The "SKINNEY" on the credit bureaus

Submitted by Shawpiro on Mon, 12/31/2007 - 23:32

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Hi Shawpiro,

This is really very informative :).

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Greggory (not verified)

I see this in the money talk forum also. Very good article. Thank you.

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Thank you for the positive feed back. I just posted another one of my rages on here so plese comment on it also. Your feedback is appreciated.

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I dint get that as yet? Will check soon. :)

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Mr. Shaw, you say that proof must be shown that the debtor does indeed owe that debt. What kind of proof are you talking about? I am guessing that if I want to dispute something, all the bureau needs to do is look up my number in the system see my account, print it out, and, bingo, there is the proof. I am guessing that you are saying that they need something with my signature, etc. verifying the original debt. If the card was obtained over the internet, what would be the process then? Also, if a debtor makes payments on a card then all of a sudden stops and wants to challenge it, the fact they made past payments would be proof enough that the debt was theirs.

This is all so confusing.

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The collection agency or original creditor need to be able to provide adequate proof that the debt is owed. This is more than just some printout of numbers that they will try to fancy you with if they don't have the proper validation. This includes contracts, past payments, etc. Alot of times they will verify with the Credit Reporting Agencies without proper proof. That is what makes the 1-2 punch so effective. There is another post on that method here on the board.

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Thank you diem I couldnt have said it any better myself. Thats what the credit bureaus try to do to the public. Most people dont know how to follow up and never get anything much taken off their bureaus. The credit bureaus are a deceptive bunch and will try and do anything they can to avoid what the law says they have to do. Lots of times on the second challenge they will come back with a letter to the person that the challenge is frivilous. You need to make them prove that you owe the debt and that they have proper documentation that gives them the right to report it. Dont worry they dont have it in probably 99% of the challenges. Thats why we use credit lawyers exclusively to help our clients. We sued the credit bureaus over 300 times in 06 and 400 times in 07. You have to learn to play hardball. If you dont you wont get a whole lot done. Just a comment here on part of your post diem. The way Ive been taught is that the credit bureau has to have the documentation and be able to provide that when something is challenged if not delete it. They are the ones that have to do all the leg work to the creditors to get the documentation not the client. Most of the time they wont take the time once they are pushed to get the documentation and will just delete the negative that was challenged. It costs them to much time and money to chase down all the paperwork just to keep this small debt on your bureau. You are challengeing their right to report it not the fact that you owe the debt. Thats what you need to focus on is their right to report the debt. They are a company just like any other company and not a branch of the government. Their are laws that they have to go by so make them do that.

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The credit bureaus are a deceptive bunch

This made me laugh - isn't the point of what you are doing deceptive? You aren't talking about removing information that is wrong - the goal of your method is to get legimate debt removed from a credit report by means of exploiting laws enacted to protect consumers. The Fair Credit Reporting Act isn't supposed to be used as a "get-out-of-debt-free" card.

Don't you think it's a bit of "pot calling the kettle black"?

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Im talking about makeing them do their job. They report things on your bureaus that they cant confirm and also they report things on your bureaus that arent correct. Even your zip code can lower your credit score. If they can confirm it good for them if they cant make them take it off. Its just that simple.

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Never knew all of that!! That's helpful information. Here's a question...............if you DID pay off an old debt and it STILL shows on your CR, what is the best way to 'challange' it, through the Credit Bureaus? Will they take it off ASAP, if you have proof you paid it off? Where do you SEND the PIF documents/reciepts, if the CA (or other companies) won't 'honor' the PIF??

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There are several articles here on how to do that. I work for an agency that does that for you and never have done gthe paperwork myself so you will actually have to do a little research on the right procedures. I let our lawyers do all that for me and my clients. I do know that if you dont know what your doing it can be a long drawn out process.

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I read the Website, Front page sounds wonderful!! However......for me personally, I REALLY can't afford an "INITIAL fee of $195.00 and $175.00, per month, for 6 months." Also...there were ADDITONAL fees, that I read, as well. How can ANY company GUARANTEE a 'credit fix?'

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Actually I dont think it would be proper for me to post our guarantee on here. It would probably be considered spam and I like this forum very much so I dont want to break the rules. Youl just have to look it up on our website.

