Need to reduce defaulted student loan to affordable payments

Submitted by Royfromtexas on Fri, 06/06/2008 - 22:24

I have a defaulted federal student loan that I consolidated in 2002, but never paid. Allied Interstate is after me for $52,000. I cannot afford to pay more than $200 a month. Is there any organization that can work with me to chop down the outrageous cost? I've tried all of the big names, and they can only do $500 a month, which is impossible. Help?

Post your question in the "debt forums" (use the link at the top of the page) has a specific board for student loans.

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If you call the company and ask for "A fair and reasonable payment plan" They will work with you. I read that line a few years ago when dealing with my husbands defaulted account. Basically, you tell them your income and expenses and they get a figure from that.

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Hi Royfromtexas

The US Education department and companies accept monthly payments that are reasonable to them and you both. You can call the US education dept at 1-800-621-3115 and I think they will be able to solve your problem. You can also go for loan consolidation program which combines several types of federal students loan to simplify your repayment.

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There are two types of loan consolidation programs. Firstly you can go for Federal family education loan (FFEL) or direct loan programs to consolidate your student loan. Under the FFEL , depending on the balance due, you can extend the repayment period till 30 years.

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