How do i get rid of bad credit?

Submitted by cat.220 on Sun, 04/27/2008 - 12:54

I am renting a flat that has bad credit against the property from a tenant that lived there before, i cant buy things on line because i fail the credit check. how do i get rid of the credit of the flat i live in?

How can they deny you on based on a past tennant, that does not make sense at all. Usually it will go on the individual, not the residence, So if they do this than anyone who would buy a foreclosed property would buy the bad score of the person who live there before, this makes now sense at all.

Are you sure that there is nothing on your personal credit record that is stopping you from purchasing. I have never heard of credit being denied because of the address of your flat.

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Is there anything wrong with your credit report or score? That might be a reason for denial of credit. Did you check your report?

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Yep.......i think LAURA's right. You can't get turned down for anything based on where you live ( not legally anyway). It WOULD be a good idea to check your credit report.

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Hi Cat any update? Were we able to help in any way?

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I agree here when applying for credit you social security number doesnt tie you to anyone else.There must be something derogatory in your creidt file. Could it be that you may not have enough credit history established.You are not liable for someone else bad credit unless you were also on their account as co borrower.

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CAT..when you get an 'update', i would like to know, too. Also..if you have bad checks, etc...that kind of thing can 'deny' you renting/leasing an apt. I'm not saying this is the case, I'm just 'putting it out there'. I DO know some Landlords do background checks, as well.

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Andre is right. If you have fees that you can't pay back, you really aren't boosting your credit score. You're actually put more debt on yourself and you may bring your credit score down.

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