"Help With A Collection"

Submitted by sugar5 on Sat, 02/23/2008 - 11:21

I want to know about a old child support collection. Do a child support collection falls off of your credit report in 7 years like any other collection on your credit.

Yes. The child support collection will fall off 7 years from the date it was filed.

Hope that helps.

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meka (not verified)

if it is paid you can dispute it with the cb to have them remove this off of your report

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Meka yes you can dispute it, but they don't just remove paid collections. No sir they don't. Many and I mean many places will still verify the debt existed thus it will remain on your file. If only it were that easy.

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Anonymous (not verified)

she is right i just tried and they verified it. they will just have to fall off. this year.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Was it paid, and is it a judgment? Different rules may apply.

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Diem is right, although you have paid the account in full and it has been seven years now just means that it will still be on your record however, chances are by this point you would have accumulated better credit to out weigh your old existing child support account.

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No i did not pay it and its due to come off in jun 2006 and yes i have 5 other good credit reporting sources but this child support and other collections out weigh my good right now. I have one credit card that i have had for 6 years with no missed payments and that still is not over weighing child support.

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This mark will be on your credit report until the judgment expires.

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