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how can you remove a public record collection item from your credit report if its been paid?

Once a negative item enters your report it is supposed to be there for 7 - 10 years. However, if you have paid it, you may ask the creditor to report it as "paid". What public record are you talking about exactly? Please share more with us.

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3rdpartycollector (not verified)

you can dispute the statement on your credit report. you may have to with all three major credit bureaus. also everyone is entitled to place a 150 word statement on their credit report. you can write just about anything you want on it and it will appear on your credit report, you'd have to ask each reporting agency how to go about that. you could probably dispute that mark with that 150 words.

typically though if you dispute it. they'll remove it within 30-90 days, if its paid and and the creditor has reported the paid date to the credit reporting agencies.

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That's a good point from 3rdpartydebtcollector. Since we are talking about "Statement", let me share some more points about it.

Adding statements act like your own explanation, it can be of two types:

  • General
  • Account Specific

General statement applies to all the accounts in your credit report. This type of Statements stays on credit report for 2 years. Now, if all your negative items get removed from your credit file before 2 years, this statement alerts your future lenders about a negative past. So you should be careful while adding such Statement.

Account Specific statement is applicable for one particular account and it gets off with the account automatically. Account Specific statement can again be of two types:

  • Excuse
  • Dispute

The terms are self-explanatory. The first one is like adding the reasons that forced you to become late on an account or similar things. On the other hand, dispute type of statements is like contradicting the status of an account. Future lenders may ask you to show proof if you have any to establish your point.

One more thing:
Credit report does not contain medical history. So care should be taken while adding statements, because these statements are visible to all who pull your credit report.

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I'm not sure you can remove a judgement. I believe it is placed on your credit report by Lexis Nexis, who search court documents and report to the credit bureaus. Have you had the judgement recorded as satisfied? If not, I'd contact the court clerk, and find out the exact steps you need to take to do so. I assume you'd have to send the creditor a form they'd need to fill out, and then it goes to the court.

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LibertyDollar (not verified)

It is sad how the entities you trust to protect you can damage you. We gave them permission to manage our Liberty, and what they do is enslave us with their rules and robe our freedom. A matter with one particular thing, can destroy your credibility for life and with other, not fair.

There is so much going on and we are manipulated to see that they want us to see "NOTHING". You have to walk on thin Ice or you'll be destroyed.

This problem ends with me and I will not pass it to my Kids and teach them how this system works. My advice is simple: Educate thy yourself.
This is how it works...

The way to remove public records is to challenge individual items, such as date discharged, amount, date of last activity etc. Dispute the individual information contained in the public record as being incomplete.

If there is nothing missing, first dispute the entire listing. If the report comes back as verified, then request the "method of verification".

The credit bureaus rarely provide the furnishers contact information because they don't want the consumer to realize that in most cases all they're doing is a computer verification and not a verbal one. When this information is not given in a reasonable and timely manner, pressure can then be put on the credit reporting agency to delete the account.

Demand that the credit bureau follow procedure and complete their dispute investigation within the 30 day allowed by law and if the account is verified that they submit the furnisher of informations complete name, address and phone number in the 15 days the law states them to do so.

Be strong. Be persistent. Put pressure on them to give you the proof required in a timely fashion provided by law or remove the account from your credit report.

I hope it works for you, it did for me ,just one agency will be hard to remove, I am still trying.

Knowledge is power, IT IS!


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Hi Liberty,

This is a good piece of information. I have stopped letting them manipulate my life.

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TH (not verified)

I have an account on my credit report that says I owe money on. I have never received a bill from them. I have tried with the credit bureaus to remove it. The only thing they did was say the acct is disputed by the consumer. I asked them to verify the account but they said there were no verification documents were available. Any solutions? Thanks.

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You can send a DV letter to the creditor whose name appears in your report against the debt. If the creditor cannot validate the debt, you should send a copy of the receipt which you have received while sending the debt validation letter along with a dispute letter to the bureaus. Even if the bureaus do not remove it from your report, you can file a complaint against them to the FTC.

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Asia (not verified)

I disputed a collection in 2004. I did not follow up on the dispute. Now i am trying to purchase property. I had to pay all the derogatories on my credit report. I paid the disputed one. Now the bank to give me a loan says I have to remove the dispute. The collection agency will not remove the dispute even though I have paid them. They told me it is against the law. I put it in dispute and it will stay there. I am in the middle of escrow and cannot close, because I have a PAID dispute on my credit report. Does anyone know what I can do? The credit agencies, say the collection agency has to remove it. I just keep getting pushed around in circles.

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RUBY MCFERRIN (not verified)


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Hi Asia:

Can you give the details of the status of this account on your credit report? Can you tell me whether or not you have the proof of the dispute letter that you had sent?


There is no specific time limit within which the disputes may get resolved. You need to wait for some time and check your credit report for the updates.



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Angie (not verified)

I had a debt of 500.00 in which a judgement was served. I was never personally served and it was signed by someone in my old address. I paid it in full. I wanted to know that since I was never personally served can I have this removed for the county records?

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As you were not properly served, you could have vacated this judgment. There is a rule regarding this. However, as you have already paid on this judgment, I am afraid there is nothing you can do about this now.

Still, if you want you can consult an attorney regarding this problem.



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Michael_kyle (not verified)

My identity was stolen when I was 15 and someone registered a credit card and a cellular phone in my name. After a quick calling to the social security administration, the government didn't do much and essentially I was allowed to keep the card. I gave the card to my parents for safe keeping. They gave me back the card when I was 23 and to my surprise the card was overdrawn by about 986 dollars. Compound interest brought the fee to over 2800 dollars. In 2009, I found something in the mail that was a court summons, but I never showed up to the approved court date. I have a capital one payment on my public record and I am unsure how to progress. Should I pay it or should I dispute it because my parents accrued the debt in my name? I'll save this page in hopes I get an answer because the public record isn't allowing me to even get a loan for my graduate studies. Please help

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demon (not verified)

I had a att account and cancelled it long time ago. After that i was moving different states looking for jobs. After 3 years it showed up on my credit report as collection for $140. I contacted the collection company and then att..and got it down to $29 which was the actual money that became 140 with all the late fees.
I paid that collection account PAID and Closed.
It has cut almost 90 points on my credit score.
Collection company told me it will be removed when i paid...but now they say they can do anything about it.
Disputed it with equifax but they investigated and came back saying the collection company is still reporting the account as paid/closed account thus they cant remove it and I should speak to collection company.

Please help me !!! I need to get this off my report.

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