramp and some don't stop until you are down right sick of them.

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I am just saying I think it is fair that if they don't validate or even refuse to and then still take you to court then they can n ot collect. Is it too late to validate the debt once they send you the summons? I knw this is part of your defense right? You would think you would still have the right to debt validation at any point even in court. Shouldn't that be the first thing the judge should look at before continuing with the haering.
Kind of like a tilte to the car. If I am suing you for a 2008 mustang and I don't have the tilte to it then I can't get it from you. So if they don't own the debt then they can not collect. I would think even when they go to file a summons they should have proof they own the debt before bothering someone.

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Just got a dun… (not verified)

Hi, can we send a combination Verify & Time-Barred SOL letter?

Or is it more wise to send them separately?

Frankly, I'd like to send a Cease/Desist, Verify, & SOL all-in-one letter but that may not be smart.

This letter came out of the blue & the debt is sooo old I cant even remember the details. I "think" it may be from 1998 or even earlier, which is why I'm having trouble remembering.

The CA is "Stoneleigh Recovery Asdociates" & they say prior debt owner was Oliphant Financial; & that the ORIGINAL debt was with FNANB. I can vaguely/barely remember any FNANB.

Yet I cannot even find a website for a bank named FNANB to try to jog my memory. What I found was that FNANB was for Circuit City credit cards, but I don't remember ever having a Circuit City credit card (that is not somewhere I ever shopped).

Other google searches say FNANB later turned into Fleet -- whatever that is I have no idea -- & then later on, Fleet turned into Providian/Emerge.

I've never heard of Emerge, though I did have a Providian card that was bought out by WaMu, & then WaMu was bought out by Chase; & I still have that card in good standing always, so that can't be the same card as this supposed old FNANB debt.

The CA's letter says if I want validation of debt I would have to reply within 30 days or they will consider the debt valid. Since I only pick up mail every few weeks (who does paper mail anymore? I get all my bills online), their 30-day limit is up too soon for me to reply within their deadline.

I hear that 30-day thing does not apply in all states, but I don't know if it applies in Fla or not.

Anyhow, that CA is dreaming if they think I'm going to mess with them re a debt that is so old I can't even remember any facts or details.

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Steda (not verified)

I got the same letter as "Just got a dunning" from same people she received her letter from. Going to send a very, very simple time barred letter and start off by disputing the debt. That way, if they try anything else........!!!! Some experts say to ignore, others say to send time barred letters, very simple ones. Not to acknowledge the debt, but dispute it! The letter was sent to me under my old name as I have been remarried for twenty years. If I had had my glasses on, I wouldn't have opened the thing and had the Post Office send it back, returned one lives here by that name!!!

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matzcrorkz (not verified)

f01PRN I truly appreciate this post.Thanks Again. Will read on...

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crorkz matz (not verified)

bKbHnG A big thank you for your blog post.Much thanks again. Will read on...

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spanishwomenssp (not verified)

Even Cupid wants to know your credit score

As she nibbled on strawberry shortcake, Jessica LaShawn, A flight worker from Chicago, Tried not to get ahead of herself and imagine this first date being another and another, and maybe, in due course, A glimmering diamond ring and happily ever after.

She simply couldn help it to, nevertheless. with, He was tall in height, From a christian family, Raised by his grandma and grandpa just as she was, Worked in finance and in many cute spanish girls had great teeth.

Her musings were suddenly interrupted when her date asked a decidedly unromantic question: to your credit rating? Was as if the music stopped, LaShawn, 31, says, Recalling how the date this year went so wrong so quickly after she tried to fill out his question honestly.

Was really awkward because he kept telling me that I was the top girl for him, But that a low credit was his deal breaker. credit ranking, Once a disconcerting metric derived from a complex formula that incorporates outstanding debt and payment histories, Has become incredibly important number used to bestow credit, Determine housing and even distinguish between job candidates.

It so traditionally that it has also become a bigger factor in dating decisions, Sometimes eclipsing classical priorities like a good job, Shared pursuit and physical chemistry. That according to interviews with more than 50 daters in the uk, All younger than 40.

