Credit card garnishing help

Submitted by hamilton_630 on Fri, 04/25/2008 - 13:16

I am currently under a wage garnishment from a credit card company. Is there any way to get my debt in counseling and stop the garnishment?

Nope. Counseling cannot help you stop a garnishment. Few things that you can do here is

1) You can either file bankruptcy
2) File a " Claim of Exemption" from the court that granted the writ of Garnishment.

Your local court house can provide you with the form for "claim of exemption". Carry all the documents that prove that your monthly expenses are going beyond your income after the garnishment. You have to show all the bills to convince the judge.

There must be better opinions from other forum members.

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Wow I never knew a person could do that. I thought that once a garnishment was established it stayed until the debt was paid.

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I think there would be better answers to this. I tried from my side. One of my colleagues' friends had filed bankruptcy a few months after his wage started being garnished.

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The only guaranteed way ive seen is to stop a Wage garnishment is to file bankruptcy, but is it really worth the set back that a bankruotcy can cause you.

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That does make sense...I never thought of that, either. Some CA's, I deal with, could care less whether you have food on the table, or not. Whether you can pay your 'basic' bills or not. Don' t the CA's have kids, too?! ( Just thinking 'outloud', I guess)

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The worst part is when it comes to business, Wendy these people do not think emotionally. They want money whether you can pay them or no.

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