Can we add positve accounts to credit report

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I have a car that I purchased at a lot that does not report to the credit bureaus . I have bee paying on the car about 17 months and Ive never been late. I have a balance of about 1200 dollars. There was some information i came upon that said it may be possible to have positive accounts added to your credit report. Has anyone ever heard of this and tried it with any success. If so how do you go about this process. I already have the payment history report that was mailed out to me by the dealer. I also saw stated that you could add utility accounts if they or current and piad on time.

Since creditors are not required to report anything, I presume you would need to contact the finance company and request that they add themselves to your credit report.

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Get in touch with the lot you bought your car from. Put across a request of reporting to the credit bureaus. This is a management system issue. I hope they add themselves to your credit report.

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Sure would look good on your report and I hope you can get it done for your own benefit. If you do accomplish this stop back and let us know. Someone else may get some advantage by you doing this. Good luck.

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You see this is what I absolutely hate about this credit reporting crap, I bet if you were late on the payments it would be there!!!!!!!!!

It is as hard to get something put on as it is to get something taken off, please do let us know if you are successful at this, I would like to know the steps that have to be taken in this case. Please keep us updated. thanks in advance.

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You bet they wouldn't miss any late payment. There should be a way you can show proof of a good loan even if the company doesn't want to report it. That way you could add it yourself.

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If you've got some extra money*, you could try a savings passbook loan with a small bank or credit union (verify with the bank/union that they will report to the credit bureaus first**). Pay it off in 4-8 will cost a few bucks in interest, but in the end, you've just added a positive line to your report.

*You need money to deposit, as well as money to make the monthly payments

**Many, nay, most do not report, so a great deal of searching may be required

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What does it take for a company that does not report to credit, to report . What are the criterias . Does anyone know. The dealer is telling me the bureaus want them to have a minimal of 500 accounts to be approved to report. I am still planning to submit the account myself after I fully pressure them to do so.I will keep you guys posted.

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What does it take for a company that does not report to credit, to report . What are the criterias . Does anyone know. The dealer is telling me the bureaus want them to have a minimal of 500 accounts to be approved to report. I am still planning to submit the account myself after I fully pressure them to do so.I will keep you guys posted.

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I think I read on another post that it cost these companies to report so many of the smaller places don't do it. I don't know what kin d of fee smaller business is charged to report your good standing account. Maybe if you offered to pay that fee and it wasn't much of a hassle they would do it.

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I did not know abut this. How much do the companies have to pay to report to bureaus? Is it the registration that they sign to be capable of reporting?

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I have no clue what price they may pay. I just learned of this myself. You will have to get more info from someone around here. I am sure someone who knows all about this type of thing will give you the answer your looking for.

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I need to know if a small company needs to have a certain minimal amount of accounts and then pay a fee on those accounts to report or can they just pay a fee and report on one individual account . If this is the case I would be wiiling to pay the fee myself to add credit , If the fee is not a ridiculus amount. If someone could find this information it could possibly be a lot of help to a lot of people.Thanks

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I would also like to know this answer. If anyone has any idea the info would be appreciated. Thanks

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Isn't this crazy that they have to pay a fee to report positive stuff, is this fee here for the negative too, because most companies will not hesitate to pay the fee then right? I think it is all one big scam really.

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Totally agree here. I'm sure that it probaly one set price to do all the reporting. We are probaly unable to do this ourselves.

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Not sure on the price either, but as many companies that report, it probably is not a whole lot, if it is, they are making a killing and killing us at the same time, LOL.

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Good one. It would be worth it if the price wasn't too high and you really need to rebuild your credit.

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I would join you there and I don't know what my score is. Big ole fraidy cat to go look.

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Hi Fireyone,

Try finding out your score atleast once to know how much raise will help you out.

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How are you going to know if you have improvement if you don't know where you are now? Have you taken out a loan or anything lately, If you have they should know what your score was when they filed the application, call and ask. If you have not then you will need to go get it yourself.

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We took out a home equity shortly ago but fearing my credit report would hold up the loan my husband did all the loan stuff. I am on the property part but not the equity. When we got together we both had past due bills that went into collection with the same creditor. I also had one for providian. Needed the money too badly to risk anything holding it up.

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They should have knowledge of both of your scores then, just call and ask if you can get a copy or if they will tell you what it is. If you just got a home loan, it probably is not as bad as you think it is, I think that you will be pleasantly surprise. Call the bank and see if they will give it to you.

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Found a company that say they specialize in getting any bill that you have consistently paid on time for last 12 months reported to the credit bureaus and added to your credit profile . Rent ,utilities , cell phone ,payday loans , etc. Has anyone ever heard of are used a service of this nature.

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Keep seeing information stating the financial company must report account .I am dealing wiyh company who say they cant report individual account in good standing . How true is this.

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I thought ALL of banks and finance companies have to report to the CB. At least, that's what was told by 'MY' bank. Mmm.....If your account is in good standing, and this would REALLY help your credit, why WOULDN'T they?

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It just seems that they are more apt to report the negative rather than the positive stuff, unbelievable, but it happens.

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You bet they are. I also wish it was done in a different way. Showing just as much positive as negative would even out the field a little.

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YEP...if something is 'past due' or '30,60 days,etc' late, some companies don't hesitate to report this.

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