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Hi everybody,
I'd like to ask you guys if anyone has a sample of a letter I could send to Credit Agencies to remove my misspelled names from my credit report. My name is misspelled in a few different ways and recorded as "other names" on the credit report. Thank you

Star, this doesn't have to be technical at all. Just a simple "I am writing you this letter to provide the correct spelling of my name and asking that you remove all others. I have enclosed a copy of my state ID/birth certificate as verification of the correct spelling."

Just simply mail that addressed to the dispute department and they should take care of the rest. By providing a copy of your ID or birth certificate you will be speeding up the process by eliminating any research from the credit bureaus. When disputing anything on your credit you should enclose proof to your claims for a faster response.

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Hi Star,

Do follow cbass' example and I am sure that would help. These issues do not have sample letters, just a little of your effort helps. Make sure you send certified mail.

Take a copy of your report and mark the mistakes. Attach the proof of correct name as mentioned by cbass.

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Thanks a lot guys,
That's exactly what I will be doing today! Great help.

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One more thing guys, maybe two. First, there are few wrong addresses as well ( I never lived there); what proof should I attach as a supporting document that I never lived there? And second, I tried Experian web site doesn't support on-line dispute of misspelled names. Would you have there mailing address?
Thanks a million

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Often these wrong names and addresses stay on your report. Anytime you apply for credit, the request is sent to the agency. All the information you typed in, or the store clerk typed in, is added to your report. That's how they know where you work, etc. Anytime your name is misspelled, or the wrong address entered, the agency keeps that record.

It's rarely a big deal, so don't sweat it ;)

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I have a couple wrong spellings and address on mine..hasn't ever posed a problem.

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Nope, they will still account for you by your social security number, name spelling although it would be nice to have it all straightened out, really does not matter. I would not sweat it.

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I looked at my report and one of my has a middle initial that is wrong but I figured the same as goodnatured..the social security number is correct.

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social security number is what they go by. Name does not matter.

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