identity theft

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 04/28/2008 - 14:31

wallet wasstolen and someone fraudulantly used my drivers license to obtain a library card.

I think library cards are the least of you worries right now. You should contact the credit bureaus and have them put up fraud alerts on your credit reports and contact the police and file a report. It sounds like you need to act quickly before someone causes some major damage to your credit.

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This same thing happened to me!! I had my wallet stolen at work and had to replace everything!!!!!! As soon as I realized my wallet was stolen, i contacted the police about it, and contacted the CB's, bank, etc. I found out one of my Credit Cards were used before I left work. Gosh..what a mess!

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Now that is a mess for sure. Did the CC company take any action? I hope you did not have to incur any loss.

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Hi, LAURA. NOPE..the CC's were Secured CC's and the money was taken from an ATM, in a local store. When I explained this, on the phone to BOTH CC companies, they just told me that "I would have to have given my PIN number out ot someone to have money withdrawn." I thought that was a bunch of crap, when I heard that!! I had a Visa and MC....however...I had $100.00 on one card and $60.00 on the other. It took me a long time to 'add' that money to the cards!! I called the police and told them which local store the ATM's were ( I found this out from the 'report' from the CC companies) I went to talk to the owner of the store. He basically said he was too busy to look at all of the tapes ( from the cameras) and he would get "back to me" when he got a chance." I NEVER got refunded for this, from EITHER CC company ( because, THEY say anyway, it was an "ATM transaction.") This happened about 4 years ago, now. Had to replace EVERYTHING I had in my wallet. OMG..what a mess!!!!!!!!!!

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