Reaging accounts: Sample letter for account reaging request

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Re: <Your>

Dear Sir/ Madam,

This is to inform you that I have been unable to make payments on time for the past [insert number of months] months due to [insert reason for late payments]. My earlier payments have always been on time. I have been successful in recovering from [insert reason for late payments] and am now capable of paying back the debt.

My account with you has been delinquent for the past [insert number of months] and I am more than willing to repay immediately. I will be paying for the next consecutive three months as proof of my ability to repay my obligation. This is an earnest request to you to consider re-aging my accounts if I fulfill all the eligibility criteria. I would be obliged if you consider my request.

Please get back to me for any further information that I might be able to furnish you with. Thank you for your cooperation.




To get back in control of an account gone awry, you can try to re-age that account. Re-aging can be used to clean your credit history. For example if one of your accounts have been delinquent for few months and now you have the capability to pay back, you can negotiate to re-age that account so that the negative remark (delinquent/late payment) is deleted and is marked as "Current".

This is not an easy process and you have to meet a lot of criteria to be eligible to get your account re-aged.

  • Criteria 1

You have to show your willingness and capability to pay back the obligation.

  • Criteria 2

The account should be a minimum 9 months old.

  • Criteria 3

You should be making payments for 3 consecutive months or paying a lump sum on the debt.

  • Criteria 4

The loan should not have been re-aged in 12 months.

  • Criteria 5

You should not apply for or open a new credit account until the balance goes below the pre-delinquency credit limit.

Once you fulfill these criteria, you might be eligible for a re-aging of the account. It is tough, but not impossible.

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Not trying to throw a wrench in the spokes...

But, I have been with the impression that reaging is when a collection agency states a payment was made (falsey of course) to keep an account within the SOL... or current...

Or, are we talking about something completly different???

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Now Sun this is a completely different thing here. reaging accounts is to get out of a temporary condition of financial difficulties like loss of job, some crucial and genuine family problems may be a death, medical emergency etc. This is the re-aging of open ended accounts.

The one you are talking about is done by the collection agencies but the one we are discussing here is something that has to be initiated by the consumer and has Federal Laws and Regulations to accomplish it.

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Real good post here Laura, thank you for putting this letter together and posting it for all to use. great job

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Thanks ERB,

It feels good to know that it is of help to you all. Account reaging is quite confusing. Sun gave a completely different scenario whereas I have given something else. may someone can explain the difference here?

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Re-aging done from a collection agencies is them doctoring your dat of last activity to put your debt back into SOL. It is always important to keep all documentation pertaining to debts for your own security...such as re aging accounts.
I think Laura did an awesome job in explaining account reaging.

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Me too, I think it is great to have examples like this readily available to people, it really helps a lot.

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I can tell you most of what I have learned I learned here at the forum. Just by reading all the posts one can really benefit.

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You sure have come a long way, you are giving some great advice, besides isn't it nicer to come here and conversate rather than sitting around watching television, you can learn and earn!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

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I hate TV. I would rather read any day than watch the tube. Now my hubby can watch a movie 800 times over. I like giving advise especially when it helps but I really like when they stop back and tell us they were successful. Granted everyone can't have a success story but maybe at least a much happier ending.

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Learning being a part of life requires investment of time. If not shared then how does learning help? I am loving the spirit of the forum posters. Great going. However we can stick to reaging on this thread. How about making a thread for appreciating members LOL.

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You could start that thread scott, LOL, we do get off subject sometimes and need to be corraled back on course.

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Sometimes I think ikts alright to get off track a the head a break.

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It really should be easy if you have an old credit report to show if a company reages right? I mean I don't keep reciepts forever so if a company does reage a debt and you have a credit report that shows that same account with a different date of last act. wouldn't that help prove they reage it?

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If they reage it your reciept would not match it anyway, I wonder how the credit reporting agencies let this go on, they could demand proof of actual payment to update the status of a credit report.

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I am trying to figure out what proof a person theirselves could have. Don't you thin k an old credit report would work? It would show the date of last activity, say as of Nov 2001. Then in that same report it would go onto show 120 days late and so on. If they reage you would at least have that report to show when you last made payment. It would throw some doubt on the creditor trying to reage. I only say this cause I think it would be a wise idea to put up copies of old reports and not throw them out.

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I would think that it should work, I mean after all it is coming straight from the original creditor right? I would think that should suffice as proof that payment has not been made since that date, after all why would it be in the collectors hands if you were making payments after that point?????

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It just makes sense, why would it not reflect payment activity, they would have to admit to a payment being made and then provide proof of that payment if questioned on it. If a payment was not made then they have no legal proof of the allegded payment. I would think that they could get in a lot of trouble for this.

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I would hope that they would. They use such unfair tactics. I think the laws on these people need to be tightened and enforced more. Maybe then it would get rid of the really ignorant CA's.

