bounced checks fees for old checks.

Submitted by hlb1974 on Wed, 02/20/2008 - 22:52

my now husband bounced 3-4 checks about four years ago, and because i was on the account they are now on my credit report, i called to pay them off the 34.00 thatwas on my credit report but they daid i now owe 134.00 becaue it was over 100 days ago. is this true?

It may be true in THEIR eyes. I need some more information before I can go much further. Are you trying to pay the bank or a collection agency?

Even if you pay it, it will still remain on the credit report. If it's a collection agency, you should send them a pay for delete:

I'd venture to say he is also now in chexsystem? Yuck! Let me know if its a collection agency or the bank itself and I can give you appropriate advice!

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Unfortunately most banks have in their fee schedules that if you leave an account overdrawn for more than a few days you will start to pay a daily fee until it is resolved or closed.

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I've had one overdrawn account before in the amount of $732.00 when I was 18 and didn't incur daily fee's thank god.

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