Scores are like the dating equivalent of a sexually transmitted disease test, asserted Manisha Thakor, The founder and chief executive of MoneyZen Wealth Management, a fiscal advisory firm. A shorthand way to get a sense of someone financial past the same way an STD test gives some information about a person sexual past. Difficult to quantify how many daters factor credit ratings into their romantic calculations, But finance planners, Marriage counselors and dating site executives all said that they were hearing far more concerns about credit than previously.

Getting twice as many queries about credit scores as I did prerecession, Thakor cited.

Executives who run online financial advice forums say that topics about credit and dating receive hundreds of responses in minutes of being posted.

The only grade that matters after you graduate, She celebrity fad.

Josephine La bella, 25, workers,who are your employees at a payroll company, Likes to tackle the fragile subject head on. La bella swan, Who has vigilantly monitored her consumer credit rating since graduating from Rutgers in 2009, Has found that broaching the topic of her own credit score causes her suitors to open up, in the process. rather than making things more awkward, She being said, A really successful discussion followed. ever since then, La Bella tries to bring up the topic soon after finding someone.

Take my credit score seriously and so my date can take me seriously, She suggested.

a bit of small, Online dating websites have sprung up to cater specifically to singles searching for a partner with a tiptop credit score.

Dating someone with poor credit can have real significances. Banks remain wary of making loans to borrowers with damaged scores, naturally 660 and below; The best scores vary from 800 to 850, And scores above 750 are believed good. A low score could quash dreams of buying a house and result in steep prices of interest, Up to 29 pct, For debit cards, Car financing and other unsecured car loans.

A middling credit score can also torpedo an application for an apartment and drive up the cost of cellphone plans and vehicle insurance. glasses are designed eight states, Including colorado, Illinois and baltimore, Have passed laws limiting employers ability to use credit checks when assessing job candidates, 13 percent of employers surveyed by the Society of Human Resource Management in July performed credit checks on all career seekers.

Lauren Dollard, A 26 year old assistant at a charitable in Houston, Said her low credit history had helped to stall her romantic plans. Her boyfriend is wary of marrying her until she can sufficiently pay down the more than $150,000 she owes in student loans and bolster her credit score, She said.

Dollard credit score is so low, in the market 600, That she hasn been able to a candidate for a car loan. She sympathizes with her boyfriend position because he ever want to be to blame for the irresponsible financial decision I made, She asserted. Her boyfriend declined to be surveyed.

david Hendrix, A 33 year old chemist in frisco, Said he worried that the vast disparity between his girlfriend credit score and his own low one could create tension in their romanntic relationship. When the couple leased a car in October, Hendrix had to leave his name off the contract because his poor credit scuttled his chances for the bargain interest rate that his girlfriend qualified for.

Hendrix said he resented that his credit ranking, Which he said was marred by a single competitive cable bill, Has limited his the ways to access credit.

Always pay my bills so it pretty ridiculous that a billing error can ruin your score, he was quoted saying. His girlfriend declined to be surveyed.

sarah Klein, Who copes with myFICO Forums, An online controversy group, Likens credit ratings. to dieting because both affect dating but often are shrouded in secrecy. To motivate members to openly discuss and rehabilitate their credit scores, The site runs an online contest referred to as myFICO Fitness Challenge, Where participants try to improve their scores. (FICO is a name based on Fair Isaac Corp.) yr after, at least 24,000 members was.

In a post regarding forum, One member asked for advice after finding out that her boyfriend credit score rating hovered around 400. Some members denounced the member as petty and materialistic whilst others counseled her to run away from him.

LaShawn, The flight worker from Chicago, Said that she was still shocked that her credit rating could sabotage a potentially great date. She had accumulated credit cards debt and sporadically fallen behind on bills, And explained that she wasn sure of her credit ratings but was positive that it wasn very good.

Days after her was unable date, She assumed, She got an apologetic text. Her date reiterated that the situation me, It was my consumer credit. 2012, The san francisco Times News Service

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James Mcneil (not verified)

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