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If people do send letters, to creditors, to 're-age' accounts, are the creditors OBLIGATED to do this? If so, are they OBLIGATED to 'up-date' your Credit Report? If Creditors DON'T agree to this...then what?

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When I fall behind in payments ( for whatever reason) I like to call my Creditors and let me know what's going on with me. They DO say they do appriciate me calling. Sometimes I can make NEW payment arrangements with them. By doing this, isn't THIS (almost?) like 're-aging' over the phone? Or would it just be MORE affective, if a letter is given?

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great letter. Not many are aware that this can be done. As always get something in writing.

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I guess it's better to 'have it in writing' than to explain it to someone or 'dispute' over the internet. If it's ON PAPER, it's more 'evidence' (lack of a better word).

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If people do send letters, to creditors, to 're-age' accounts, are the creditors OBLIGATED to do this?

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Letters do not obligate creditors unless it is abiding by the Federal or state laws.

Mon, 04/07/2008 - 04:46 Permalink least you would have SOMETHING on paper, besides just 'your word' (not saying you can't take someone's 'word' for something).

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True, I have never had any of them abide by any law nor provide me with what I requested.

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It gets really annoying and time consuming when you are trying to get answers, yet they can call and call and annoying the heck out of you when they want to collect. If the bill is legit, what is the problem with verifying the facts.

I once read where when a collection agency buys accounts, they buy them in bulk, they don't get half the legal information and contract information that is needed to legally collect the debt. I have read up a lot on this, they end up with too little enough information to collect, but just enough to contact and annoy the hell out of you.

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That is exactly what I have heard to. The statute of limitations should also include not containg the person to collect a debt either. Once it expires (sol) it has already been how many years ? If the person was gonna pay they more than likely would have been m ore inclined to do so before the statutes ran out. So the statutes not inclding dropping all communications with the debtor only leaves the door wide open for harassment.

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Best way to get rid of them is by reporting to the Attorney General's office.

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I would think the atty general would be an excellent place to start. I have been weeding out all the collectors that call here with that threat. They aren't even my collector(s). They are for someone who recently had this number before I moved to the area. I finally got to the last one last week. So far it has been really peaceful aroung here without the phone ringing but I am sure it will start all over again..either the same places start all over or they sell it and leave MY number on the account.

Sat, 04/26/2008 - 23:29 Permalink

I would call the phone company and tell them that I want a new number right now before people get too used to the company, this should be a reason why to get it changed for free. You should have no problem with the phone company abiding by this request.

Amir Rubin

thank you for the resource, I will be sure to go and check it out, stand by for a review LOL. No really, thanks for taking the time to put it together and sharing with us.

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Well short-lived the silence that was.Not even a week and here we go again. Hubby is adament he does not want the telephone number to change. He says wait until we get "some matters" taken care the bank,atty and so forth before we change.

Mon, 05/05/2008 - 22:23 Permalink

I would have done it the first week that I had to deal with the crap. Hope you can get it taken care of soon.

Thu, 05/15/2008 - 01:22 Permalink

I will after I settle everything with my atty. I don't want them to think I am changing it becasue the bill collectors are really after me. It wouldn't say much for my character.

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Yes me to. They are telling me that it could still be a good three months or p[ossibly longer. ERRR

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that is just nuts, I would be pushing to get it taken care of sooner.

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What has happened with this, fireyone are you still with us?

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Yeah I went on a brief escape but I am back now. I have been waiting for this to settle but it is taking forever. They are awaiting documents from the oral surgeon showing the accident caused TMJ. I went and got them myself and sent them in. Now My personal health insurance is attaching my settlement for $1700 it paid out so far (plus I have another "surgery" on tueday. That is what they consider my injections to be.) They are awaiting dor documents from them to show they are entitled to recovery of that money. They are also waiting for paperwork from my own insurance company proving I was unstacked.
They say after they get all this they will put in an offer but it could be another 60 days still. I am past stressed out. Now my work won't let me cut plants due to being a liability so no work AGAIN. I can't even claim the lost wages from this year since I went back to work. WHATEVER.
I am praying she had decent coverage because if she only had MIn. that is almost going top be gone after the atty fees and paying my health care back.
I aquired some pretty good debt after the accident and need to get it paid off. It is strangling us . I guess I will just continue to wait and see.

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Can someone please explain to me the 're-aging' process? Of course, I've read some about it, but, what doeas it mean? Does this have to do with letters toyou send to CA's, or the debts, themselves,etc.? Is 're-aging' like a SOL?

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SD..sometimes when a bad debt (credit card) gets close to the SOL the debt collector who bought the debt will try to sneak and update the debt so it isn't past the SOL and they can still sue you. They will sometimes change the date of last payment/date of last activity a few years so that they can legally sue you. Thats why it is so important to kep track of any debt that is in bad standing. I printed my report at the beginning of the year when my SOL was up. It shows the original creditor's listing of the last payment they recieved. This way if any company purchases the debt and tries to change they date I will have proof that they did.

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