Is there something legal and reachable for consolidation??

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I started to pay my depts and was sucessful with two credit cards I paid total. But I am still looking for a consolidation loan and wondering if there is a loan I can get approved for even with my bad credit. I would love to get all setteld into one payment so I can Budget better and have enough food for the family!

Do you guys have any advise other then budget better. I am honest at the moment paying all bills I am in a hole with 300$ every month and couldn't buy any grocerys!

Thanks for your understanding and help!

Can you list what bills you are paying, are they your utilities, are they credit cards or other bills.
You can look at ways to cut down on your utilities, simple things will cut back on your electric, like buying the lower wattage or spiral bulbs for your lighting, washing and drying clothes on low peak hours. This will save you a little each month.
With your groceries, you can clip coupons and only buy what is necessary. You could also apply for help through your local assistance office or food bank.
Please list your bills and we will try to help you out, but need more information. goodluck, hope this helps.

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I know how difficult it can be. I'm a single full time and serve in the military. I have a wonderful 15 year old boy..light of my life!! Sometimes it gets crazy!! Yep..I know!! Churches are a good 'source', too.

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Thanks for your replies! We live on Base in Fort Hood. So we don't have utilities! The debt came cause my hubby tried to help a single soldier pragnent and a 4 year old. Of course she didn't make her payments for the car so we had to take it over. Then I lost my job at AAFES and was unemployed for almost 6 month. So of course the credit cards got bustet to the limit. Now I am working again its just a part time position but I like the job. I am going thru American credit fondation with a Settlement. But honestly a loan would be better and I wouldn't have to pay as much as I do now.

Credit card bills and 1 loan for couch and a bed. plus the insurance for the cars is what I have to pay!
So do you know what to do?
Thanks again!

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Well you can think about debt consolidation loan. What does others say about this?

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anthony yes thats actually what I was thinking about but where to go without a real good credit? because I don't find anyone who would lend me money! Do you have an idea?

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Wel...I cant really give you names here because I have not dealt with any. What I suggest is, do some online research with words like bad credit debt consolidation loan. Read and do your research. I am sure you will find something good. Well again, if you do consider some company try finding with the BBB about their status. You can also post the name here so that we can do some research as well.

Always there for your help schnuckibearsmum. All the best. :)

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anthony thanks for your advice I found these people here but I can't find any info about them thru bbb or here or the net! Could you do some reserch for me maybe you are sucsessful.
I think but not be sure that this is a scam. I sounds to good to be true!
Thanks for your answer!

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hi schnuckibearsmum,

It does not sound a legitimate business to me. Collateral deposit before you get the loan does not sound right. You can still do some background check. The address in the site is also not available with the BBB Canada or US.

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Thank you Laura! I felt the same way about them. Just to good to be true! I keep paying and looking if I find something real.....

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I am sitting infront of my computer reserching what I can find about bad credit or consolidation loans. I could scream either they having upfront fees or you need to buy a membership. Or they have a bad rating on the bbb or they give you somone who you applied with already! There must be something real out there...... help.........please..........

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I can understand your problem. I suggest you to register with the debt forum if you are not registered as yet and and voice your concern. I am sure you will get professional help there as well related to the consolidation that you want. Check the top of the forum and you will find link to the debt forum as well.
Or visit ""

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Hi again,
I hope you don't consider this spam but when it comes to grocery budget we have found that going through Angel Food Ministries helps a lot. They have a different menu every month. The cost has gone up to 30.00 but we still think its worth it plus they have extra items every month you can purchase also. It has helped save a lot on our grocery bill. The first time you have to buy a plastic tub but after that you just bring it back with you each month. Its not as good as a coupon to get something free but it still helps.

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I wouldn't consider that to be spam, and in fact, it sounds like a great resource.

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This is definitely not a spam. I do know about this. Of course it is good for frugal living these days. I really dont know when would the market be stable. It is a matter of concern it seems.

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We have the angel food pantries in our areas too, it is a great resource for people. thank you for putting it here.

Is there anyway that the military will give your husband an advance in pay, you may want to seek the help to get caught up that way. Then there should be no high intrest involved. You may want to approach them, explain the situation and then request it if it is available. Just a thought, I used to be in the military and thought they had programs like this available.

Or check out other agencies that deal with veterans also, our local vfw and american legion posts help our soldiers out from time to time with their bills.

goodluck I hope it all works out for you soon.

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I hear alot of that in our area. I used to live next to an American Legion and they would always try to help vets who were in need. It always made me feel good because they took care of their country so I feel if they need a hand we should be there to offer it.

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