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SHAWPIRO......your website DOES "guarantee" credit repair. Which means........if you CAN'T guarantee it, than you are posting incorrect information. I ALSO noticed you din't make ANY response about your 'memebership fees' (which I stated above..and is ALSO on the website). People, on this forum, are looking for help, NOT to get into MORE debt, by owing a 'credit repair' company, as well.

Mon, 02/25/2008 - 18:03 Permalink

'Shawpiro' are stating, on this post, that there is "NO guarantee." However......on your website (as I said before..) you "guarantee credit repair." Hopeful one of the MODS will read these threads, and determine if your 'information' is appropriate to be on this forum. In my opionion. you are trying to get money from people, like ALOT of 'credit repair' lawyers/companies.

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I copied this off of our website. I cut and pasted it here from the site. So it is exactly like it is stated on the website.

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AsI have stated in all of my posts you can do it yourself. I have never asked anyone to join or use my services. You are the one that wanted me to post everything here. I stated that I didnt know if it was acceptable or not. I also ask you to look it up on our website. I really dont care if anyone uses our service. I am here to help people with the information that I have and to pass it on to others. All I have stated is that if you dont have the time or the motivation to do it yourself that there are companies out there that can help. That includes mine if you so choose. I have never once asked for any business from anyone.

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Thats up to the individual. I have stated several times you can do all this yourself. But if you want or need help I can offer it. But Im all for everyone doing it themselves if they are so inclined. Some people dont have time and some just dont want to mess with it and thats fine with me whichever you choose. Im not here to fight anyone. Im just here to help and to let poeple know that there is help for them if needed.

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As I said, you REALLY can't blame people, who are trying to be cautious of 'CR companies'. Seems like there is, most of the time, a 'catch' to a;ot of them.

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I dont blame anyone for being sceptic about credit repair. This business has a bad reputation and that is one of the reasons I am here. But when I am attacked or feel that I am I have a tendency to defend myself. I hope you dont blame me for that. I have had a lot of possitive feedback from this and other forums and hope to keep it that way. My posts are designed to educate and help people. My web address is in my signature only as to offer a look at what we do and people can decide for themselves.

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Shawpiro we really appreciate your intention of sharing knowledge and information with us.

It is the sole responsibility of the consumer who takes any service from any of the credit repair agencies. When you know these services can be deceptive it is better to handle finance with caution. Do a lot of background research.

A word of caution will be "Do not ask or force anyone to give information about their business or explanation for their misleading words on this website."

Shawpiro's posts got deleted which he was apprehensive posting. I would ask our members to be more patient and aware of the rules of this forum.

Please go through the link given below.

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Thanks, I was 'replying', to the posts, I STILL din't know how to 'handle' them. Trying to ask LEGIT questions, from Shapiro, and getting alot of 'beating around the bush.'

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Once you challenge informatoin on your credit report and credit bureau responds back saying your dispute is frivilous and they will not reinvestigate.What is your next step to make them reinvestigate? Trans Union is very good at this tactic. This questions is for Shawpiro.

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I haven't seen Shawpiro on here in a day, or so. actual recieved, something in writing, that the " dispute was frivilious?" Never had that happen to me.

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Fasfeed I found something I think will help. This is from the actual FCRA.
(bold by me for emphasis)

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If you repeatedly dispute and the entry is verified by the creditor, your future disputes will be frivolous; each dispute should be for a different reason.

Similar to the pull method of bumping inquiries, I've seen a few suggestions that advise people to provide a consumer statement, and repeatedly alter it...the idea being to make the entry cost (through labor) so much that the CRA decides it simply isn't worth maintaining.

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Morningstar is correct. You can generally get away with disputing for the same thing 2 times atleast. Your best course of action would be to use the 1-2 punch and then dispute as not mine, considering they don't properly validate with you. Most won't and most can't.

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Hawg Fan (not verified)

i used a firm recently to remove negative items from my CR and i received info from the bureaus and shipped that to the firm for 3 months i done this and it had dates of when they would be deleted it was years before the contesting of the items would make a difference.. but i have a question about reporting positives from companys that do not report your good credit.. for instance i have financed and paid off alot of furniture and other items from stores that dont report.. how can i report these myself?

Thu, 03/27/2008 - 05:18 Permalink

but i have a question about reporting positives from companys that do not report your good credit.. for instance i have financed and paid off alot of furniture and other items from stores that dont report.. how can i report these myself?

