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Welcome to Creditmagic Community of Savant Systems Inc, a non profit agency. Our community members offer solutions to your credit and debt problems. You'll also find resources on how to maintain and improve a good credit score. So, whether you're making a decision on credit or you need solutions to your credit problems, feel free to ask questions and let the community help you make the right decision.

Credit counseling helps you reshape your financial life

Consumer credit counseling services of Savant Systems Inc assist you in the following 4 ways:

1.  Offer an evaluation of your financial health:
Free consumer credit counseling advice enables you get a correct evaluation of your financial life. Credit counselors will analyze and compare your current debt obligations with your income.

2 . Help you in budget planning:
You’ll get help in budget planning to fulfill your existing financial obligations. You’ll be able to save more and spend less with the help of a customized budget plan. Other than that, you’ll also get money management tips to solve your current financial problems.

3. Help you create a smart spending plan:
The credit counselors will create a powerful spending plan so that you can pay back your creditors and get a firm grip on your finances. The new payment plan will help you save money in the long run.

4.  Give you credit clean up advice:
You can get right credit help and advice through free credit counseling and forum discussions. You can find out your past financial mistakes and rectify them to avoid financial problems in future.

How consumer credit counseling differs from Christian credit counseling

The consumer credit counseling help and advice provided by the community experts is what Christian credit counselors offer. Christian credit counselors emphasize Christian principles and values. For instance, they'll help you deal with the guilt that may develop when your debt load increases because you can't pay your bills anymore.

The consumer credit counseling agencies may not emphasize on biblical principles, but they do help people budget their expenses and find out ways to get them out of debt. This way consumers don't default on their loans and can avoid getting negative remarks on their credit report.

Christian credit counseling Consumer credit counseling
Focus on Biblical principles Yes No
Budget planning Yes Yes
Money management tips Yes Yes

Debt management plans resolve complex credit problems easily

Debt management plan or program (DMP) helps you lead an organized financial life through an affordable repayment plan. This debt relief option helps you get back on the right financial track through budgeting, interest rate reduction, and an easy monthly payment plan. Once you enroll into the program, the credit counselors will revise your monthly payment plan after negotiating with your creditors.

A DMP helps you

  • Plan an effective budget
  • Lower your interest rates
  • Get a single monthly payment plan  
  • Eliminate late fees and penalties
  • Get rid of debt within 3-5 years

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