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About CreditMagic community - Our mission and vision

The term 'Savant' (derived from Old French vocabulary) refers to an individual with expertise in a particular field. Creditmagic Community of Savant Systems Inc (a non profit agency) spreads debt help knowledge to members through various ways - articles, forum discussions, letters, etc. The community helps its members to make money and solve credit related problems through counseling and debt management plans. The main aim is to help people lead a stress-free and happy financial life.

Our mission statement

Our mission is to offer full financial support to the people. We help you face various monetary challenges successfully and build financial security through interactive tools and resources.

Vikas Kedia - Founder of the community


Vikas Kedia, a fighter and a self-made entrepreneur, founded the consumer credit counseling community to help people plan for a debt free life. He is fully aware of the fact that debt can ruin an individual’s life. Vikas Kedia faced a huge debt crisis after his first venture failed to achieve any success. He fought hard and dealt with the creditors and debt collectors on his own.

Vikas Kedia emerged as a victor and founded the Debt Consolidation Care Community (DebtCC) to help struggling debtors get financial independence. The community has already helped more than 470,000 members to get effective financial solutions in the last 10 years. Hopefully, it will help more and more people to complete their journey towards a debt free life.

Vikas Kedia has founded the Creditmagic community of Savant Systems Inc (a non profit agency) to help more and more people handle credit issues successfully. He wants this community to produce more and more financially responsible people through credit counseling, debt management plans and various other options. Hopefully, with the active participation of the members and the hard work of the counselors, millions of people will be able to save money and resolve credit issues.

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