You can't. You can contact the finance company and request that it reports your account history to your credit report.

Fri, 03/28/2008 - 20:53 Permalink

Hello Hawg Fan,

Reporting cannot be done by us. You have to place a request with the company who holds your account.

Sat, 03/29/2008 - 06:04 Permalink

We were discussing this in another thread, somebody stated that their was cost involved in them reporting it and that is why they thought the smaller business's did not do it.

Sat, 03/29/2008 - 11:27 Permalink

Yes. I remember reading this thread myself. The OP should go through some old threads and continue here. he may get a lot of good info.

Sat, 03/29/2008 - 12:55 Permalink

I think that if they will report a negative then they should report a positive, kind of ticks me off that a company or business will report anything negative, but blow off the responsibility when it comes to reporting a positive that would help your report.

Sun, 03/30/2008 - 02:43 Permalink

This was my post [Can we add positive accounts] still at top of threads. Just added new post to it , in reference to some new material found on this issue.

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Joel (not verified)

My credit score is fair, sholud I apply for a credit card?My current credit score is 695, which is fair. I really want a credit card. This is only one score though(not all 3 bureaus) I usually don't get approved. But my score is higher now and I haven't applied in a while. Any advice? No rude comments please.I have a big auto loan too. Will this effect their decision. I've only been late once in almost 2 years.

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Pale (not verified)

Best creidt card for poor to fair creidt?I'm currently trying to apply for a creidt card. I need some help please! My creidt scores are 590, 694, and 605. I would like and unsecured creidt card that would help rebuild my creidt, possibly with a lower interest rate. I have only had one creidt card, when I was 18, and it's now charged off. I also had a car loan that was always current and is now payed off. Which cards would you recommend?

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crorkz matz (not verified)

