Westbury Ventures: Did they make an unauthorized withdrawal?

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This article is informative and tells you what needs to be done:

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It is hard to believe that people can just go into your account and accesss your money. I am interested in learning more about the Fed regulation E form...never know when ya may need it.

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This is really good information, some people would go into the bank and take the no for an answer, banks can be intimidating especially if the person is having trouble with them. thanks for a great post.

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I still think your bank should stand behind you in any situation but sometimes it takes standing your ground to get any action.

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One has to stand his ground to convince the one listening. It is not a simple task if you are unaware of half the things. When you want to prove a point a point and make something happen, you need to be well aware of what you know and place your points likewise.

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I guess it helps to know your stuff before you walk into the place. I believe that you have to stand your ground but I think it is equally important to go with as much info (ammo) as you can. Some places think when a person walks in they don't know much about jack. Showing them you do would help.

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Your knowledge will not let them take advantage of your situation.

Payday loans are a depot of scums. Stay away and/or fight them.

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I hear that payday lenders are really the scum of the earth. I never dealt with them personally but know people who have. I guess they are really rude and charge an astronomical amount of money to lend.

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Okay I think we got you there Godnatured. I never went there but I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole from what I hear.

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Sometimes banks will act down right stupid about a situation, you really have to know your stuff when you go in. I have disputed items and had to push the bank to put the money back into my account, it is like you are guilty before being proven innocent.

You are right fireyone, you would think your bank would stand behind you, not always the case.

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Don't you actually have to sign a paper for an exact amount and the day it is to be taken out for anyone to access your account? I have had places take out a payment too early but lucky I had money to cover it. I called them and let them know I was revoking their privledges and went to sign a letter at the bank to keep them from taking anymore payments. They had to wait on the good old mail system.

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That is the way that it is supposed to work fireyone, unfortunately this is not always the case. Some banks will tell you to try and get your money out of the people who took it out, it can get really frustrating for the consumer, the bank should be on your side.

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That is absurd. It is also something I can believe. Push your job onto somebody else..its crap. I just read on a newer thread that someone actually hired an atty. against Westbury over this line of garbage. They are starting a class action and also gave some good advice about reporting them to BBB. Anyone intersted could check this out..it could be the help they need.

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I think the banks should do more for their customers, it seems like when you go in there they don't believe you or they don't care to do the necessarry paperwork involved, mine has always told me to try and get the money back myself when I have had a unauthorized transaction, it really stinks trying to get your money back. I spent months trying to get my money back from MCI, I never had an account with them. It came out of my bank account as Just For You Communications, I finally went back to the bank and they did the paperwork, took me awhile. they should have done it the first time I was in.

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Banks are not that careful with peoples money. I just went through a big headache with my bank that took me days to correct. I called the automated system to see if my unemployment was deposited and found a whooping deposit. This is the account I usually use for internet purchases so I keep a very low balance in it. When it said I had $1,600 in it I thought OMG I deposited my hubby's pay in the wrong checking. After a near heart attack I called the automated system for our primary bank and seen I did indeed put it in the right account.
So I called the main headquarters of the other bank and iformed them that they had deposited $1300 into my account that didn't belong to me. All I could think is some poor person is struggling because I have their money. The bank informed me that these errors are caught with in a day so I asked them if that was true how caome it shows being deposited way back on the 25 of March? They said it would be taken out of mine and credit memoed tp the correct account by the next day.
It gets better. I checked the next day and the creit memoed my account that same amount AGAIN. So now the other person is out $2600. Next I call AGAIN and they promise it will be corrected by 9:00 that morning. I check and my account is now -$130. They took my money, the other persons, plus more. I went to the bank and flipped out. With in ten minutes it was fixed. My advice check your bank account regularly and keep all transaction slips!!!!

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wow, what a mess, they are lucky that you are an honest person, some one could have easily withdrawn that money and walked away, they could have tried to recover it. That is ridiculous that it happened twice, the poor person on the other end of things, I would have been pissed off.

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I am thinking I would be a little rattle myself. I couldn't keep someone elses money. I know how my situation is right now and how stressed out I am. All I kept thinking was what if it were me on the other end? I tries to get their monies back as soon as possible but that bank just kept screwing it up. I wonder how long that first transaction would have stayed in my account had I not noticed it? Or how long it would have taken for the other person to notice their was a problem. I will definately start keeping a better eye on my own account after this.

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Thats a mess indeed. The most reputed banks are not to be trusted then. Which bank was it fireyone if I may ask?

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some folks would keep the money, I bet the other person was glad that you were honest. I think that eventually the bank would have found the problem and if you would have spent it, you would be paying it all back to the bank.

you sound like a good honest person, but not all would be so honest about it.

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I am sure they would have but I am not that type of pewrson and I surely would not wsant someone out that money for ant period of time.

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I would not be able in good conscious keep it either, but I know some people that would.

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I'm sure if I thought about it I would know a few people who would have tried to make it their own. Honesty goes a lot further in life than being a crook.

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Former Westbur… (not verified)

Okay, I have read all of your comments and some of you are so far off it isn't even funny, but listen up and I will telL you how to beat them.

First, you did take a pay day loan from some company. Whether it was a company they owned or just one they collect for, I don't know, but you did indeed take a loan out. If you say you didn't, stop lying. Number one: They have all of your information and your account number and routing number because you gave it to them. If you say you didn't, then ask yourself this: Why on earth would someone commit fruad and give them all of this information? You are the only one that can withdraw money from your account and they deposited money in YOUR account. If you default or close this account then reapply for another pay day loan, they do not have to notify you that they are taking money out of your new account because you authorized them to take money out in the original agreement from your current or future accounts until the balance was paid in full.

However, there is a loop hole that you can use to beat them. Just to give you a little information that you need to be aware of - LTS Management/Westbury Ventures is the collection agency and by law they are not supposed to threaten you with legal action because they will never proceed with it. When they call and harass you, tell them to fuck off and not to call you again. If they do, you can sue them for harassment. Second, if you ever apply for another pay day loan, make sure there is no money in that account so they cannot debit it. Use the account to receive money only, then deposit or transfer into another account. Also, try giving them a savings account without telling them it is a savings account. They are not allowed to deduct from a savings account.

If you do exactly what I said they will leave your ass alone and you just got some free money. Do not differ from this advice. All others are wrong, including emiddlebrooks advice from the attorney. Her Attorney has not read the contract and is not aware of the wording. It is binding and they will use every method to track you down and get your money. BE WARNED!

A little more information for you: Westbury Ventures is a DE corporation, but they are located in downtown Kansas City MO.

Diem and Laura gave some great information, but it is not valid for this type of a loan. Validation only works when they report to a credit agency and they do not... NOT EVER! Stop worrying about them, tell them to stop calling or that you'll sue for harassment, and that you only want to receive correspondence by mail. Trash their letters, move on, an forget about it.

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Wow lots of info here. I can not believe a company would not follow with a lawsuit if you owe them money. I am sure most people did not know that they could not pull from a savings account. Probaly would have been some good info before these people got involved with this company.
Why did you leave this company?

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I love it when a former employee comes aboard from a company, thank you very much for your advice. hope you come back soon.

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I guess you can really give it to them. I like when the former employees come here and post myself. I bet someone has figured out the old trick opf giving out the savings account number. My only worry here is I would want to check wiht the bank and be sure of this info because where do most people put there money? SAVINGS....Most people do not let mass amounts of money build up in their checking and not transfer it due to interest reasons or some other ones. I woudl not intentionally play this cat and mouse game. Yes it is nce to know how to get out of jail free..but thats if you are already in payday lender jail.

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