Letter of Validation - Refused by Revenue Production Mgmt

Submitted by wysiwyg183 on Thu, 04/24/2008 - 00:18

Good evening, I received a letter form Revenue Production Management for a medical bill dated back to 2004, which I never received a bill from the hospital. I sent them (RPM) a letter of validation via certified mail however I just looked on line to check the status of delivery and noticed they "refused" the letter and it is being sent back to me.

Any thoughts on what I should do next?

Thank you.


I think creditors are not obligated to the FDCPA (which is for the third party collection agencies). Best way is contact directly to know the details of the account and set up payment plan with them.

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I hate when this happens. I also have a hospitol bill on my report. never even got a bill from them,never knew it exsisted until I checked my report. I know this is bad but I never checked my report until this year when we were going for a mortgage. I found out the hard way why it is sooo important to check.

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This is the reason why I check my credit report twice a year. I have faced no trouble as yet. But I am using a credit card now...dont know what will be the outcome.

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