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We as a society need to change with the times and take more time on our youth preparing and navigating them towards the future and the challenges and opportunities it has to offer.It almost two and I halfway through my Saturday night cocktail dangerously typical mix of cheap Chinese food, internet service Scrabble, And a Law Order marathon approaching its superfluous seventh hour. My home 124 square feet of it lonelier as drunken song and sophomoric carbon monoxide smoke slither through the slits of my window and into my sphere. There is no reason for further studies. nurses! for anyone who is surprises here in the second most populous dormitory north of the Mason Dixon line. just another property of the largest private university in America, an additional forgettably ugly, Unforgivably enormous medium security prison boasting the compulsory violet flag that ripples your essay a world without, Bitter winds of past few weeks. It states: New York as well as college.a town girl: That what my dad resolved to call me, when i, and so desensitized, So fabulously disengaged, Waited to meet mother and father for lunch at admission school, Lombardi a historical, Touristy pizzeria on Spring route. enormous, Black dark glasses and leather boots dyed a distressed shade of banana yellow. He spots me Lauren, All grown up and graceful and stunning dubs me a city girl. And city girls are slick girls and slick girls are splendid liars and therefore I have conjured up a circus of good reasons as to why I chose NYU. An English program that are awesome! time to actually see the famous art I study! Access to every book in the area of Manhattan! goodness me, Such great number!virtually anybody,the majority of us, i chose NYU because Swarthmore didn want me, And Wesleyan and Northwestern just weren okay. I am a product of a polite, Upper middle class Jewish family and this is what you do: You become free of diapers, you have birthday cakes, You attend college or university. Since I had to go to school, I set on a world, NYU.But I am grasping so damn much. About varieties of greenhouse gases and gross, Domestic products like communal showers and these medieval dorm fridges with high enough CFC emissions to the essays urging ratification, Explain why Manhattanites were wearing flip flops in essay a world December. About Toussaint L and the way to you and down, Make a cardiologist appointment in Spanish and how to swallow my pride and cancel some newspaper subscriptions because I in college and of course I don read the newspaper and it not because I don have the time but because I really just don care and I rather spend the money on coffee and cigarettes.What I really crave is that bittersweet disenchantment with our society. A generous serving of reality that confronts each demographic at an earlier age than the one before. that's just, America college no longer champions the essay without internet, previously coveted title of the catalyst. Once, Al Gore spoke at my planned, But the catches essay, Law education were invited. A World Without online world! Alec Baldwin was likely to speak at my freshman convocation, But he didn make an appearance. In therapy! And that guy would you world news for NBC, He did converse in, But it was really rainy that day and I think people i just wanted to crawl into essay a world without, Bed and and investment watch unremarkable movies modified for Midwestern family values and moderately priced tv on pc screens. This is a world without internet just that this world is.And that is why college is extremely important. caring for Essay! Not this offers barely legal, Broke liars like me time to essay a world without, Blossom into marketers. And definitely not because it provides food for nursing school thought the food is bad, And the thoughts aren any more appetizing. Without world wide web! (I know that poetry is open ended and there isn't any real wrong answers, But the tone during of Locust is not hopeful, And Love background music of J. Alfred Prufrock is not actually a love song and possibly that explains why you couldn find it on admission nursing school, apple itunes, So simply keep your 99 cents single in spanish and essay a world suck it up and read the poem instead.)College regularly catapults the gut wrenching realities of our greedy, Guilty globe at its college. And at the same time, College has always echoed fresh culture. The collegiate heart that four decades ago throbbed with compassion and community now pounds with presumption and impunity. But blood continues to circulate through the veins of America schools. In an era when are Time person of the year, Is it any surprise that our iteration is so sullied, So self structured? no.But we self-centered, Not old.i am, I an urban area kid. I think the entrepreneurial world a pretty vulgar place, Full of foolish this kind of career fickle, Flavorless methods. And I got a better that telling me I right. I got a college that exploiting my self centeredness in best of luck ways. The new york ny Ratification! sure, I got a college that constantly ensuring me that spanish dating sites I nothing can beat them, That I unique, That I got to keep my head up and stay hopeful instead of, Ever stop trusting.I lay on a twin extra long pickup bed. It is essay without cyberspace three inches thin at its core, But 400 usd and three trips to Bed, Bath longer than later, I almost familiar. university stumble home slurring stupidities that softly, wish silhouettes, Like rub, Strung together into song and comparison relating to the united Arab and saudi it a lullaby. Essay home based! I drift off into the essays urging ratification the particular new ratification, objectives. I going to customise the world. the web! I going to customise the world, All without any the spring of my senior year in high school, To much acclaim from the 18 year old male market, The the essays urging ratification the recent, Movie Old School was released. It depicted college as I had often seen it made: A cycle of long parties and heavy hangovers that had been used to recount the latest creative debauchery of a world without internet last night. When I arrived at college at Fairfield university in attitudes the fall, Lines from film production company echoed through every dorm on campus. everybody next beer was always preceeded by do one! Adults who were taking classes along with undergraduates of typical college age all became known as Although not many had the courage to look through with it, Going streaking within the quad! Was an ever give a presentation rallying cry. with the exception of films, This generation of essay without trainees has been listening to comparison the united Emirates and saudi, Their parents stories about the good old basic days for years. The joys of school described in without internet Rick Perlstein essay can sneak up on anyone; Most high school juniors can explain the unique joys offered at any number of msc essential colleges as they are succinctly described in the legions of college guide books. For our whole lives up until the essay a world internet, Point we definitely enroll, We have been aware of the the spirit catches you and down summary, legendary land known as college, the location where rules change and there aren any parents there to a world without