How do I close out old accounts

Submitted by misterscary70 on Thu, 08/16/2007 - 21:37

I have accounts on my credit report from a long time ago that are listed as still open.How do I figure out what accounts they are and get them closed?
accounts read- hsbc/rs

Did you have a retail store card for HSBC? In that case hsbc/rs is showing on your report.

THD/CBSD is The Home Depot. Do you have a Citibank Card?

Well if the accounts are not yours go ahead and dispute them.

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dave (not verified)

I'm sure they're my accounts. Any idea which store the hsbc/rs is from? Thanks

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RS stands for retail services (they do credit for a number of stores) might try calling 800-495-1009. Hope this helps.

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Corporate: 1-847-564-5000

These will help I hope.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Thank you guys very much! I'll try these numbers.- Davin (misterscary)

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It is not a good idea to close old positive trade lines as this has a potential for a drop in Fico scores.

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Iris (not verified)

I have an HSBC/RS and I think is a David's Bridal account. Maybe yours too???

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anicia (not verified)

thaks this was really helpfull

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HI Iris

Could you please tell us more about the David's Bridal account.

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mike k (not verified)

who are these people ? i keep getting inquiries by them on my credit report.

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Thats the HSBC retail service. Have you applied for credit with them or somewhere related to them? May be a David Bridal's account.

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Chester W Maynard (not verified)

I would like to change the password on this account. This was my wifes card which was taken by my daughter. I want no more charges on this account. How do I change password. Dont know what password she is using.

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Anonymous (not verified)

HBSC is a credit card company through orchard bank
the card services # is 1800.477.1024

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Hi Chester,

talk to your wife regarding this. The details might be with her. If you want to close the card call up the company and request for a withdrawal.

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Erst (not verified)

Per cajunbulldog, "It is not a good idea to close old positive trade lines as this has a potential for a drop in Fico scores." This MAY be true. However, what consumers need to know is that if you have TOO MANY open credit lines that can cause a DECREASE in your FICO score (as it has done mine -I'm now in the process of closing out old accounts that I never use. Each of my credit reports has a NEGATIVE that says "Amount of open credit."

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Hi Erst,

What Cajun said is that closing down an old line of credit can drop your score definitely. It IS true when he answered to the original query.

In your case too many lines of credit increases your available credit. This is definitely a negative factor and drops your score. Infact your lenders or creditors will never provide you with any loan if they find such high availability of credit in your report. However if you have too many open credits at this point it would be prudent to close comparatively newer accounts. Closing old accounts affect the history of your credit report which affects 35% of your credit score. Closing old accounts will definitely affect your credit score.

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ms. ruby (not verified)

I think they are scamming. A lot of people get calls from them wanting to talk to a person who doesn't live there. They get quite rude if you want more info from them before you tell them that the person doesn't live at your house. They make about 6 -10 calls a day to your house sometimes, and if you hangup, they will call back in about 5 minutes and continue to keep calling. I am on a do not call list.

I think it is a scam, because why are so many people getting calls from them requesting to speak to people who don't live there. In my case, they requested to speak to someone with the same last name as my ex-husband, but the first name didn't fit. There are too many other people experiencing the same calls asking for people who don't live there.

Sometimes when you answer, they have a recording telling you that they are extremely busy and to please wait. I am wondering if this is some tactic to get you to hold and then talk so that they can somehow connect your phone to their computer and spy on you??? I reported them to the FBI and also FCC, but from what I have seen, others have also, and it doesn't seem like anything is changing about this problem.

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First report to the FTC. Usually it works. As you are already on a do not call list you will not get sales or promo calls but these kind of calls cannot be stopped unless you go the legal way. Other community members will have better answers to this.

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I really feel for you MS. Ruby O am going through the exact same thing as you. You can in fact reprot them or even threaten to but they mostly just sell the debt.

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Yes Larry,

It is the best Buy. Anything wrong now?

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Chrissy (not verified)

1-800-365-6538 Call this number! She was great and told me exactly which store it was for!

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What is this number for. Can anyone use it to find out the original store? That would be good if they set up a number like this.

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Yes and the older the account the worse damage it may do. If this account is in good standing..all payments made on time ..then it really could lower your credit score. I would rethink closing it. Do you have any accounts that are as old as this one and in good standing? That may lessen the damage but still if it isn't nbothering you why not just leave it open?

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As far as I know, home deport is neither a credit company from which you can take a loan nor a credit card company. It is a online shopping account where you need to pay first and then get the thing you want. It does not report to the credit bureaus and so it has nothing to do with your credit score. I think that if you can close down the account, there will be no problem with your credit score.

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Ronda (not verified)

I reapplied for my bank loan for a new car and they rechecked my credit.I have an account that is up to date and paid for for the month. I did not make a payment this month for any credit cards. I cut them all up when my spouse and I split up. I checked on line and came up with The Home Depot. I did have a balance 3 years ago of $75 that I did not pay off. Why would this account show that someone paid it this month. Should I try the same 3 numbers listed above for answers?

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I did have a balance 3 years ago of $75 that I did not pay off. Why would this account show that someone paid it this month?

Do you mean that you have made a payment towards the debt and the credit report still shows the account as delinquent? If it is so, the reason is that, a negative listing stays there in your report for seven years and 180 days from the date you make the last missed payment, even if you pay them off in full now.

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You will need to figure out what card fits your particular need, everyones situation is different. You will need to look at what is available to you according to your credit history and score and see what rate you are willing to accept, etc, etc.

You can not get a credit card here, this is a forum. Some people here may choose to advise you on what cards they have and how they have been treated by that particular company but you can not get one here.

goodluck, applying for cards was always painful for me, hope you have a good experience.

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Hello Patrick,

You can apply for credit cards on line. In fact you could go to most companies web sites and there should be a link there where is has something like "apply for credit". I believe best buy has an on line application. You usually find out with in an hour if you qualify but some places take up to 48 hours.
Be sure you read all the fine print. These home repair places use to charge a pretty good interest rate but recently with all the changes to credit cards and the economy most have either raised rates or redid their contracts.

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matzcrorkz (not verified)

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