1-2 Punch??? can someone reiterate what this means please???

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i keep reading about the '1-2 punch' in the postings about disputing items and i'd just like some clarification what this means please. i have 4 negative items on each of the 3 major credit bureaus, all of them between 5-6yrs old. i'd like to get these removed myself w/out having to pay for credit repair(would like to purchase house in next 2yrs). i've only tried disputing once before, which was a few months ago with trans union. it was a car repo back in 04/02. i believe i used the 'not mine' reason and received a reply from t/u stating the repo was validated as mine and any further disputes would be considered frivolous. so i'd like this '1-2 punch' everyone keeps mentioning explained please so i can have better results next time, hopefully!!!
p.s, i thought these cb's only had 30days to validate? i ask because i think i read on t/u's website it said they have up to 45 days???[/b]

Sending a DV letter to a CA, while disputing with the credit bureaus.

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I can't recall exactly, but I think they only have 30 days depending on a set of circumstances. I'll have to research that.

You send a DV letter to the collection agency via USPS certified mail WITH return receipt. Once you get the green card back, immediately go dispute with the credit bureaus.

Don't let them tell you it's frivilous. If they do, there are some letters you can send to them in regards to that. They MUST request verification from the collection agencies. Alot of times you will see items come back verified in a day or two, especially with TU.

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1)...is this 'green card' the ca's the actual validation of debt or just a receipt that the ca received the letter?

2)...diem, i think you posted a reply to a similar question recently,but if the ca doesn't respond is this where i send the 2nd letter to ca about the 'in no way have you provided proof that i owe..."and threatening suit?

3)...if i get lucky and the ca never provides proof, am i supposed to do anything with the crdt bur's at this point?

4)...these letters you mention about tu saying things are frivolous, i've tried finding them on this forum, do you happen to have a link?
thanks again for all your time!!!

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