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How to remove wrong personal information from my credit reports, i.e. wrong names, addresses, ssn etc ? any suggestions? sample letters? thank you

Wrong names, addresses, and ssn? Are you sure your not a victim of some nasty foul play?

That said, you can go into the dispute process to remove names and addresses. Please realize, if any tradelines are connected to those deleted addresses, you will lose them and they will be lost from your credit file.

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Directions for disputing incorrect information (names, addys, DOB, SSN...) are found on each credit bureau's websites, it takes a little bit of time, but it is not a difficult process.

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guestHI (not verified)

Yes, Diem, I am a victim. My close relative (who is now deceased) used my ssn and ruined my credit history. I checked my credit report and found around 7 negative entries that do not belong to me along with wrong names, ssn, addresses etc. Since it happened between 2004-2006 and the fact that the person is now deceased makes me wonder how can I clean my history. Any help? Any suggestions? Thank you guys

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I'm personally not TOO experienced in that area, but I can tell you that there is hope around the corner. I believe you will need to file a police report with the authorities to even get the credit reporting agencies to consider removing the tradelines. There is a process, and I will search for it later. You might even give one a call and see what they can tell you. Your better off filing now since they are deceased as they cannot face fraud charges as they otherwise would.

I'm sorry to hear about your family loss and struggle. We all have them. Also sorry to hear about your misfortune. How long ago was this? It should all disappear after 7 years.

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guestHI (not verified)

these strange entries begin in 2004 and continue until 2006, when the relative passed away. So, it should dissapear by 2011, but I don't want to wait so long. Unfortunately I have not checked my credit report for long time as I lived overseas, and learned all these just few months ago. Would you have sample letters that I could send to the agencies or collectors? Thanks a lot

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guestHI (not verified)

thank you morningstar! I also have several cell phone accounts opened under my name with outstanding amounts (while I was living overseas), some sent to collection agencies. how to deal with those? thanks again for your help guys!

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Sorry to hear this happened. Just curious, can you file a police report if the relative is ALREADY deceased? I don't mean to sound 'rude'. I mean, of course, if someone else was using your personal info, I WOULD do SOMETHING. But, what do you do, in THIS case?

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guestHI (not verified)

Yes, sdchargers_63 , I also wonder how to address this problem. How can I file a police report if the person is deceased?! There should be some other solution. So, maybe someone has any idea? any suggestion for me? anybody had similar situation?

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I am completely surprised and do not know what to say. But I will read on this issue and find out if there are prior cases similar to this. I have heard of ghosting i.e identity theft of a dead person, and also the medical identity theft where the thief dies and the victim is handed bills for operations that never happened to him.

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guestHI (not verified)

Thank you Laura. Looking forward to hear any update from you. Any help is a great help in my case!

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I believe a celluar account can be handled in the same manner as a credit card.

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I own a CC (with a very low credit limit). There is a 'product' you can buy along with having a card. If any checks my credit, I'm alerted right away. I pay $5 per month for this and I think it's worth it!! I don't know if I can 'reveal' the name of the CC company, but, I was just trying to let people know there are CC's out there that help the consumer be alerted.

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