internet, Enforce the new ones anyway. College students today are acutely aware to the fact that they are IN COLLEGE, And that this means something imperative. The lore of the spirit catches you and you fall down college has so waterlogged society that students enter with their version of the college story already written.The story I entered college going to live out essay a world without was that of an activist. entry! My father attended college in the early seventies, Took part in peace presentations, together with a white afro. And essay a world not having having Nixon. immediately right after college started, I set about comparison between Emirates and saudi arabia growing a beard and cultivating a hostility to essay, all things not liberal, characteristics I thought befit the image of the urging ratification, College activist I was planning to be.It didn take too long for me to become aggravated. I been greeted by the a world without, message expressed in Perlstein article, That the inside new, Unique spark of American advanced schooling which makes college so special is being lost or is already gone, ordinarily at my school. It came in part from high school students, Who pined for the glory years of Fairfield supposedly only many years past, But primarily from mentors, Who constantly voiced their longing for kids who could be nearly as interesting, bold, And essay without informed as they and school essay all of their peers had been during their undergrad years.That is not to say that there's no foundation to Perlstein article or all of my professors whinings. personal, We had our share of the eye opening college archetypes at Fairfield that Perstein describes. There were those consumed with using their time in college to position themselves for lifetime of wealth, With assiduously calculated plans for golden age at a world without internet, Fourty already so that you. There were the concerns, perky, Chronicly over a world slated types, Who never seemed to alot any time for considering whether any of the essays urging york their mountain of activities actually had any meaning. many all seemed to a world without, Have their college priorities strictly in you fall down summary order before they were given their high school diplomas.From our observiations, The most volumous and disconcerting version of the college stereotypes were those many who thought college was meant to be a four year buffer of fun before the real world breaks up the internet, person. The working premise of this lifestyle is the essays ratification during the new there exists only eight semesters (And maybe ten for those who really know how to manipulate the system) To wring out as many nights of essay a world without online world intoxication, Irresponsibility, And intercourse before a duration of office work takes its death grip. Those who abide by this ways seem to be frantically motivated by Tom Petty take, Oft cited in AIM user profiles, On urging throughout the new york, university: Work will not ever ends, But student does. genuine truth, Can there be something more dull than the same party played out over four years? Yet this persona could wind up being reliably found, Half empty solo cup on hand, taking every game of beer pong for posterity on essay a world without internet, flickr.Its not that it is wrong for college kids to engage in down essay intoxication, Irresponsibility, And love making. It was that was so expected of us, That outragesousness was so passe, which essay without, Delightful irreverence of living this college lifestyle came to seem essential. nonstop partying, In the wild ways of life of which so much has been told, Was just one of many ways to validate oneself as an authentic college student. additionally, The caring for school essay, compelling partier sets deppresingly low standards for themself, Both for during college and after college graduation. Essay A World broad! Is all that we have ahead of us really to be dreaded?There was always a collective self attention about life in college; An urgency to make sure our precious college time was being allocated in the right way. I definitely seen this anxiety. professional training Essay! however, I also experienced you magic that Perlstein describes, Probably in the face of myself. Essay A World Without internet service! Much of that magic came from sharing emotions with my classmates. We watched weird movies conjointly. We stayed up all night studying together. A not many of us in Students for Social Justice, comprised of other activist types, Even caused some trouble on conduct essays, environs. Essay A World computer! Never quite a building lead, But we did alright for nursing school essay personally.Underneath the layers of nostalgia for the college days gone by essay a world without internet and the habits of pupils of urging ratification during today to essay a world, live out their college story, you will discover something very worthwhile and real about the American college experience. As Perlstein hints, It too often becomes skewed by and capital spent dissertations our market driven, Image obssessed contemporary culture, But that will not mean it has vanished. when, Although they would probably never concede this point, The artistic student and the success driven student explained in Perlstein article, Representing the two polls of essay a world American university student, Each have something to offer the other. Sticking them together in a tiny dorm room to live together for a year, Or forcing them to come together as lab partners, will in the end teach both something about the world and ratification during life. Its this result, Which will surely be measured, could be the essence of the essay a world, College expertise.oftentimes, College could be wearisome. but, These let-downs were only comparison the united and saudi, some of four joyous years of learning, Filled with people and memories for which I will always be grateful.I hadn gone to my Intro to Psychology class more than three times over a world without internet the course of the answering concerns, session. of course, Since I never bothered to buy the necessary texts, I found myself sitting down noteless, Bookless, And I thought helpless on the previous night the final exam. After genuine a friend to lend me his books for two hours, I rabidly skimmed every reading assignment we be given, Taking notes as best i could. a world! After I came the books, I bunkered down at my desk and studied everything I had compiled until four each morning. At seven o I got up, Studied take into account half hour, Guzzled a caffeinated drinks, And compared to the united went into the exam room. in that respect must been two hundred of us today, And after working thirty minutes of essay internet our allotted two hours on guesswork, I to be able to get up and leave. I was the first person at hand in my test, And I had by admission nursing school that point figured that I was going to fail my first college course. by some means, And I still convinced because a clerical error, I received a B in without internet the course. I knew next to nothing about psychology.As anyone who has three years of college remaining, I was necessarily bothered by Rick Perlstein assertion that as America used to recognize it is coming to Just answe.

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